From Israel: The Stuff of Nightmares!!

I watch what is going on in the US and I see the outlines of a nightmare, unimaginable only a year ago.

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The drama is unfolding in urban streets, as America is torn apart by violence and hatred. There are many areas where putative political “authorities,” such as they exist, have lost control.

In Oakland CA this past week, rioters were chanting “Death to America” as they marched. From Oakland police reports: “Rocks, bottles, lasers & shields were used to assault officers…”

While in Portland this week there was this scene:

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And in Kenosha, WI, a woman who had run a furniture store for 40 years, and insisted she had never hurt anyone, sobbed at the sight of her business burnt to the ground.

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Those “authorities” I referred to – mayors and governors – are left wing progressives. I wrote that they have lost control. But it is, I believe, more accurate to say that oft times they prefer to step back and let that malign anarchistic drama unfold.

This is an attempt to undo America as we know her.


The situation must be turned around if America is to survive. It CAN be turned around. But for this to happen, Americans must deliver a powerful message at the polls on November 3 — bringing Donald Trump back into office (preferably with a landslide that cannot be challenged) and delivering Republican majorities to both house of Congress.


Last week, the Republicans held their National Convention. Speakers addressed problems without mincing words. But they also looked back to what had been accomplished in the last four years, and then turned to the future and all that would be done in the next four. It was possible to listen and feel optimism.

The last day of the Convention, Thursday, was held on the South Lawn of the White House. That is when President Donald Trump delivered his acceptance address.

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In the street outside the White House there was a very large and loud, unruly mob. I wouldn’t call them “demonstrators,” as it was not their intention simply to stand for or against something: They were there to disrupt!! They came with noise-makers and they yelled as they moved about. Their intention was to interfere with the transmission of the president’s acceptance speech.

Excuse me?

They didn’t succeed, but the fact that they tried should ring loud bells (forgive the pun) for all of us who seek a civil society. The election is only two months away. If they don’t like Trump they can vote against him and encourage their contacts to do the same. But right now he is president of the United States and as such is entitled to a certain respect and courtesy.

The fact that the mob behaved as it did is for me a persuasive argument for why Trump – the law and order candidate – must be re-elected. The way of the mob is the way of anarchy.


I first got a picture of the size and unruliness of this street mob from Carol Greenwald, activist and writer, who described the deplorable situation that actually made it impossible for her, on leaving the Convention, to make her way to her home in suburban Maryland (emphasis added):

“…The White House event had shown our democracy at its best. People gathered joyfully to express their political views. The streets of D.C. were a nightmare of what is to come: mob rule threatening anyone who dares to hold a different political opinion. I have never in one night been both so proud of my country and so ashamed of it. It is a disgrace that that you cannot walk in the streets of D.C. without police protection — that you cannot walk in the streets without being cursed and threatened.”


But also caught in the mob were Senator Paul Rand and his wife. His description of what went on makes the blood run cold (emphasis added):

“My wife Kelley and I were attempting to leave the White House event. We were staying at a hotel directly across the street…But as we went to leave, it became apparent there was no safe exit out the gates and through the unruly mob that had gathered there.

“Why? Because another Democratic-run city had decided it would bow to lawless rioters instead of protecting its citizens. Mayor Muriel Bowser was asked by the Secret Service to allow wider and better protection for those leaving the White House Thursday night, but she refused

“As our Uber approached our hotel we ran into roadblocks two blocks out, preventing us from driving all the way. So we got out and walked.

That’s when the mob saw us.

“Thankfully, a friendly observer named Jack Murphy had been out all night directing people to safety…

“Murphy directed police toward us…just as a chanting mob came at us.

The crowd multiplied fast. One of them yelled: ‘We’ve got Rand Paul trapped!

First, there were a handful of people — then 30, then 60, then over 100 screaming and out-of-control lunatics.

“I leaned in close to the police officer in charge, who I don’t think recognized me, and said: ‘They’ve recognized me. I’m in Congress. We’re going to need reinforcements.’

“The head officer spoke into a headset as the crowd hurled invective and pressed their menacing bodies against us.

