All Eyes Will Turn to the Jews

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Over the past week, two antisemitic incidents caught the attention of Jewish media in the US. Algemeiner reported that in New Jersey, “the carcass of a dead pig was left on the doorstep of a rabbi’s home in the town of Lakewood,” and Tablet Magazine released an intriguing story about a closed Facebook group of liberal women who expel anyone who expresses any support or understanding for Israel.  Tablet quoted a Korean American Jewish woman named Skylar Cutler who said, “What I saw and experienced in that group was Jew-hatred cloaked in the veil of social justice. I had to speak out.”

The vast majority of American Jews were delighted that Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, and I have no doubt they cannot wait for him to take office.  I, too, think it will be good for them, but for a different reason: They will have a very sobering experience.  With Biden as president, they will have no one to blame.  After all, they picked him themselves and did everything they could, and beyond, to get him elected.  But the antisemitism that will come from the Left, from the liberals and progressives, will show them very clearly that antisemitism has nothing to do with the identity of the president.

The majority of American Jews espouse liberal and progressive values.  When antisemitism hits them, as it did in that Facebook group, they will understand that they are not hated for supporting Israel or for being white and privileged, but for being Jewish.  As that Korean American Jew said, it is “Jew-hatred cloaked in the veil of social justice.”  When it comes to Jews, there is nothing progressive about the views of “Progressives,” and American Jewry is about to realize it, if it hasn’t already.

When the final outcome of the elections is declared, both sides will turn their anger to the Jews. T he liberals and progressives already harbor deep anti-Jewish feelings, and conservatives, who aren’t inherently anti-Jewish, have been given far too many reasons in this campaign to come to the conclusion that all their troubles come from the Jews.

Currently, Left and Right cannot unite in America.  But when both sides come to think that all their troubles come from the Jews, they’ll find the common grounds they need.  Just as we saw fascists and Muslims demonstrating in concert against Israel in Europe, we will see Liberals and Progressives, White Supremacists and Black Americans finding new unity in their hatred for the Jews.

Then, when American Jews find that all this is eerily similar to what happened in Europe less than a century ago, it may well be too late.


Dr. Michael Laitman is a global thinker, a prolific author who has published over 40 books on a variety of topics including world affairs, economics, education, antisemitism, and Kabbalah.

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