From Israel: Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!!

That was the title of a Broadway musical which first made it to the stage almost sixty years ago. This provocative title came into my mind now because of the current state of the world.

I don’t really want to get off, my friends. I’m too much of a fighter and deep down too determined to see good prevail. But I look around, and it’s painful on so many fronts!


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Here in Israel, there is a disheartening sense of a government that has lost it – and a prime minister who is no longer in control. The infighting – government vs. Knesset – with regard to regulations for stopping the spread of coronavirus is maddening. I have enormous empathy for those Israelis whose livelihood is affected by those regulations and are left in confusion.

But none at all for the unruly left-wing anti-government mobs that have gone too far in their protests, which have turned violent. The behavior of a bare-breasted woman who climbed on top of the giant menorah in front of the Knesset was disgusting.

We are better than this. We MUST be better than this, especially in a world gone mad.

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A broad-reaching corona virus law is scheduled to be passed by the Knesset, and we are awaiting the official appointment of a corona czar who hopefully will have a positive impact on the management of the crisis. Word is that this will be the highly respected Prof. Gabi Barbash; perhaps by the time you read this, he will have been appointed.


The irony is that the unity government that is currently in place was ostensibly formed to deal with the coronavirus crisis. But this bloated, expensive, unwieldy coalition was, from the get-go, unstable. The antipathy between Netanyahu and Gantz is palpable.

But now there is infighting within Likud, as well, with rumblings of discontent readily discernable. THE question being asked is whether Prime Minister Netanyahu – who has done so much for the country in so many ways and has been considered the consummate politician – is presently focused on the country or on his own personal situation.


What we need is an election: A fresh start.  This hardly seems viable right now with the corona crisis and concomitant economic problems.  Yet we may be on the countdown to an election.

The issue is the budget: Gantz’s Blue & White party insists on a two-year budget, as was stipulated in the unity agreement.  Netanyahu, however, says that the corona virus requires fiscal flexibility and it is impossible to predict what will be needed a year from now. Thus he is holding out for a one year budget.

He is not wrong about the need for fiscal flexibility.  However, there is also this: If there is no agreement on a budget within the next month, the unity government collapses, and elections would be set for November; until then, Netanyahu would remain prime minister.


I am not at all certain that Netanyahu is really in a place right now to focus adequately on application of sovereignty.  But there have been accusations that he could and should do it now, before the US election, while it is still possible.

The evidence going forward, however, is that the US is holding matters up.  Yes, he could proceed without US cooperation, but he has said he would not do that.  And, as I discussed recently, there is a solid argument for not crossing the US right now – with regard to a serious need for assistance in fighting the ICC and more.

But the question remains, why is the US holding things up?  This too I have written about before, but wish to return to briefly here.  I had speculated that the major obstacle was Jared Kushner – that he was the one pushing for Israeli concessions to the PA. Now there has been confirmation of a sort regarding this:

I have lost considerable respect for John Bolton since his “tell all” book was released.  But he gave an interview to Army Radio on Tuesday that I believe has it right on the sovereignty issue: There is a “disagreement” between the US and Israel on the matter, he says.  And the main “culprit” in this disagreement is Jared Kushner.  What a surprise (not).

“Jared is still trying to sustain his peace plan and he’s worried about unilateral action or American recognition of unilateral action.”


Perhaps, my friends, it’s my weariness with the news more generally, or perhaps it’s the heat, which is considerable.  I only know that my patience has come to it end, and I state forthrightly, and minus any diplomatic finesse, that I think Jared Kushner is an ass.  Well educated, cultured, and supremely self-confident, but an ass none-the-less.

He manufactured an entire grandiose plan, confident that the PA would leap to it.  And now that it hasn’t happened, he wants to prevent Israel from securing what was outlined in the plan as the 30% of Judaea & Samaria to which we would apply sovereignty with US recognition.

We are apparently supposed to sit tight and wait for Abbas or his successor to come around, or until I become the queen of England, whichever comes first.

This clarification is important because Kushner has put Netanyahu in a bind.  And I don’t think he’s done a favor for President Trump either.


There is one significant reason for considering application of sovereignty now: The PA, with the assistance and connivance of the EU, is stealing land in Area C.   This makes the application of sovereignty more difficult for the future, and our government is not acting.

I will not attempt to address the reason why our government is not acting – whether it is to mollify the US, or other parties, or our own left wing.  This is a serious issue that requires more attention than I can give it here. But I could not write about holding off on sovereignty without mentioning this.

We need a genuinely right wing government that stands for Israel’s rights to the land. The organization fighting the good fight here is Regavim.  See this article:


I turn now to a brief overview of what is going on in the US, which is far more serious than what we are contending with here. Much of what I will mention below I have addressed before in one context or another: America is going, going, not quite gone.  May Heaven – and her determined citizens – save her.


Antisemitism is on the rise, alarmingly.

“…we are in a dangerous place in history,” warned former NYPD commissioner Raymond Kelly last week. Jewish groups need to put stronger security measures in place, he said.

Farrakhan, that vile hater and antisemite, has become rather main-stream.  A host of sports stars and Hollywood celebrities, including Madonna (who ostensibly has studied Kabbalah!), have cited him.

