From Israel: The Soul of America!!

Writing after the US election, I believe it’s necessary to look backward in order to understand what is going on now. Many of us – who care deeply about the soul of America – have been watching and grieving over the weakening of the fabric of America for some time now.

It could be discerned in the rigid left stance of universities whose professors no longer tolerate open discussion and differences of opinion. And in a 2017 Brookings Institute poll of college students across 49 states which revealed that one in five college students thought it acceptable for a student group opposed to a speaker to use violence to prevent that speaker from presenting.

This past year, matters deteriorated substantially with the violence promoted by leftist, Marxist and anarchist groups such as BlackLivesMatter and Antifa.

America was labeled inherently racist. Violence became acceptable on a large scale in areas where progressive Democratic governors and mayors refused to take action. A new term was coined: “mostly peaceful demonstrations.” They were peaceful except for intervals when fires were set, stores looted.

The great traditions and values of America were demeaned, as the radical left sought to re-write US history and vilify America’s founders.

The radical left had become a force in America.

In an insane move, some police forces were “defunded,” leading to a huge increase in crime.

Corporations, fearing loss of revenue, fell into line. Last year, Nike cancelled the sale of a sneaker bearing the Betsy Ross flag ‒ the first of a new nation ‒ which was to be released on July Fourth. This was because of the objections of former NFL player Colin Kaepernick ‒ the first to dis America by kneeling during the Star Spangled Banner ‒ who said the flag evoked a time when there was slavery.

The situation morphed into full “cancel culture” insanity two months ago with “A Demand for Black Linguistic Justice,” published by a subcommittee of the National Council of Teachers of English. It called for an end to “White Mainstream English,” in order to “decolonize” students’ minds, help students “unlearn white supremacy,” and “unravel anti-black linguistic racism.”


It is not a coincidence that this has been happening now.

credit: India Times

Barack Obama – whose is an internationalist – was not quite like the radicals we presently see on the far left, but he was a great deal closer than most realize.

During his years as president, he did considerable damage: setting race relations in America back 50 years; making unacceptable concessions to Iran; playing to Muslim radicals; casting doubt on the police as they were doing their jobs; weakening the military; and favoring the PA over the rights of Israel.


credit: Newsweek

Had his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, won the election in 2016, matters would have continued apace.

If anything, she was to the left of Obama, and certainly openly hostile to Israel while embracing the Palestinian Arabs.

But – thank Heaven! – Clinton lost, politically vanquished by Donald Trump.

Trump set about reversing Obama policies. He withdrew from the disastrous Iran deal; got tough with the obstructionist Palestinian Authority; withdrew funding from UNRWA; recognized, for the very first time, Israeli rights in Jerusalem, in Judea & Samaria, and in the Golan. Additionally, he has worked to establish an anti-Iran coalition.

He strengthened America by decreasing unemployment, bringing manufacturing home to US shores, and growing the economy. He bolstered the military, and improved veteran services. And he provided a boost for black Americans via long term funding for black colleges.

credit: The White House

His stance is one of law and order. He pledged to rework untenable Obamacare; defended rights protected by the Constitution being challenged on the left; argued that immigration had to proceed according to legal guidelines; and pushed for school choice.

In short, it was Donald Trump’s goal to Make America Great Again. His instincts are certainly not perfect, but he genuinely loves America.

This enraged Obama and progressives more broadly, all of whom determined to bring him down.

This is the battle for America’s soul. The progressives work to weaken America as they pursue a leftist internationalist ideology.

Trump’s rejection of sacred leftist positions – the right to abort late term, the greening of America, the right of transgender males to use women’s bathrooms, etc. – has further infuriated them.


It is amazing that Trump accomplished all that I describe above and a great deal more: Significant forces were arrayed against him. He faced very tough odds, unlike those faced by any other US president.

Once upon a time it was protocol for a former president to step into the shadows when his successor took office. That changed with Barack Obama, who bought a home not far from the White House when Trump succeeded him. By then he was already in the process of founding “Organizing for Action” (OFA).

