MYTH: Trump peace plan does not offer Palestinians a capital in Jerusalem.


Critics falsely argued the Trump peace plan is not consistent with a two-state solution.  In fact, it specifically provides for a Palestinian state and goes into great detail about various elements of that state including its borders, treatment of refugees, and security obligations.  It also meets the Palestinian demand that Jerusalem serve as the capital of the Palestinian state.

Palestinians object to where in Jerusalem the capital is to be established.  They maintain the fantasy that they will control all East Jerusalem, including the Old City, and will fly their flag over Judaism’s holiest place – the Temple Mount.  The Trump plan recognizes this is never going to happen.  Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat a state with a capital in Jerusalem and sovereignty over Arab neighborhoods and control of Muslim holy places.   Ehud Olmert made a similar proposal to Mahmoud Abbas.  Both Arafat and Abbas decided to prove Abba Eban’s observation that “the Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

The Trump plan offered the Palestinians a third chance to establish a state with a capital in Jerusalem, this time based in the Palestinian village of Abu Dis, which is part of the Jerusalem Governorate of the Palestinian Authority.  Palestinians reacted with outrage at the idea.  “We will not accept Abu Dis or Al-Eizariya, as the capital of the Palestinian State,” Abbas declared after the plan was released (“Abbas: We will not accept Abu Dis or Al-Eizariya as capital of Palestinian State,” Middle East Monitor, February 8, 2020).

Abbas  however, accepted the idea 25-years earlier when he reached an agreement with Israeli negotiator Yossi Beilin Palestine’s abandoned parliament.  That agreement was never officially signed by either side; nevertheless, the following year, the Palestinians constructed a parliament building in Abu Dis.  The failure of the Oslo peace talks following an upsurge in Palestinian terror attacks erased the chance of creating a state based on the Oslo Accords.

The parliament building is still standing, albeit in disrepair, awaiting the arrival of a Palestinian legislature should the Palestinians ever agree to a peace agreement.

A man walks towards what is slated to be the Palestinian parliament... News Photo - Getty Images
A man walks towards what is slated to be the Palestinian parliament


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  1. Leon Poddebsky

    Why should an entity that is committed to the destruction of Israel, and whose adherents would surely commit atrocities against Jews were they ever further empowered, have an independent militarised state?
    Where is the morality in that proposition?
    As for Jerusalem, Muslims turn their rumps to Jerusalem when they pray, and house assault weapons such as rocks and fireworks on the Temple Mount, from which they bombard Jewish worshippers below, so why should they acquire any control over any part of Jerusalem? What morality or justice is there in that?