Forest Rain Marcia

Things I learned in Israel.

settler-colonial country

Israel is something you have to experience in order to truly understand.  This land is both less and much more than people tend to assume. These are some of the things I learned living in Israel: In Israel, I learned that “no” means “maybe.” Rules are for the boring. There …

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The Holocaust, miracles and revenge.

On April 24th Israelis will commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.  This is not the same date as the International Holocaust Memorial Day.  This date was chosen to emphasize the place of the Holocaust in the story of the Jewish people. We do this by first celebrating Passover.  One week later, we …

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Unapologetic Zionist Feminist.

This is not about Linda Sarsour. This is about Jews who are afraid to identify themselves as Zionists.  This is about people worldwide who hear the word “Zionist” and think about tanks vs “freedom fighters,” “occupiers” vs “oppressed” people. This is about women who are put off by the title …

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