From Israel: “Lunacy and Other Aberrations!!”

The situation has been rather crazy here in Israel, with a government that doesn’t function like one. I need to look at this shortly.  However, when I consider what’s going on here, my response (which will not surprise regular readers) is that it is “small potatoes” compared to what’s happening in the US.

Which leads us to America…


We are not looking “just” at an election that has been fraudulently managed in certain states, certain districts.  What must be confronted is a far deeper societal malaise that threatens the very core of American democracy and American values. The fraudulent election is just part of that larger picture.

I’ve written many times about the shifting American culture – engineered by the left ‒ that does not tolerate differences of opinion: there is only one perspective countenanced, a leftist, progressive perspective.  This is certainly true on college campuses, where right wing speakers sometimes need to be protected by bodyguards.


Credit: Jewish Learning Institute

Alarmingly, there is also a tragic situation in which America’s school children are no longer taught to respect America:  American history is distorted and traditional American values are trashed.

Dennis Prager wrote recently: “America’s students are not taught history. In fact, they are not taught; they are indoctrinated. With anti-Americanism.”


And just as alarmingly, the media no longer play their traditional role of informing readers with some measure of objectivity; they are now actively into influencing them, even selectively withholding information.  It goes without saying that the prevailing slant of most of these media is leftist, as well.

Before the election, damaging information about the involvement of Joe Biden’s son Hunter in dealings in the Ukraine – dealings in which Joe himself was involved – was buried by main stream media sources.

After the fact, recordings of CNN’s news meetings from that time were leaked. “CNN boss Jeff Zucker is heard instructing his staff to downplay the bombshell story that implicated Joe Biden in a shady foreign influence-peddling scheme.”

Add to this the outrageously manipulative behavior of the high tech social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  They decide whom to block, and when to make editorial comments in red stating that a particular tweet is “contested.”

Wrote journalist Matt Taibbi recently:

The flow of information in the United States has become so politicized — bottlenecked by an increasingly brazen union of corporate press and tech platforms — that it’s become impossible for American audiences to see news about certain topics absent thickets of propagandistic contextualizing.”

What they are doing threatens the very heart of the democratic process.  


America was to a considerable degree set on a path that veered left during the eight years that Barack Obama was president.  I think many Americans still, to this day, do not understand how left-progressive Obama was, and to what degree his perspective was internationalist/globalist and not American.

Hillary Clinton, every bit as progressive as Obama, was considered a very suitable successor; her electoral victory was taken for granted in leftist circles (and, of course, by Hillary herself).

Trump’s election was an enormous shock to leftist progressives: His policies and positions stood as bold counterpoint to Obama’s path.

And so leftists, Obama supporters, sought to vilify him and challenge him from the day he took office. He had to appear illegitimate from the beginning.

I wrote above about a tendency in the main stream media and high tech platforms to protect Biden from negative implications. But of course the reverse was also true: everything good about Trump has been downplayed – Americans relying on MSM have not been appraised adequately or fairly about his successes.


Trump has been an excellent president, working diligently for America. He has taken a strong stand against Iran; brought much manufacturing back to American shores; reduced unemployment, (until corona, which the MSM have attempted to blame on him); made the dollar stronger; provided much needed assistance to traditional black colleges. His ability to bring some Arab Gulf states into an openly cooperative stance with Israel has strengthened the possibility of peace in the Middle East.


The leftists, however, were determined that Trump would be a one-term president. We know that there was violence fomented in the cities in order to make him look bad. Ostensibly it was about the racism inherent in American society; but Patrisse Cullors, the founder of Black Lives Matter (and openly identified as a trained Marxist), said the goal was to bring Trump down.


What I don’t know is whether it was planned many months in advance (which is most likely the case), or if the decision to rig the election in certain key districts was a response to Trump’s huge popularity in the weeks leading up to the election. Tens of thousands were showing up to his rallies.

credit: Facebook

What I do know is that evidence of the rigging is solid.  I’ve seen enough of it myself – via videos of sworn testimonies and videos of containers and suitcases snuck into areas where votes were to be counted, during times when observers had been dismissed.  And I’ve heard the testimony of written citations from legal affidavits.

There are those who continue to deny that there is such evidence.  Either they simply don’t want to know or they believe what the MSM is telling them.  The suggestion that there were just “glitches,” innocent human errors, that were quite small in number is not credible.  The ballots that are suspect are in the hundreds of thousands, at least ‒ more than enough to turn the election around.


I have been disheartened by the apparent failure of the judicial system to take these cases seriously.  (No, it is NOT because there is no case to be made.) I have struggled long and hard to find answers.

What has become clear is that taking a stand to turn around an election – when Biden is set and ready to go – takes a great deal of courage.  Especially if you are beholden to the party.

The Democratic Party today is not the centrist liberal party of yore.  It has swung way left. You only need to see the people Biden seeks for his prospective administration, starting with the radical Kamala, to realize this.  The party today goes with the politically correct flow. Thus, for example, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi donated $14,000 to the campaign of the overtly anti-Semitic Ilhan Omar.

The Democratic Party is going to hang very tough on the matter of election fraud.  Their issue is not electoral justice for the country: it is winning. Bucking this cannot be easy.


