Rabbi Ari Rubin. Chabad Cairns.

Parsha this week – Toldot.

Toldot. When spouses can be your sibling For most people, the relationship with siblings will be the longest lasting of their entire lives.  The attachment with siblings is immovable, no matter what happens there will always be an innate sibling bond.  The bond with a spouse, however, can change in …

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Never too old for a Bar Mitzvah .

MacKay – Queensland – Whilst traditionally a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah typically features a row of proud grandparents in the congregation doing what is known in Yiddish as kvelling (swelling with pride), instead Dean Waring, was surrounded by his wife and children as he had his barmitzvah.  Dean lives …

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Parshat Shemini.

Pleasure or Purpose? How many times have you been fed up with nuisances or hardships in your life?  Just as you think you have control of your life something else comes up and puts a cog in your wheel.  Imagine you could plug into a simulated reality of your choice …

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