From Israel: Tragedy Looms!!

In recent years, I have struggled to absorb the painful reality of what has been unfolding in the US.  At this point the situation seems incredible. But it is real, and needs to be dealt with.  What is greatly worrisome is that many Americans persist in keeping their blinders on.

We are approaching a political and societal tipping point beyond which redeeming America may not be possible.


Credit: Times Free Press

The situation that prevails today certainly didn’t happen all at once.  It has been a trajectory that we can trace to Barack Obama’s first term as president.

From the start, he courted radical Muslims. On his first trip abroad, he went to Egypt and invited members of the Muslim Brotherhood ‒ which was outlawed in Egypt! ‒ to hear his speech. President Mubarak was so infuriated, he refused to attend.  Later Obama brought the Brotherhood into his administration (to do “training,” for example); during his watch, references to “jihad” and “Muslim terror” were scrubbed from official documents. Repeatedly, he downplayed Islamic terror.

Obama also seriously weakened the military: by the time he left office, the army was smaller than it had been at any time since before WWII; both the Navy and the Air Force were the smallest they had been in modern times. Its military superiority shot, America was no longer properly equipped to respond in an emergency.

He made so many concessions to Iran during the JCPA negotiations that anyone following the process could not have been blamed for asking which side he was on.  He even denied urgent requests to place a proviso in the deal that Iran would not be able to provide support to terror organizations.


A left-liberal internationalist, Obama wasn’t interested in an America that was powerful.  By the end of his second term, America had been weakened, had moved left, and was embracing radical Islam in various contexts. Had Hillary Clinton followed Obama into the White House, she would have continued along the same path.



But Clinton did not win, and the Donald Trump victory was cataclysmic for the left.  

Before Trump had even moved into the White House, leftist elements declared intention to bring him down.  Talk of impeachment actually began that early: it wasn’t a question of a specific act for which they wanted to impeach him.  They hoped to use the process to get rid of him.


Dr. Carol Swain, political analyst and former professor of law and political science, described Obama’s role in attempting to thwart Trump:

Credit: tennesseestar

“Presidential protocol once meant former Presidents showed a measure of deference and respect for current officeholders…President Obama is obsessed with President Trump, and Obama is supported by his army of paid and unpaid protesters as seen in Organizing for Action, a pro-Obama group that will not leave the president alone.”


Trump is unapologetically conservative. The antithesis of Obama, he believes in American exceptionalism and speaks of Making America Great Again. He opposes unlimited illegal immigration, and is unabashed in labeling Muslim terror for what it is.  He has bolstered the military, and has taken a strong stand against Iran.

In a host of different ways he has strengthened America, undoing the Obama years. For this, leftist elements are determined to bring him down.  In the process, they seek to also bring America down.

Make no mistake about it: this is at the core of the spasms of violence and unlawfulness ‒ the challenge to American values ‒ that America is now enduring.


Protests may have started with former president Obama’s eager minions, and there is no doubt that Obama is still involved (I will get to this). But they have morphed into something more sinister.

Leftist/Marxist/nihilist elements were waiting for a hook on which to hang promotion of major social unrest. With the killing of George Floyd by a cop, which evoked a genuine outpouring of distress and anger, they had it. The evidence is clear: leftist elements were prepared in advance. The large scale demonstrations that turned violent were not spontaneous events – such events never are.

The left is using alleged American racism in order to promote a revolution.

Says Dr. Swain, “All of this [the violence] has a purpose that is bigger than race in America. People of color are being used at this moment.  It’s not about them.”


Credit: Daily Tar Heel

When we look at their focus, it becomes immediately obvious that the protests are not about saving black Americans. While their watchword is “black lives matter,” this is only the case when a black life has been taken by a white person.

Incidents in which blacks are killed by blacks – which holds in the vast majority of cases in which blacks die as a result of violence – are ignored.  During one weekend in June, there were over a hundred black people shot by black people on the streets of Chicago. Fifteen were killed, which, as it happens, is more than all of the unarmed black people killed by police in America last year.

But there was no outcry about this deplorable situation. For this problem does not adhere to the script of what white people allegedly do to black people.


From the student paper, the Tar Heel, of the University of N. Carolina (emphasis added):

“Being Black in America should not be a death sentence. But every day, Black Americans are viewed as inherently less than, their lives disposable, as they struggle to breathe under the weight of a system that was, and still is, actively meant to suppress them.

Racism is as American as apple pie.”

This is blatantly and libelously false.  Legally there is no sanction for racism in the US.  A host of governmental programs have been advanced over the last couple of generations to help black Americans get ahead. Today a solid percentage of black Americans are middle class – professionals, academics, business persons, and media figures.

I have read comments from several successful black Americans. To a person they all say what matters most in achieving success is attitude – relinquishing a sense of victimhood and accepting responsibility for one’s situation. The message of the current protests is counterproductive in this respect.  You cannot succeed, it tells black Americans, because a white system victimizes you.


Behind a good deal of the unrest is Black Lives Matter (BLM). This is a revolutionary movement whose underpinnings are Marxist.  Patrisse Cullors, a BLM co-founder (pictured), declared:

“We actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia [Garza] in particular, we’re trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super versed on ideological theories.”

Credit: Drew Escriva

And so, says, Alicia Garza, one of the “trained Marxists”:

“We are living in a political moment where for the first time in a long time we are talking about alternatives to capitalism.”

It is important to be clear on this: They are not looking to reform or improve the American system, but to undo it. Nor do they shy away from using violence.  

