Palestinian Job Fair for Peace.

joining terror organizations

A sad satire. The United Nations took a special interest in the high unemployment rate of Palestinians, which has led to feelings of despair and hopelessness, leaving many to resort to violence against Israelis.  As such, the UN held a meeting in October 2015 in Vienna to listen to various …

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An Inconvenient Truth: Palestinian Polls.

There were a growing number of violent attacks by ‘Palestinians’ against Israelis in October 2015.  Various politicians such as the US Secretary of State John Kerry blamed the root cause as ‘Palestinian’ frustration about ongoing Jewish “settlements” east of the Green Line. Acting President of the ‘Palestinian’ Authority Mahmoud Abbas …

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The New Endorsed Parameters of Peaceful Nuclear Power.

In July 2015, six world powers concluded their negotiations with Iran on its nuclear power program. Parties like US President Barack Obama congratulated himself and the negotiating team for “prevent[ing] Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon and ensur[ing] that Iran’s nuclear program will be exclusively peaceful going forward.” That claim …

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Considering a Failed Palestinian State.

Failed Countries. On July 9, 2011, the world welcomed a new country, South Sudan, which separated from Sudan. South Sudan rapidly became a failed state, one in which the central government lost the ability to control the security and economy of the country. Failed states suffer from many terrible and …

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Obama’s “Values” Red Herring.

Barack Obama

On May 21, 2015, Jeffrey Goldberg from The Atlantic published an interview with US President Barack Obama on ISIS, Iraq and Israel. Here is a review of Obama’s comments on Israel and his deliberate attempt to minimize his threats to Israel. It would appear that the president needs a reminder …

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Ramifications of Ignoring American Antisemitism

 Summary: Despite furious discussions of attacks on blacks in America and of growing antisemitism in Europe, an American Jew is over two times more likely to experience a hate crime than an African American or an American Muslim. The last eighteen months witnessed a terrible spike in hate. In Europe, …

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