Obama’s goal was to protect his legacy from the Trump administration. OFA garnered a staff drawn from the Obama administration. By 2017, it boasted 250 offices and a cadre of more than 32,000 organizers.

Wrote investigative journalist Paul Sperry at that time (emphasis added):

“These aren’t typical Black Lives Matter…marchers, but rather professionally trained organizers who go through a six-week training program similar to the training — steeped in Alinsky agitation tactics — Obama received in Chicago when he was a community organizer.

Chicago socialist Saul Alinsky, known by the left as ‘the father of community organizing,’ taught radicals to ‘rub raw the sores of discontent’ and create the conditions for a ‘revolution.’ He dedicated his book, ‘Rules for Radicals,’ to ‘Lucifer.’ Michelle Obama quoted from the book when she helped launch OFA…”

OFA also provided a training manual for activists. It urged them to ask “hostile” questions at GOP gatherings, while keeping “a firm hold on the mic” — and to loudly boo the GOP politicians if they aren’t “giving you real answers.”

“Express your concern [to the event’s hosts that] they are giving a platform to pro-Trump authoritarianism, racism, and corruption.” (Emphasis added)


And there was more, as Congressional progressives had decided when Trump first came into office that they would get rid of him via impeachment. They failed in that effort: Trump was guilty of no impeachable offense. But an enormous amount of time and energy was wasted.


The bottom line is that the left, in Congress and without, became obsessed with taking down Trump. That effort was joined by the main stream media, which tilt left, and by university elites.


One other factor, which can be found within his own personality, has worked against Trump: Obama, for all his duplicity, is a smooth and polished speaker. Trump, on the other hand, can be rough and impulsive. He is an obsessive tweeter. Occasionally crude, he prefers to tell it like it is.

This has made it easier for those attacking him to level accusations against him that are fallacious but very readily believed by those who are put off by his style. He has been accused of being a racist, an anti-Semite, a supporter of white supremacists.

None of it is true, but no denials, no proof offered, make a difference for those prepared to hate Trump. It is a tragedy that those who harbor this hate ‒ which is irrational, an obsession, a sickness ‒ refuse to examine the facts of what this man has accomplished. They become easy targets for the left.

I know about this irrational hatred because I have come smack up against it. Although I will say that of late some “hate-trumpers” have changed. They looked at all that he has done for America, and saw that he has kept his promises in a manner not typical of politicians, and finally they said, “No more.”


credit: Wikipedia

This leads us, then, to the mob violence of this past year. It was unleashed to bring down Trump before the election.

“Global Network Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said Friday {June 19] that President Donald Trump is unfit for office and said that ‘our goal is to get Trump out.’”


As the election approached, polls were showing a solid Biden win, with a “blue wave” overtaking the country. But polls showed a Clinton win four years ago too.

There were analysts who predicted a substantial Trump victory based on the huge and enormously enthusiastic crowds that turned out to hear him, at the same time that Biden was drawing almost no one. The term “shy Trump voter” was coined to describe the phenomenon of Trump supporters who, hiding their enthusiasm for the president because of an atmosphere of Trump vilification, told pollsters they were pro-Biden.


In the end, there was no “blue wave,” as the Republicans gained seats in the House and the Republicans – pending two run-off elections in Georgia – will have held the Senate.

The tally of electoral votes – a tally that is still incomplete and very much in question – seems to indicate a win for Biden. The logic of the situation implies otherwise for a number of reasons. It is exceedingly unusual for a presidential candidate to lose while his party holds its own or gains strength in Congress.

And there was also something strange about the way the numbers tallied in key states: Trump would be ahead by hundreds of thousands of votes, and then, all of a sudden Biden’s numbers would jump up until he was ahead. What was going on?


The Trump camp charges election fraud, and I will tell you, my friends, that from what I’ve learned I fully concur. It is a mind-boggling mess.

