Diane Weber Bederman

Enough with the Jewsplainin’

  We, the Jewish people are the Light Unto the Nations. We bend the knee to no one. We gave the world the ethic of freedom, without which we all would be serfs serving a pharaoh. I don’t know about you, but I have had enough Jewsplainin’. Explaining my right …

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Why the Jews? Answer: number 1,800,018

Why the Jews? Because we are a stiff-necked people. Heinrich Heine wrote: “The Jewish people are a nation that has defied the centuries – a great eternal holy people, the people of God, which serves as the model for all humanity.” Jews have two choices, today, and only two. Will …

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Misguided Jews hiding in plain sight.

American Progressive Jews remind me of black people who were thrilled if they could pass for white. I understand that desire.  Black people were not welcome in the white world.  To get ahead, to get anywhere, it was easier if one could “pass.” It appears to me that too many …

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Announcing the premature death of balloons.

The balloons, as we know, are now officially dead. Prematurely. There was a time, not too long ago, when balloons brought smiles to the faces of young and old alike.  There were balloons for birthdays and anniversaries, get well balloons and balloons of congratulation. What child did not want a …

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Time to dissect the Israel Apartheid accusation.

Lots of talk about Apartheid, especially in Israel.  What is Apartheid?  Where do we find it in Israel? Apartheid is another word for  segregation.  Apartheid was practiced in South Africa. Segregation, in America, was the practice of requiring separate housing, education and other services for people of colour. Laws concerning …

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Antisemitism kills: From Hitler to the Khamenei.

fighting antisemitism

Antisemitism kills. We survived the Holocaust. What did we learn? During Roman times Jews made up 10% of the population of the Roman Empire.  Today, there should be 200 million Jews. Today, there are only 14 million Jews because of thousands of years of prosecutions, persecutions, pogroms, ghettos and shtetls, …

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A day of pity.

joining terror organizations

 I think it is time to have pity, as they say in Yiddish, rachmunas, for Palestinians. Maybe  “A Day of Pity.” Think about it.  They are from an honour/shame culture that revolves around vengeance.  What greater embarrassment for them than waking up every day to see that Israel, the Jewish …

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I saw the face of Evil today.

I saw the face of evil, today.  On my street. In a rural area of Ontario. He was going for a walk with his daughter.  He lives in a tiny, beautiful village, five minutes away. I was walking my dog and heard this conversation about education.  And as I am …

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Oh Canada: Will the PM endorse BDS of Israel?

Seems Canada has de facto endorsed BDS unless Prime Minster Justin Trudeau pushes back against the court.   Justice Anne Mactavish wrote:  Identifying settlement wines incorrectly as “Products of Israel” inhibits the ability of such individuals to express their political views through their purchasing choices, thereby limiting their Charter-protected right to …

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