The ICC wants to investigate Israel – again

The ICCThe International Criminal Court (the ICC) reminds me of a movie monster that, despite being killed, simply won’t stay dead. After repeated efforts to investigate Israel’s purported “war crimes” and “human rights abuses”, ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda declared that she will not be rushed into investigating Israel.

Yet here we are again. The monster has raised its head and we are entering yet another absurd round, or maybe it’s simply a continuation of an investigation into something that the ICC seems to have decided the outcome already. Last week Israel received a formal letter from the ICC informing it of the war crimes probe against it.

The report said the one-and-a-half page letter briefly laid out the three main areas the probe intends to cover: the 2014 war between Israel and Hamas; Israeli settlement policy; and the 2018 Great March of Return protests, a series of violent demonstrations along Gaza’s border with Israel that left dozens of Palestinians dead.

Israel has 30 days to respond, the report said, adding that Jerusalem is leaning toward doing so after largely refusing to cooperate with The Hague-based international court until now. However, Israel is expected to use its response as an opportunity to once again voice the argument that the ICC has no jurisdiction to hear the case.

Israeli officials hope the argument over jurisdiction will succeed in delaying the case until outgoing ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda is replaced in June by British lawmaker Karim Khan, whom Jerusalem hopes may be less hostile or may even cancel the probe.

Yeah, I wouldn’t hold my breath. I have no faith at all in these institutions.

Outrageously, the probe will only examine events AFTER the kidnapping of the three teenagers, which was the trigger for the 2014 war. This on its own reveals the bias and hypocrisy of the ICC, not to mention the Palestinians. the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teens is not counted as a war crime, yet Israel’s desperate search for these boys is considered a war crime.

Israeli observers noted the significance of the timing of the investigation’s span: On June 12, 2014, Hamas terrorists kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers in the Gush Etzion area of the West Bank. Bensouda’s investigation — based on the request submitted by the so-called State of Palestine — is set to begin from the following day.

The brutal terror attack, which horrified Israelis and drew international condemnation, was a pivotal moment in the lead-up to the fighting in Gaza later that summer. With the investigation set to consider events beginning on June 13, 2014, the crime could be excluded from the court’s investigation.

It’s enough to make you sick.

For Israel’s point of view, watch this excellent video by StandWithUs which takes a look at the ICC’s decision to probe Israel:


Hillel Neuer of UN Watch brought Arab-Israeli activist Yoseph Hadad to counter the charges insinuated in the ICC’s probe and also to counter the annual onslaught in the UN against Israel with their accusations of war crimes, apartheid, and the added charge this year of discrimination by Israel of Palestinians by denying them Covid vaccinations. Listen to Yoseph as he demolishes these abominable arguments:

As Pesach is approaching (starting Saturday night) it would serve us well for us to note the paragraph we read in the Haggadah at the Seder:

“For in every generation they rise up to destroy us, but the Lord blessed be He saves us from their hand”.

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