All those who have watched on TV or videos the demonstrations that morph into riots understand this.  Sometimes the violence is fierce. In a TV interview, Hawk Newsome, leader of Greater New York BLM, explained why he had said violence was sometimes necessary:

“I said if this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right?

“…I just want black liberation and black sovereignty by any means necessary.”  (Emphasis added)

Black liberation and black sovereignty imply taking over America.


One of the more troublesome aspects of the BLM movement is the demand to “defund” the police.  Police, they maintain, are the bad guys, who push black people around and sometimes kill them.  Never mind that some police are themselves black. Or that police protect innocent blacks, often at risk to themselves. In late July, in the course of dealing with rioting in Seattle, 59 police officers were wounded.

In some progressive communities, there has been a partial defunding of police, with a reduction of police on the street.  In every instance, crime rates have skyrocketed as a result.  There is a breakdown of law and order in these instances, a deliberate weakening of orderly society.  


Please view this very brief video. It is not my practice to include anything with profanity, but I make an exception here because what you see is so shocking and pertinent.  Toddlers are being taught to curse the police.  They don’t know what they are saying now, but some day they will.  Then what?


Then there is the movement’s attack on whites, and on “whiteness.” Racism, goes the charge, is systemic in white American culture, and can never be eradicated. Every white person is culpable.

Commented Dr. Carol Swain, with regard to this attitude, if there is any racism in America today, it is racism against whites.  

A large number of white Americans are buying into this, or pretending to: throwing aside their dignity and caving to the charge.  I think in particular of that pandering fool Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, who went down on her knee.  Of course, she was counting votes.  Others may be afraid, or worry that being labelled a “racist” might destroy their businesses.

And there is legitimate concern in this regard:  a Chattanooga, Tennessee restaurant, Shuford’s Smokehouse, for example, was shut down by a left wing mob of “resistance activists.” Business was blocked because they had fulfilled an order that would be delivered to participants in a pro-police rally.

We see some astonishing acts of compliance by institutions, as well. The English Department of Rutgers University put out a memo “in Solidarity with Black Lives Matters” that spoke of “teach-ins on Black Lives Matter, ‘anti-racism,’ police brutality, and prison reform,” with “an internship…dedicated to ‘Decolonizing the Writing Center.’”  A mandatory remote workshop on “how to have an anti-racist classroom” was proposed.


Then there are the “cancel culture” attacks on American values and history by Black Lives Matter.  If the movement is successful in this regard, America will be finished.

It began with taking down of statues of persons deemed “racist” but soon morphed into a good deal more – so that anyone, including Abraham Lincoln, who issued the Emancipation Proclamation, was considered fair game.

In any event, no mob is justified in taking down statues, even of persons with a mixed legacy on race. A nation’s history must not be eradicated.  Where there were flaws, a nation can learn from them and celebrate national growth.  The forefathers, who brilliantly introduced concepts of the dignity of man, owned slaves. But subsequent generations moved to apply their revolutionary concept to persons of color as well – and even fought a war for this.

Credit: Wikipedia

The Emancipation statue in Washington DC is a particularly egregious example of what has been going on:

There was a clamor for this to be taken down because, went the charge, it indicates white racial superiority since the black man is kneeling before the white man.  But this statue, paid for by emancipated slaves, shows the chains on the black man broken, as Lincoln gestures for him to rise.

This is beyond outrageous, particularly when statues embraced by earlier generations of black people are attacked.


“Cancel culture” has attempted to undo American history in other ways as well. There is now a “1619 movement” celebrating what is alleged to be the “real” birth of America because it was when slaves – who were responsible for developing America – were first brought to the colonies. The date 1776, according to this take on history, is not a legitimate reason for celebration, as the Revolutionary War was only fought to preserve the right to retain slaves.


Every source of pride in American history is subverted by BLM.  Had enough??

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors declared this past June: “Trump not only needs to not be in office in November but he should resign now…Our goal is to get Trump out.” (Emphasis added)

And there you have it.

The one thing Americans cannot do is to allow BLM to achieve this goal!

You do not have to love Donald Trump to vote for him.  You only need love America!  If BLM wants him out, you know he’s doing something very right!


Never in American history has there been a situation such as exists with the coming election.

Everyone but everyone understands that Biden is no longer functioning with sufficient mental clarity to allow him to run the country. He is an aging place holder.  As he speaks about his possible choice for vice president (all candidates being left-leaning women of color) he says the selection is very important because she may need to take over.  What an outrageous scenario!


Credit: WSJ

Thomas Sowell, Hoover Institute Senior Fellow, social theorist and author, said last month that he was never pessimistic enough to think that things would degenerate to where they are now.

With regard to a Biden win, he now fears it could well mean “the point of no return.”


Let me conclude then by circling back to Barack Obama.  Victor Davis Hanson has written a truly brilliant analysis of Obama and his current intentions, “The New Old Obama,” which I strongly suggest you read.  Why, at this point in time, is Obama suddenly on the scene more?  Hanson poses this possibility:

“Yet better than any he knows that Biden is challenged and is a useful vessel. Thus, he envisions his sudden behind-the-scenes role as substantial. He can piggyback on the cultural revolution this summer and then claim that he helped ‘deliver’ the progressive and identity politics vote—and thus becomes an active wise-man advisor to a challenged Biden.”

A nightmare scenario that must not happen.


This material is produced by independent journalist Arlene Kushner. . Permission is granted for it to be reproduced only with proper attribution.
Arlene from Israel website.

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