Douglas Altabef

Is it really the end of democracy in Israel?

One of the recurrent drumbeats heard from certain quarters in Israel is that we are teetering on the brink of losing our democratic bearings. There are those who hear it in distant thunder claps, while others think it has already happened. To them, we are already in the morass of …

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A chance encounter with an extraordinary man.

It was supposed to be just a quiet getaway. For our anniversary, my wife and I decided to spend Shabbat at the Ein Gedi guesthouse, a place we have visited many times before.  Waiting for Kabbalat Shabbat services to begin, I struck up a conversation with a retired French industrialist …

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Western aversion to Israel is really self-hatred.

In the US today, “white people” are being shamed into feeling that somehow they, and all their forebears, are directly responsible for the persecution of whoever makes it onto the accepted list of the “oppressed.” Israel does not relate to that. The recent Conservatism Conference in Jerusalem, sponsored by the …

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Academic Freedom for Me but not for Thee.

If professors in their classrooms were spewing a doctrine of white supremacy, black inferiority, or inherent Arab villainy, how do you think this would be received?  Would they be ignored because, after all, there is, thankfully, academic freedom in the West? Or would there be an outcry against their points …

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Stripping the veil away.

fighting antisemitism

This was an unmistakable sign. One will miss it or ignore it at his peril. The despicable cartoon just published by The New York Times in its International Edition stands as one of those existential gut checks, those moments where the veil of complexity is stripped away and we are …

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