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Dear Friends,

Earlier this week, I did a Zoom presentation sponsored by AFSI (Americans for a Safe Israel).  It was called “Sustaining a Strong Israel in Unsettled Times.” I provided an overview of the current Israeli political situation and then focused on a matter that I believe is exceedingly important: How to counter the outright lies and distortions of history that are routinely utilized in attacking Israel.

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I mentioned what had happened with Kamala just days earlier, when she participated in a discussion with students at George Mason University in VA. One student accused Israel, among other things, of “ethnic genocide.” Instead of correcting the obvious lie, the vice president of the US lauded her, saying, “Your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth cannot be suppressed, and it must be heard.”

Her truth”?  There was not a word of truth in what that student said.  But this is what we are up against today.  Every attack on Israel is represented as a version of the truth.  And so, many people who don’t know better internalize the oft-repeated lies and accept the distortions as “truth.”


Thus is it critical for all who care about Israel to counter those lies on a regular basis. It is exceedingly important to speak to young friends and relatives on US college campuses, who are deluged with anti-Israel propaganda.  As well, US citizens must let their elected representatives in Congress – who are regularly pressured from the left – know they are being watched on issues regarding Israel.

And the word must go out in public forums: in letters to the editor, talk-backs, op-eds, Facebook pages, websites, and other social media platforms. It must go out again, and again, and again, so that a consistent voice is heard countering the misrepresentations that circulate constantly about Israel.

I urge all of you to take this upon yourselves.  And I thank you.


Please, listen to my presentation, which you can find here:

As an augment to my presentation, I put up a page – called “Fighting with Facts” – on the left sidebar of the homepage of my website: It provides facts that are effective in countering the lies about Israel.

Those lies are best countered with succinct and solid information.  When your response can refer to specific instances of international law or provide little known information it will carry more weight.


Next week I will return to my “regular” postings.

Here, as we go towards Shabbat, I provide a few good news items.

“A new Tel Aviv University study examined for the first time the development of a glioblastoma cancerous tumor in animal models with a normal immune system, to best simulate the development of the tumor in humans. The findings of the study showed that there are immune system cells that, even though their primary function is to attack and kill the cancer cells, actually act as ‘double agents’ that increase and intensify the aggressiveness and threat of the tumor… (emphasis added)

“Glioblastoma is the most common type of brain cancer, and one of the most violent and deadly cancers in humans…

“It is not inconceivable that these revelations are the first step towards deciphering the mechanism of interaction between the immune system and violent cancerous tumors that…claim the lives of so many.”

For more information:

This important work was undertaken by Dr. Dinorah Friedmann-Morvinski of the George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences and Sagol School of Neuroscience (at right below), and her Ph.D. student Prerna Magod.

Courtesy Tel Aviv University


Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Judge Bilha Yahalom on Wednesday revoked a restraining order that was handed to a Jew who prayed on the Temple Mount, and confirmed that it is permissible for Jews to pray quietly in the holiest Jewish site, Israel Hayom reported. This constitutes the first explicit legal decision allowing Jews to pray quietly inside the Temple Mount compound.

There had been prior court rulings on Jewish prayer on the Mount, but they provided latitude for the police to ban such prayer if it is in the interest of public security, which means if the Arabs are going to riot.  This is different and an important first step in the right direction.

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A real “feel good” story that can make us very proud:

Recently, a grandmother was hospitalized in Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv with a terminal illness.  Her granddaughter was to be married soon in in Caesarea  but she was told she would not be able to attend.

Her granddaughter was determined to have her grandmother at her wedding, however, and reached out to the volunteer first responder organization United Hatzalah. Moshiko Moskowitz, United Hatzalah’s Director of Operations, approved the operation:

The grandmother was transported to the wedding site by ambulance.  Two special EMT volunteers stayed with her to monitor her condition through the wedding ceremony and part of the meal, where she had time to visit with friends. They then brought her back to the hospital.

One of those special volunteers, Maor Levi, said:  “Part of the reason I joined United Hatzalah was to perform acts of kindness for others. Like taking a sick grandmother to her granddaughter’s wedding.”

The entire service was provided without cost to the family.


A week ago, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid went to Bahrain to inaugurate Israel’s embassy there, in the city of Manama, Bahrain’s capital.  This is one more step in the solidifying relationships between Israel and Sunni Arab states.

“May our people live in peace and prosperity forever,” said Lapid.

Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Abdullatif al Zayani, who officiated with Lapid, declared: “It is an unmistakable signal to all that we are determined. We are not done.”

Diplomat Eitan Na’eh is awaiting official confirmation of his nomination as first Israeli ambassador to Bahrain.

Credit: Shlomi Amsellam/GPO


Arlene from Israel website.


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