Ari Rubin. Cairns Jewish Community.

Torah reading: Yitro. Humility while winning.

Humility while winning. Have you ever heard a recipient of an award or compliment say they feel “humbled” by the accolade?  Why is it that they associate humility with winning?  If anything, not winning would show humility.  When you win, you feel exalted, proud and excited.  You feel like you …

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Townsville, Far North Queensland, celebrates its first ever Bar Mitzvah.

The Townsville Jewish community celebrated its first ever Bar Mitzvah last Saturday January 6th 2018 – 19 Tevet. The service was held in the Sasoon Chabad RARA House in Townsville and  Barnabas Sarnyai became a Bar Mitzvah – a full fledged Jewish adult. Family and friends came from as far …

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Joseph teaches us how to muster strength.

This week we are reminded of a person in a power position trying to sexually harass and abuse a young innocent immigrant just trying to work an honest living. When the young hapless victim tries to defend their rights and honour by standing up to the perpetrator, they are suppressed …

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