From Israel: True Sovereignty at Long Last??

I am putting this brief posting out as a preview of what we may see coming down the road in the next couple of days with regard to the Nachala Movement Project.

Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria: Where did it all go wrong? -
credit: Israel Hayom

The plans are in place – and they are extensive. Three temporary yeshuvim (settlements) are to be set up rapidly. One each in Binyamin, Samaria and Judaea. Each has been selected for ease of access and with careful vetting regarding the status of the land as State Land without Palestinian Arab claims. The precise locations have not yet been revealed.

Families have volunteered to come be there, through Shabbat. Yeshiva students will be studying. There will be an extensive presence in each locale. Thousands are involved.


Vast amounts of PR are coming from the Movement, and signs are being posted. The PR includes endorsements from rabbis, pictures of families participating, and much more.

From the Nachala leadership material that came out on Tuesday (rough translation from the Hebrew, emphasis added):

A Jew should feel that when the people of Israel need him, he is ready to leave everything and say: I am here!

“…Starting tomorrow, a settlement operation will begin in the Judaea and Samaria region, with a twofold goal: to establish settlements literally, but no less important to flood the public consciousness with awareness of the Arab takeover of Judaea and Samaria compared to the freeze on Jews.

“…The divine promise is for all of our land…”

“Precisely in the days when the spies searched the land and plowed into their hearts evil thoughts, we will make an historical correction.

“….Even if we are stopped on the way, even if it is all as if there is nothing – our goal is not just the establishment but the very effort and the flooding of interest in the public consciousness.”


The organizers emphasized that they have no intention of confronting security forces. All will be done in an uplifting atmosphere.


“….if we succeed, we will try to spend the next few days in these settlements. But also reaching one day is significant, and contributes greatly to educating children to love the country, Zionism, and devotion to values…

We will surely go up since we inherited it…”


It will be very difficult, I have no doubt. But there is a way in which they will almost surely succeed because of the goal of raising awareness in the nation.

Gantz Takes the Reins as Israel's New Defense Minister | Israel Defense
credit: Israel Defence

Defense Minister Gantz is playing tough guy, making pronouncements about how this is illegal and he does not permit illegal building.

He was a fool to take this position, however, because he permits illegal building every day – when it is Arabs doing that building. And this too will come more into the consciousness of the public with this situation. What he does is selective law enforcement, and we will be hearing a great deal more about this.


That he is running scared on this situation is obvious. It has to look bad for him because his security forces will be confronting families with kids and religious students. There is no way he can represent them as “troublemakers.” In fact, he is attempting to shame these very decent people into thinking twice before – shock!! – breaking the law.

We also know he is running scared because there were reports Tuesday of a car driving through various communities announcing that the Nachala event had been cancelled. Were they stupid enough to think that those involved would fall for this?

They tried.

We have to be very focused, purposeful and patient,” came the message from Nachala leaders. “If we are not patient, we will not be able to reach the desired goal.”


What we cannot laugh at, even momentarily, is the response of Peace Now and similar groups. These vile people also expose themselves with their statements. They have announced intention of going out to stop the Nachala program in the hills. Will the security forces prevent them from trying??

From Peace Now: “The establishment of new terrorist outposts, accompanied by an open campaign and backed by the Messianic right, is a well-planned attack against the Israeli interest.” A great deal more to say about this, going forward.


Pray, my friends. Pray for the peace and the success of the Nachala Movement. Pray for the strength of Israel.


© Arlene Kushner. This material is produced by independent journalist Arlene Kushner.

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