Alan Meyer

New Wine in Old Skins

Over the last few months, and particularly in the lead up to Ramadan 202, the world media and Arab media are awash with tales and allegations of Israeli occupation, colonialism, oppression and persecution, not to mention allegations that Israel targets and kills journalists. Then, there are cries to recognise the …

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Between Morality and Bias.

Hamas aims to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible, but its rockets kill many more “Palestinians” than Jews because many of those rockets—in this case 680—misfire and explode inside Gaza. The death and destruction caused is, of course, usually blamed on Israel. In the 2021 May violence started by …

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What crossing ‘red lines’ really mean.

Unsurprisingly, in the aftermath of the assassination of PIJ – known in the West as simply Palestinian Islamic Jihad, terror mastermind Bahaa Abu al Ata and his wife in an Israeli airstrike, PIJ in Gaza has stated that Israel has crossed a red line and is now at war with …

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