Alex Ryvchin. Joint Co-Chief Executive Officer. ECAJ.

The Six Day War, 50 years later: Still little chance for harmony in a region of perpetual conflict.

Vastly outnumbered, outgunned, besieged on every front and overwhelmed by the wealth and diplomatic influence of the Arab States, Israel faced its hour of maximum danger 50 years ago. It did so alone: 100,000 Egyptian troops, armour and artillery had amassed on Israel’s southern border; the UN peace-keeping force along …

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Balfour notes.

For the Jewish people the tiny sliver of land between the Jordan River and the eastern Mediterranean coast has always been their nation’s birthplace and homeland, the fountainhead of the Hebrew language and Jewish civilisation, thought and culture. It is from this land that the Jews were dispersed among the …

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Radio gaga.

The ABC has allowed Radio National to be used by fanatics pushing a virulently anti-Israel agenda. A series of programs on ABC Radio National, produced by a long-standing anti-Israel activist, has undermined the objectivity of the national broadcaster and exposed serious failings in its editorial process. The programs may also …

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