From Israel: Heaven Help Us!!

The US, first. Then Israel and a good part of the world — not just the West, but also Sunni Arab.

What I am referring to are the policies and practices that would emanate from a Biden administration, should he ‒ and this is where we cry “Heaven help us” ‒ become president. The more that comes to the fore regarding what a Biden administration would be like, the more terrifying becomes the prospect.


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And yet there are those with sincere intentions who actually believe that Biden would be a moderate who would bring good feelings to the country. I would implore them to open their eyes.

Is it not obvious that his capacity to function is diminished? That he would be highly malleable sitting in the Oval Office? And that those who would have very considerable impact on his policies include Barack Obama, Kamala Harris and the ultra-progressive harpies of the Squad (in Congress: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York; Ilhan Omar, Minnesota; Ayanna Pressley, Massachusetts; and Rashida Tlaib, Michigan)?


Barack Obama did horrendous damage to the US during his eight years in office, and his intention is to return now for something resembling a de facto third term.

Can it have escaped anyone’s attention that many of the people Biden is naming for major positions in his prospective administration are re-runs from the Obama administration?


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Among those Biden has selected is Antony Blinken as Secretary of State; he was an Under Secretary of State under Obama.

A closer look at Blinken’s associations is very much in order here, for it is likely that most people, who see him as centrist and moderate, have no clue:

Blinken is on the Advisory Board of a little-know Washington DC advocacy group called Foreign Policy for America (FPA). It has strong ties to J Street, a group that is blatantly pro-Palestinian, but which Blinken has praised for having “emerged as an influential and constructive voice.”


J Street’s president, Jeremy Ben-Ami is on the FPA Board of Directors and the FPA website features “two large pull-out quotes from J Street publications and link to the J Street website, followed by tips on how to press Congress to be more sympathetic to the Palestinian Arabs.”

The only other resource for information listed on the FPA website is B’tselem, which uses a front as an Israeli human rights organization to attack Israel.


Joining Blinken on the FPA Advisory Board are Avril Haines, selected by Biden as National Intelligence director, and Biden’s UN Ambassador designate Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

As a ZOA release describes it, “Haines signed a vicious J Street letter…[which] urged the Democratic platform to include more criticism of Israel; promoted false equivalence between the Palestinian Arab terrorists/inciters and Israeli Jews by using the phrase ‘violence, terrorism, and incitement from ALL sides’…opposed Jews building in eastern Jerusalem and Judea/Samaria; complained the past Democratic platforms are ‘silent on Israeli actions that undermine Palestinian rights’; and supported ‘the rights of Palestinians.’”

The fact that Biden would place her in a sensitive position in National Intelligence rings a lot of bells.

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But then there is Reema Dodin, a Palestinian American selected by Biden for Deputy Director of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs. She actually makes Haines look good.

“Dodin…organized anti-Israel rallies at UC Berkeley; spread Medieval-style blood libels, including the false claim that Israel denies Palestinian Arabs food, water, and medical treatment… blamed 9-11 on U.S. support for Israel; was a leader of the Hamas-affiliated Muslim Students Association…And more.

“…in a speech at the United Methodist Church in Lodi, California, Dodin justified suicide bombing as ‘the last resort of a desperate people.’”


Let me add here that ZOA tells us that in 2017, speaking on CNN, “Blinken opposed sanctioning and designating Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a foreign terrorist organization – even though terror is the IRGC’s raison d’être.”

This may tell us a good deal about where the Biden administration would stand with regard to Iran.


I mentioned Kamala Harris above as someone who will have inordinate influence on Biden. It is clear that she anticipates running the show – and running it, would you believe, with the acquiescence of Biden. See Laura Ingraham on this:

Ingraham quotes Biden, who on announcing his choice of Kamala, said he selected her “to lead this nation starting in 2021.” In a video clip Ingraham provides, Biden says, forthrightly, that his choice of running mate has to be capable of running things because, after all, he is an old man.

Harris, who spent the campaign insisting that she was moderate – and tittering while doing so (that incessant tittering!), is out and out radical, the member of the Senate who leans furthest left.

Among the positions she advocates: decriminalizing illegal immigration; health care for those illegal immigrants; socialized medicine – free healthcare for everyone; and late term abortions. She has pledged – in defiance of the constitution – to use “executive action” to limit gun ownership.

Moreover, she has advocated “equal outcomes” for people (equity), and not just “equal opportunities” (equality before the law). That is socialism.


A comment here about the simply ludicrous claim that was bandied about during the election: That there was no need to worry about Harris’s support for Israel because her husband is Jewish. As if every Jew is pro-Israel. There is no reason to believe that Harris is pro-Israel.


The members of the Squad, whom I alluded to above, are promoting radical progressive policies, such as the greening of America, and, it should be noted, have said they see Kamala Harris as the gateway to Biden. They have been clear about their intention of pressuring Biden.

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Joining with a handful of other progressives, they have established the “People’s Charter.” Were all its policies to be adopted, it would collapse the US in short order. Included: Provide safe, affordable housing for all; Cancel student debt; Guarantee universal child care; Ensure everyone has clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.

(Guaranteeing clean air for everyone is a bit of a stretch, unless, of course, they are moving with AOC on eliminating automobiles and planes – perhaps hinted at here, but not made explicit.)

And note this: “Save the USPS to ensure we can vote by mail.”


I realize what I really need to say, in the face of all of this, is Heaven help the legal efforts of Trump’s legal teams, and the legal efforts of Attorney Sidney Powell.

This is for the sake of the US, Israel, and the world.

It’s turning out to be a long, difficult haul for Trump’s legal teams, but not because there is no evidence of fraud: there is a great deal of evidence, including hundreds of legal affidavits. It falls to the legal teams to prove, to courts that are not always receptive, that it is pervasive.

But the legal teams are still at it, still aiming for the Supreme Court.

I will not even attempt to track each state where there are charges of voter fraud being brought to the courts and legislatures. It is a shifting and complex scenario. But I do have a sense that just possibly the tide may be turning.

“Matt Braynard, a former data chief and strategist for the Trump campaign, and his team at The Voter Integrity Project have conducted a review of ballot and election results in the 2020 election. Braynard went through his team’s work in a recent video, revealing the troubling findings his team uncovered in the course of their research.

“Braynard now says the FBI has reached out to him and his team asking for them to hand over evidence underlying their findings.”



I remain optimistic about Sidney Powell, who is proceeding with her cases; while including other issues, they focus upon the software used by the Dominion voting machines, which she says were connected to the Internet and thus were open to manipulation by foreign governments. Additionally, she says she has documentation proving that state officials were bribed by Dominion to purchase its equipment.

One week ago, she filed a federal lawsuit that alleges “massive election fraud” and multiple violations of the Constitution and Georgia’s state laws in the 2020 general election; it addresses issues pertaining to Dominion Voting Systems.

The Georgia suit was filed against Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and other election officials.

A similar separate suit was filed in Michigan.

On Monday, “Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and the state’s elections chief were ordered by a federal judge to explain their opposition to allowing inspections of voting machines that President Donald Trump has claimed ‘switched’ votes in favor of President-elect Joe Biden.”


Powell has reported that Eric Coomer, head of product and strategy for Dominion, a Soros-associated voting software firm, has gone missing. In addition, the company has shut down its offices in Denver, CO.

“The report also states that representatives of the company failed to attend a Nov 19 court hearing in which Senate members were hoping to question them on election-related issues.

“Dominion employees have apparently taken down their LinkedIn domains…”

Looking hopeful!


Arlene from Israel website.

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