There is, first, the matter of voting by mail. The Republicans had warned that it would be a problem, and oh how right they were!!

Where absentee ballots are concerned, the absent voter must request a ballot and confirm current address. But in this election, all those on state voter registration lists were automatically mailed ballots, whether the recipients intended to vote or not, wanted a ballot or not. What this means is that:

  • Some people received two ballots because they had moved to another state since the last election and were still on the list in the former state. I heard of such instances.
  •  Some people who had died recently had not been taken off the list. Ballots would have been mailed to their addresses and might have been used fraudulently by those now living there.
  •  Those not competent to cope with ballots because of advanced age or cognitive problems may have received ballots because they were previously registered. This is a situation that lends itself to the possibility of abuse. A dishonest caretaker might have told the recipient of the ballot to just sign it and it would be taken care of. In institutional facilities, the opportunities for abuse were greatly multiplied.


This is just the beginning.

  • Among charges by the Trump camp of fraudulent practices there are instances of ballots accepted even though signatures were missing or not checked (which would account for situations I’ve just described above).
  • As well, there were instances of ballots that were tallied even though they had not been postmarked by the date required by law in that district.
  • Ballots described above may have been illegitimately tallied because there are charges of Republican observers either not allowed in the room or kept too far back in the room to see the details on the ballots that were being tallied. These observers are prepared to testify under oath that they were prevented from doing their jobs. (More on this below)


I have watched hours of video and seen multiple reports documenting fraudulent behavior. I cannot verify the authenticity of all claims, even as they seem convincing. However, I feel certain that at least some, if not most, are legit.

  • Project Veritas conducted an interview with a Michigan USPS worker who said he was told to backdate to November 3 ballots that had come in on November 4. Michigan law states that ballots that come in after midnight on November 3 cannot be counted.
  • A public interest legal foundation in Detroit claims that there are 4,788 duplicate registrations, 32,519 more registered voters than eligible voters, and 2,503 dead people registered in the city.

Editor’s note: There is a very good video in the above link not to be missed
  • There are charges of a glitch in software that caused 6,000 Trump votes tabulated in one county in Michigan to be attributed to Biden. Allegedly, 47 other counties used that software.

There is the woman who filmed the room where workers were tallying votes in the middle of the night – there were windows through which the workers could be seen. The room was supposed to be secure. But people were going in without being checked. One man pulled a wagon loaded with boxes. Another man carried in an insulated case of the sort usually used for food. No one checked in either instance. (This was a small segment of a video that is over an hour long.)

The question here, of course, is whether illegitimate ballots may have been brought in. Such practices might account for the sudden jump in the number of votes tallied for Biden that I described above.


I want to share a couple of videos. The first is of Rudy Giuliani, speaking from Philadelphia two days ago. Giuliani is a key figure on Trump’s legal team. I have enormous respect for him and what he says is very important.

Then, Sean Hannity on Fox regarding election fraud and media bias. See this through for his major points.


It must be emphasized that Joe Biden, while he has claimed victory, is not the winner of the election. There is as yet no official, certified count and thus no winner.

The winner will not be determined until the legal process that the Trump team is beginning today has been completed and a count has been certified. If fraud is proven in the courts in sufficient degree to affect the election outcome then Trump will be the winner.

The legal process will be drawn-out, involving courts in multiple states, and very likely the Supreme Court. And we can expect major violence if Trump is declared the winner.

Donald Trump has every right, legal and moral, to pursue this process to its end. Do not buy representations of Trump as a sore loser who is merely claiming fraud to delay his removal from office. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I, along with most of my readers, will fervently pray that Trump is victorious in this effort. The alternative is hair-raising. (I may consider the ramifications in a future post.)

But there is an even bigger issue:

Every American who truly loves America should be very disturbed that this is happening and demand that justice be done.


This material is produced by independent journalist Arlene Kushner. . Permission is granted for it to be reproduced only with proper attribution.
Arlene from Israel website.

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