Juliet Moses

I am a Zionist.

 I am a Zionist. If I announced that, on walking into a party in New Zealand, I would quite likely get a worse reaction than if I declared that I am a P-addicted, ISIS sympathising prostitute. It’s not the kind of thing that one can state in polite company, at …

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Israel Reflections Part 2: Israeli Society, Diversity & Social Cohesion.

In July I went on a life-changing trip to Israel. This was my fourth trip to Israel, but I have not been there for 17 years. I have written in the past about other aspects and experiences of this trip.  I have not focussed on Israelis themselves, Israeli society, and …

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The Use Of ‘Lawfare’ In Fighting Terrorism.

Lawfare Many New Zealanders would probably have thought about the threat terrorism poses to us, and how that threat can be managed.  The state of Israel has been at the forefront of the battle against terrorism for decades. That battle takes different forms: through diplomacy, intelligence, security forces, cyber security …

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