“Reinforcements were slow to come. I suggested to the lead officer that the mob’s anger was rising in pitch and venom, and that we couldn’t hold out much longer.

“…The officers formed a human barricade, putting their bodies and bikes between us and the mob.

The mob continued shouting awful death threats. Curses. Shoving. One person in the mob violently slammed into a policeman just behind me…

“I look[ed] at Kelley. Both of us realized we might not make it to our hotel. But slowly the D.C. police were able to force our way through the throng.

My thanks to the police, who bravely handled a terrible situation. Both Kelley and I believe that without the courage of the police we would have been pushed to the ground and kicked and pummeled, as so many others have been.”

The Senator – shown here with Kelley – has said elsewhere that he believes his life and that of his wife were in danger.

credit: The Sun


Just days ago, in response to violence and death in Portland, Democratic VP candidate Kamala Harris wrote that she condemned the violence:

“This cannot be who we are.”

Senator Tom Cotton (R – AR) however, tweeted that we should not believe her. We must judge her actions not her words. “Kamala Harris helped violent rioters in Minnesota get out of jail to do more damage.”

And, indeed, he displayed her tweet, in which she sought money to post bail for protesters “on the ground in Minnesota.”


Senator Cotton is about to introduce legislation that would block those convicted of federal offenses committed in the course of rioting from receiving virus-related unemployment funds.

Currently, thugs and insurrectionists savaging communities around the country are eligible for unemployment benefits, paid for by the very taxpayers whose property they’ve destroyed. The federal government should not be subsidizing looting and arson…”


On the other hand, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D- NY-14th) is calling for a different sort of legislation:

To prohibit funds from being used to send federal agents into American cities such as Portland where there is unrest — unrest that is not being controlled locally, she does not say. What she does say is that:

“Federal law enforcement officers are snatching Americans off of street corners and placing them into unmarked cars for the ‘crime’ of exercising their First Amendment rights. The United States of America should not have secret police….”

Unreal! No mention of the violence, the looting and murders, which most clearly are not “First Amendment rights.”

Nor is this the end of what AOC states. She declares that asking for an “End of Unrest” Is “Asking for Injustice to Continue.”


A year ago, AOC, who – as I believe Mike Huckabee observed – clearly never studied civics, declared that the Electoral College is a “scam” and that it has a “racial injustice breakdown…Due to severe racial disparities in certain states, the Electoral College effectively weighs white voters over voters of color, as opposed to a ‘one person, one vote’ system where all our votes are counted equally.”

Note the emphasis on race here, the predominant thread in progressive-left thinking.


Yet the problem is not the uninformed progressive attitude of AOC, but rather the fact that she and fellow progressives in Congress have been embraced by the Democrats who have fallen all over themselves shifting left.

credit: Forbes

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (pictured) not only endorsed Ilhan Omar, an antisemite, in the recent Congressional primaries, she donated to her campaign: $10,000 from her political action committee (PAC), with another $4,000 coming from her own campaign committee.


This is really scary stuff. But the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans could not be clearer. And it’s not difficult to see that Pelosi should be permanently retired.


Because the progressives focus on race issues, and at least in theory the riots are about racial inequality, I would like to end this posting with a statement by Republican candidate for the House Kimberly Klacik, who speaks about why the black community is embracing President Trump in growing numbers.

This [Trump’s] is an administration that actually has real results coming into the community,” Klacik said. (Emphasis added here and below.)

There had been hope for the Obama administration, she declared, but he never delivered. Now…

credit: Baltimore Sun

We’re done with the pandering. We saw many major cities paint Black Lives Matter on the streets. We don’t want just paint on the streets, we want careers, we want opportunity and we want equality and I think people [understand] that you’ll get that from President Trump rather than what we had in the past.”

Baltimore was “under Democrat leadership for over 50 years and unfortunately, we have gotten nothing in return.”


This material is produced by independent journalist Arlene Kushner. . Permission is granted for it to be reproduced only with proper attribution.
Arlene from Israel website.


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