Many apologized after the fact, but we have to ask what drove them in that direction in the first place and what it says about the political/cultural climate.  How shockingly times have changed.  When Obama took a picture with the Congressional Black Caucus and Farrakhan before he became president, he had the picture hidden because he knew it would have hurt him if it became public.

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The fact that these celebrity figures are emulated by young people makes what they are doing even more disturbing.

One sports celebrity who stands out as different in this regard is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, whose father was in the American third army that liberated the death camp Buchenwald. He has spoken out forcefully against anti-Semitism emanating from Hollywood and professional sport figures.  Would that we had more like him. Read the beautiful story here:


There has been a vast increase in lawlessness and rioting in the US, with an anti-law and order attitude being promoted in certain quarters that makes police ‒ who protect society at risk to themselves ‒ the “enemy.”  Defund the police?  Horrendous prospect.

Columnist Kevin McCullough addressed this issue earlier this month:

“The single most important issue, affecting some of the largest swaths of populations in America, is the scandal the media ignores even as it explodes in our faces.

“In only six weeks, city after city operated by entrenched Democrats have seen a massive expansion in lawlessness, violence, and murder. Stunningly, many news outlets seem gobsmacked and mystified at how or why such an explosion of lawlessness has occurred.”

McCullough then reviewed statistics for six of America’s largest cities.

There is, for example, Philadelphia: “Shootings are up 67 percent. Victims of armed violence are up 29 percent. Homicides are up 25 percent. So of course it makes sense to defund the Philadelphia PD by $19 million…

“So why did all of these cities take such violent turns? Is it because their leadership capitulated to the anger of the mobs as opposed to thinking clearly and strategically about an effective response?

“Or do these Democrat-run towns literally operate with denial in good and evil?

How else can you explain that in the city of Minneapolis (where a nation watched in horror and subsequently responded to the murder of an innocent man) that within 30 days they would record 1,600 shots fired? But then respond by voting to dismantle its police operations all together?” (Emphasis added)


False statistics are bandied about that seriously exaggerate how many unarmed blacks have been killed by white police officers. See this brief video that highlights the problem:

Last year in America more unarmed white men (16) were killed by police than unarmed black men (14).


A radical politically correct position about “endemic racism” in the US, which in fact does not exist, has rendered “whiteness” a source of shame that calls for re-education of all whites and requires them to apologize to people of color for their diverse racial sins.

At the same time, there are demands for “reparations” and special treatment for blacks.  This is precisely the opposite of what is needed: successful blacks to a person testify to the need to eradicate a black sense of victimhood and to inculcate a sense of personal responsibility for one’s situation.


This movement to cast every situation in divisive racial terms is enormously destructive to American society. Gone is the aspiration of Martin Luther King Jr. that every individual should be judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin.  Luther King would not be embraced by the black radicals today, and from his vantage point above must be weeping.


It has been demonstrated again and again that the Black Lives Matter movement is not about defending black lives.  When 100 people were killed in one weekend in Chicago, there was no word from BLM, because those people were victims of black on black violence.  The only violence BLM cares to speak about is white on black (thus the exaggerated statistics).


Charles Jacobs, President of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, has worked to free black Africans who have been enslaved by Arab Muslims in five different countries. He has personally gone to Africa to buy the freedom of black slaves.

Credit: JNS

Please, hear him in this very important video. He describes the situation in enormously lucid terms. He speaks about the refusal of “so called human rights leaders” to act on behalf of these slaves – and most significantly, the refusal of black leaders to act.  Farrakhan, who is head of the “Nation of Islam”, would have the clout to secure the freedom of tens of thousands of black slaves – Christians, those practicing native religions – but won’t do it because it would implicate Muslims.  His goal is to convert black Americans to Islam, which he represents as their road to freedom.

Everyone needs to know about this.  And this information should be thrown in the face of every American celebrity who cites Farrakhan.


The founders of Black Lives Matter are self-avowed Marxists.  Other groups that have been fomenting violence in the street are similarly radical anarchists.  Their aim is not to improve America, but to destroy it.  This is what makes it all so frightening.

We see the taking down of statues, which was supposed to be action against racist figures, but in reality is an attempt to destroy American culture.

I urge you to listen to this Tucker Carlson analysis of what is going on in the US. He asks: “Can the left lead a country they hate?”  He speaks of the desire to destroy American heritage and American values. And the distorted version of America that is fed to American kids today.



Perhaps most frightening is the way Democratic leaders in the government have moved left.  Not left as in liberal, left of center, but radical left.  There are now people in Congress who call for the reinvention of America.

Earlier this month, Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D) declared at a press conference:

“We can’t stop at criminal justice reform or policing reform. We are not merely fighting to tear down the systems of oppression in the criminal justice system…We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it.”

Note: dismantle, not improve or adjust

Meanwhile Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, that inveterate panderer, has declared her support for Omar for re-election.


The most essential question is whether Americans will surrender their courage and conviction and allow what is happening to proceed.

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This material is produced by independent journalist Arlene Kushner. . Permission is granted for it to be reproduced only with proper attribution.
Arlene from Israel website.

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