As I thought about this entire scenario, I remembered the situation of Monica Palmer and William Hartmann, two Republican certifiers in Wayne County, Michigan, which is where Detroit is located. They refused to certify the election because of their concern about significant irregularities.  As a result, they received threats:

Democrat State Rep-Elect Abraham Aiyash put out a video threating Palmer’s kids.  Local resident Ned Staebler tweeted: “The Trump stain, the stain of racism that you, William Hartmann and Monica Palmer, have covered yourself in, is going to follow you throughout history.

Just know when you try to sleep tonight, that millions of people around the world now on Twitter know the name Monica Palmer and William Hartmann, as two people completely racist and without an understanding of what integrity means or a shred of human decency.” (Emphasis added)

Terrifying for two people who sought to act with integrity. Palmer and Hartmann finally agreed to certify the election, after receiving a promise that certain checking would be done first.  Election officials subsequently reneged on that promise.

Can we know what others expected to speak out on the election fraud might also have to deal with?


However, in the last few days my hope of seeing the Republican challenge to the election fraud succeed has grown.  Evidence that it is difficult to ignore continues to mount:

 Last week, a video emerged of a room in the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, the largest poll tabulation site in the state, in which counting of ballots was going on. All observers were told to leave at about 10:30 PM; this has been confirmed via sworn affidavits. Then after the observers left, four people remained. At about 1 AM, suitcases containing ballots were pulled out from under tables. It has been confirmed that this is not standard procedure.

The math indicates that the number of ballots entered during this time when there was no supervision was more than enough to exceed the margin of victory for Biden that has been claimed.

This video has caused quite a stir and has elicited a new level of concern among Georgia officials. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has now called on the Secretary of State to order a signature audit of votes.



 “Georgia’s Dekalb County does not know if it is in possession of the ballot transfer forms used to record the chain of Settings custody for absentee ballots dropped into some 300 drop boxes around the state.

“Dekalb County responded to an open records request for the transfer forms from The Georgia Star News by writing that ‘it has not yet been determined if responsive records to your request exist.’”

They may not be able to demonstrate chain of custody, with regard to who had the ballots at all times!!


 An information technology contractor for Dominion Voting Systems who worked at the TCF Center in Michigan and a former state senator who was a poll challenger both say that the voting machines used in the November 3 election were connected to the internet.”


Trump’s re-election campaign filed an election contest in Superior Court in Fulton County, Georgia, on December 4.

“The complaint is accompanied by sworn affidavits from Georgia residents who allege that election officials failed to verify signatures on ballots and prevented Republican poll monitors from adequately observing the voted count…”

Along with all of the illegally cast votes in this county, the complaint estimates that some 30,000 to 40,000 absentee ballots lacking proper signature matching and verification were counted.

In Michigan, two days ago, a judge, who indeed was paying attention, has ordered forensic review of 22 Dominion voting machines, and now that review has begun.

In Arizona, similarly, the State Legislature has called for an immediate forensic audit of Dominion voting machines used in Maricopa County.

There is more, but this, I hope, provides a sense of what is going on.


In a different approach, Rudy Giuliani, head of Trump’s legal team, said on Friday that the reluctance of some judges to hear the team’s petitions does not represent a critical setback:

“The simple fact is, we don’t need courts. The United States Constitution gives sole power to the state legislature to decide presidential elections.”

And so, in a second track, legal teams are approaching members of state legislatures.

Listen to what Giuliani said to the Arizona state legislature:

Do not be bullied. Do not be frightened. Your political career is worth losing if you can save the right to vote in America.”


I was sorry to learn last night that Giuliani had tested positive for corona, but his case is light and he’s doing well. Yesterday, he gave a Fox interview in which he reviewed the progress in filing of petitions in the six swing states.  In Georgia, the process is furthest along, but it is progressing in Michigan and in Wisconsin, which has the strictest law about the need for application for an absentee ballot.  A challenge in Pennsylvania has reached the Supreme Court, and he anticipates others may as well.

One of the significant things he talked about is the fact that the same fraudulent behavior showed up in different key Democratic cities, such as Detroit, following the same pattern.

See the first minute of this video for direct testimony in hearings:


President Trump was in Georgia for a rally on Saturday.  The situation is critical because it is there that two run-off elections for the Senate will be held shortly.  At least one of the two Republican candidates ‒ Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue ‒ must win if the Senate is to remain Republican.  They are favored to win, but concern is that the machines tallying the votes must be clean.

A hearing has been scheduled for today, December 7, in a lawsuit brought by Sidney Powell, who is attempting to convince a judge to allow outside experts to examine Dominion Voting Systems machines used in Georgia.


Do I know how this will end?  I know what I fervently hope, but, no, I do not know.


What I do know, my friends, is that it ain’t over until it’s over. Do not believe sources that say it’s a lost cause.

President Trump gave a speech a few days ago in which he said this election is the most critical the US has ever had, and I agree with him.  It is about the future of America.

If Biden makes it to the White House, America may never recover.


Please, share this broadly.

Know that I may be away from my computer for a couple of days this week.


Arlene from Israel website.

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