Michael Burd

Victoria’s Multifaith Statement on Asylum Seekers

Once again David Marlow, the leftist-leaning Executive Director of the JCCV – Jewish Community Council of Victoria – has partnered with the ICV – Islamic Council of Victoria – to issue a joint Statement by way of the JCMA – Jewish Christian Muslim Association – advocating for asylum seekers, predominately …

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Is the JCCV in ‘Noddy Land’?

I thought is was an April Fools Joke. Our own JCCV, which is funded by the Jewish Community is using their resources their know all, to work with the Islamic Community to complete an Islamic Museum. I’m not sure that’s how I would like my donations to a Jewish organisation …

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The Jewish and Palestinian votes in our election

The Australian Palestinian Lobby are gathering the troops in their attempt to further influence our politicians, mainly the ALP, The Greens and  GetUp to follow the party line, which is the Palestinian party line. A questionnaire has been prepared by the Palestinian Lobby for their constituents and followers to send …

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