This election, we must choose a Zionist Jewish state

Israel must not give in to U.S. demands, but protect and nurture its own sovereignty and pride.

We are in the season of Sukkot, a joyous holiday. One of its most pervasive and powerful messages is the tenuousness of life.  The sukkah symbolizes the idea that ultimately, we are dependent on divine care and protection.

Tenuousness is an apt theme for our upcoming elections, because we have gotten used to the idea that there is no real choice, everything continues as it was and the elections are just another iteration of the same old, same old.

This is a mistake.  There are, besides the reappearance of familiar faces, different issues that demand our focus, attention and the exercise of choice.

Sometimes the great fault lines of our polity are hiding in plain sight, only to be given great visibility and clarity because of a single issue.

The recent contretemps over gas fields in the Mediterranean, disputed by Israel and Lebanon, was just such an issue.  There has been an ongoing dispute over the ownership of these fields, which straddle sovereign maritime borders.

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  1. Muslims in particular, and their “progressive” supporters the world over, need to understand this is not a zero sum game that demands Islamic hegemony, but that “the rights of Jews do not violate the rights of Muslims and that human rights demand that the space be shared.”

    Israel grants FAR more rights to the Muslim minority than any Muslim state in history has ever bestowed on Jews.

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