Jason Paluch

Philadelphia, USA “Stands With Israel”

Our Israel solidarity rally here in Philadelphia yesterday afternoon, which drew 2,500 people to LOVE Park, was a huge success and a great time.  And a helpful, much needed reminder to people like me who sometimes spend more time than we should in dark, hate-filled corners of the internet, that …

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What’s Left?

With apologies to Nick Cohen, that’s a fantastic title and a book I still need to find and read ASAP.  This post is inspired by my own run-ins with alleged ‘liberal’ online antisemites.   I am a liberal.  I am a Democrat.  I am a Teamster.  I come from a …

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“To Ramallah and Back”

Though I do not agree with her obvious anti-urban bias (“trends of most urban environments”… yawn…  1983, before you were even born, called, and wants its stereotypes back), I did find this article to be a good one. This past month I went on a trip to Ramallah with J Street. I …

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