Kay Wilson

‘Business As Usual’ following the Manchester terrorist attack.

While the police are collecting body parts of British children spread around the Manchester arena, it is reported that the British public are determined to carry on with “Business as usual.” This Business As Usual, is an admirable attitude that helped the British people survive the Nazi Blitz during WWII. …

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Open letter to family of murdered British Christian, Hannah Bladon.

My open letter to the family of the murdered British Christian, Hannah Bladon, which  appears in Israel Hayom ישראל היום As a British-born Israeli Jewish tour guide, I endured a similar experience to your Hanna, but lived to tell the tale.  In 2010, when guiding an American Christian, we were …

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UNESCO ripping away the Temple Mount from Jewish history.

UNESCO have passed another resolution ripping away the Temple Mount from Jewish history and denying all Jewish claims to our most holy site. Masada, also a UNESCO heritage site was built by the same Jewish King Herod who built the Temple Mount.  In both places the same coins, jewellery, pottery …

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