Where were you social warriors?

As bad as I feel for the family of George Floyd, I have a question for you.

Where were you when millions of Jews were murdered?

Where were you when an Israeli student was beaten unconscious on the subway for allegedly speaking Hebrew on his phone in Berlin?

credit: Irish Times

Where were you when over 100 graves were found covered with swastikas and antisemitic graffiti at a Jewish cemetery in France?

Where were you when a teenage student was allegedly strangled by three peers while they yelled antisemitic abuse at him in Berlin?

Where were you when a rabbi was hospitalized after reportedly being attacked on Shabbat by two teenagers who yelled “Kill Jews” and other antisemitic remarks?

Where were you in Denmark when a prominent neo-Nazi activist and an accomplice were arrested for allegedly vandalizing over eighty Jewish tombstones around the anniversary of Kristallnacht?

Where were you in Stockholm when yellow stickers with “Jude,” resembling Nazi yellow stars, were put on the Jewish community center in Stockholm, the Great Synagogue of Stockholm, and on Jewish institutions in Helsingborg?

Where were you when 11 Jews at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue were murdered?

Where were you when an 85-year-old woman, Mireille Knoll, was found thrown from the balcony, she had been stabbed to death, and her body was partly burned and the murderer was released because he wasn’t responsible for his hate of Jews?

Where were you when 6 million of my people were murdered, gassed to death, shot or enslaved only because we are Jews?

Where were you when 11 Israeli Olympic athletes are taken hostage and eventually tortured and killed in the Munich massacre?

Where were you when the Paris Synagogue was bombed, or when Simon Wiesenthal’s house was bombed?

Where were you when the Great Synagogue of Rome was attacked in 1982?

Where were you when Gunmen opened fire during a Shabbat service in Neve Shalom Synagogue in Istanbul?

Where were you when on 1 March 1994, when on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, Lebanese-born immigrant Rashid Baz shot at a van of 15 Chabad-Lubavitch Orthodox Jewish students that was traveling on the Brooklyn Bridge, killing one and injuring three others.

Where were you when Chris Lord, an individual associated with the Volksfront and American Front, fired ten rounds with an assault rifle into Temple Beth Israel (Eugene, Oregon)., or in 1999 when Intelligence Ministry of Iran arrested 13 Iranian Jews, accusing them of spying for Israel. ?

Where were you when in 2019 in New York City when over 220 attacks against Jews were recorded and thousands more went unreported?

There are just too many deaths, attacks and you just stay silent, you pretend it didn’t happen.

I find the murder of a black man disturbing, but why don’t you feel the same about the murders of millions of Jews, or the thousands of Christian murders, Muslim murders or any murders?

Why don’t you march against injustice everywhere?

Why aren’t you marching against Jews being murdered and attacked here in America especially by Blacks that Jews stood shoulder to shoulder with Martin Luther King?

The attacks and statements against Millions of Jews by our educators, congresspeople are just as offensive?  Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Keith Ellison have all spewed hate against Jews.

Our teachers, professors, many are Jewish too, are just as antisemitic as the Nazi’s or the Communist, in fact it seems to me that most of the teachers now are Communist teaching the children hate and instilling in them a social cause that fits their hateful agenda, by justifying looting, mayhem because it fits their narrative.  Jews have stood arm and arm with African Americans in the civil rights movement, we shed blood for them. Where are they for us?

Communist and Antifa members argue that this Country was built by riots, by looting and that there are criminals in each group.  There may be criminals in each group but some groups are full of murderers like the Nazi’s, like the Communist, when millions of people were murdered.  Justifying looting and arson will only make our resolve stronger because you have no values, you have no moral compass.  History never changes, no matter how many people dream of a Socialist Utopia.  Socialism doesn’t make people equal, Socialism destroys innovation, it destroyed individualism, it destroys the desire to invent, to succeed in life to make the world a better place.

It is companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google who are now controlling our news cycle.

Conservative views are being suppressed, called fake news or a conspiracy theory. The only conspiracy theory I see is the lefts narrative and their peaceful protest, which eventually turns into looting and murders of police officers.  Now the whacky leftist want to defund police, allow criminals to rob and murder us.

They argue that the Coronavirus is affecting African Americans more than anyone else. Their justification to destroy any lives is just bullshit, the people spewing this BS and lies are the Teachers and Professors at schools like US Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, Rutgers and others.  They are shaping minds to not tolerate different opinion, hate Conservatives, Jews, Christians, religion in general and distort truth for their agenda, and not tolerate us.

Why do you think Mayor DeBlasio broke up a Rabbi’s funeral with armed police officers because of social distancing but allowed looting and destruction and marches when police were told to stand down without mention of social distancing?

Where are the social warriors?

Why are they such hypocrites?

Why are Jewish lives, my people’s lives, so cheap?


Written by & Posted on the Facebook page of Alan Jay Kaplan and published with his permission



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