Second Israeli-Arab terror attack in a week

Last week 4 innocent Israelis were killed, brutally butchered by a knife-wielding Israeli Bedouin terrorist.  No, not a Palestinian, an Israeli-ID holding Bedouin.  In his rampage he killed Laura Yitzhak, Rabbi Moshe Kravitzky, Doris Yahbas, and Menahem Yehezkel.  Between them they left 10 orphans and fathomless depths of grief and pain.

The four victims of a terror attack in Beersheba on March 22, 2022: Laura Yitzhak, top left; Rabbi Moshe Kravitzky, top right; Doris Yahbas, bottom left; Menahem Yehezkel, bottom right. (Social media/courtesy)

This evening two gun-toting Arab Israeli terrorists – again, not Palestinians, but Israeli Arab citizens from the town of Umm el-Fahm, went on a murderous shooting rampage in the central coastal city of Hadera, killing two people and injuring up to 6 (some reports say 10 injured).

The suspects in a terrorist attack in Hadera, March 27, 2022 (Channel 12 screenshot; used in accordance with Clause 27 of the copyright law)

Two Israelis, a man and a woman, were killed and six, including two Israel Police officers, were injured in a shooting attack in Hadera on Sunday evening.

The Israeli defense establishment believes the attackers may have been connected to ISIS and one had reportedly been previously arrested for trying to join the terrorist group.


The two victims of the terror attack in Hadera last night were two border police officers, Yezen Falah age 19, one a Druze officer and the second was Shirel Abukarat, an Israeli female policewoman. Both were only 19.

May their memories be for a blessing and may Hashem avenge their blood.

And yet the attack could have been so much worse:

Several special forces police officers who were dining at a nearby restaurant heard the shots, ran to the scene and opened fire at the terrorists, who were lurking behind a bus, killing them.

Add to the general sense of lawlessness and distrust towards the police and judiciary that Israelis are currently feeling is the surreal attitude of some judges who are too lenient on the terrorists who pretend to express remorse. The very terrorist who carried out the murder in Beer Sheva had his jail sentence shortened because the judge accepted that he had expressed remorse. |The man was in jail for belonging to ISIS. He left jail, resumed his work as a teacher, spreading ISIS’s poisonous ideology to young minds, and then carried out his “practical project” by murdering Jews. The heroic bus driver who shot the terrorist in Beer Sheva had his weapon confiscated by the police, and didn’t get it returned until almost 24 hours later. Meanwhile his face had been plastered all over the media, turning him into an immediate target for terrorists.

As the above Jpost article concludes:

Israelis grieving the loss this week of four precious lives aren’t interested in excuses from the institutions tasked with their safety. We demand a systemic change, not sociological studies telling us what we already know.

I would wish to add another opinion – it is outrageous that it is accepted as axiomatic that when Ramadan begins, a wave of violence is sure to follow, or even to precede it as we have seen this past week.

When Christmas approaches we have peace on earth and goodwill to all men. When Diwali approaches we have lots of fun and color. When Rosh Hashanah approaches we learn about serious introspection and repentance. But when Ramadan comes all we get is an explosion of violence. Why is that?

It smacks of the “bigotry of low expectations” of Islam, that their holiest month is simply an excuse to “kill the infidels” and preferably Jews. Pretty much all Israelis know that this can’t possibly be true. We all know Muslims personally, from work, the army, interacting in myriad ways in society.

So where are the Muslim leaders who will condemn this annual Ramadan violence in the name of their religion? The terrorism and lawlessness is as bad for them as it is for us.

Time for change for all sectors of Israeli society. Enough already.


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