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This is a war against America

“Civilizations have to protect themselves…We are in a crisis in our country and have to decide if American civilization is worth protecting. If it is, we must do whatever it takes to put down the people who would destroy our country.” (Emphasis added)

That’s Newt Gingrich – author, historian, former Speaker of the House – speaking, one week ago.


Credit: Twitter @ClareMLopez

Claire Lopez – Vice President for Research & Analysis at the Center for Security Policy and a former CIA operations officer – tweeted on June 6:

Not really about ‘Black Lives’ at all: these are full-on communist revolutionaries, per their own words, who want to bring down the entire USG [US Government].”


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Dennis Prager has written a piece called “The Left Couldn’t Care Less About the Blacks” (emphasis added):

“Virtually every conservative in America knows the title of this column is true. Virtually every leftist knows it, too, but lying for the cause is what the left does…

“And those liberals who have become increasingly indistinguishable from leftists know it’s probably true but won’t say so – lest they side with conservatives and, more importantly, be branded ‘racist’ by the left. How the left brands a person now determines many people’s moral and political positions.

“…Black murderers and rapists are the only people in America told that no matter what they did, they are not responsible for it. America is. And the people telling them that are all on the left.

Why does the left do this?

“First, because, as opposed to liberals, the left – everywhere in the world – hates America. And why does the left hate America? Because it is a living refutation of left-wing ideology. America is the most successful country while also being the most capitalist, most religious, and most nationality-affirming of all the industrialized democracies.

The left-wing mantra of ‘America is racist’ has little to do with caring for blacks; rather, it is indispensable to bringing America down…”


Take the words of these people seriously, my friends: America is on the cusp of a tragedy. I watch what is going on with horror.  And that horror is amplified because so many people simply aren’t getting it.

Of course there are people genuinely mourning the horrific murder of George Floyd by a cop, people who have gone into the street to demonstrate peacefully. But the situation has been co-opted by radicals who are out to destroy America.

The riots, which have been going on for a week, are not spontaneous.  It is obvious on the face of it – it all happened too quickly, in too many places (in 41 states and close to 150 communities) simultaneously.  But there is evidence at a more official level as well (emphasis added):

New York’s top terrorism official says there’s evidence that members of anarchist groups from outside the city intentionally planned to incite violence at protests calling for justice in the death of George Floyd.

Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller said there is a high level of confidence within the NYPD that these unnamed groups had organized scouts, medics, and supply routes of rocks, bottles and accelerants for breakaway groups to commit vandalism and violence. There are strong indicators they planned for violence in advance using at times encrypted communications, he said.

Before the protests began, organizers of certain anarchists groups set out to raise bail money and people who would be responsible to be raising bail money, they set out to recruit medics and medical teams with gear to deploy in anticipation of violent interactions with police,” Miller said.

He added, “They prepared to commit property damage and directed people who were following them that this should be done selectively and only in wealthier areas or at high-end stores run by corporate entities.”

Without specifying who “they” are, Miller said the agitators “developed a complex network of bicycle scouts to move ahead of demonstrators in different directions of where police were and where police were not for purposes of being able to direct groups from the larger group to places where they could commit acts of vandalism including the torching of police vehicles and Molotov cocktails where they thought officers would not be.”

Does this not ring loud alarms?


In Richmond VA there was an incident of obscene violence when Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters (identified as such by the police) set fire to a family home.  Inside was a child.  As Police Chief William Smith described the situation:

“…they prohibited us from getting on the scene. We had to force our way to make a clear path for the fire department. The protesters intercepted the fire apparatus several blocks away with vehicles and blocked that fire department’s access to the structure fire.”

Chief Smith broke down as he spoke.  The child was saved by police.

There were similar reports of rioters attacking firefighters in other venues as well.

Tell me, please, how this advances the cause of racial justice in America.


Consider that mobs have attacked houses of worship, both synagogues and churches.  And they have defaced the Lincoln Memorial and other monuments in Washington DC.

At one point, a week ago Friday, the Secret Service was sufficiently concerned about rioters storming the White House that they brought the president and his family briefly to an underground bunker.

In Boston, rioters destroyed at least 16 memorials and statues, including a sculpture dedicated to black soldiers who fought in the Civil War:

“’This monument is considered one of the nation’s greatest pieces of public art and the greatest piece to come out of the Civil War,’ Liz Vizza, the executive director of the Friends of the Public Garden, said.

“The Shaw memorial depicts likenesses of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, the first black volunteer infantry unit in the Civil War, which fought after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

’That memorial is sacred to black Boston and to our country,’ Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh said about the vandalism. ‘This was the very last thing that our city, quite honestly, needed.’”

Does this remotely make sense in terms of what the mobs were supposed to be protesting?

I do not know how to comprehend these various actions except as attacks on America.


The message of the rioters is that America is irredeemably racist.  This approach not only badly tarnishes the image of America, it also generates a major racial schism within American society – turning blacks against whites. All of this serves to weaken the United States.

The prevailing charge of “white privilege” is employed pervasively and inappropriately.

“Kneeling for George Floyd is the expression of a grotesque Western infantility,” declared Giulio Meotti. “There, I said it, although I know that those who do not kneel are considered amoral monsters these days…

“[Kneeling] is acceding to the claim that Western society as a whole is racist. It is a form of ideological hysteria that makes those who kneel belong to the ‘right side.’ In several videos, we have even seen American whites kissing the shoes of their black compatriots to apologize.

“’Are you white? Feel guilty, you also killed George Floyd.’ Being white has become a kind of original sin. If you do not do penance for being white…you will become a ‘white supremacist.’” (All emphasis added)


Caroline Glick discussed this phenomenon in “The great threat to America – and to American Jewry” (emphasis added):

She speaks of short videos in which “we see throngs of white people on their knees, bowing before black people and asking for forgiveness for their ‘white privilege’ and the ‘structural racism’ in the deplorable, irredeemable United States of America

“These videos point to a socio-political phenomenon that sparked the riots throughout the country…

“Contrary to the narrative being pushed by the media and America’s elites, the riots are not a consequence of increased police brutality towards African Americans. As Heather McDonald documented this week in the Wall Street Journal, over the past several years, police violence against black people has decreased significantly.

The violence we are seeing is a result of the steep radicalization of progressive white Americans.”


Credit: thejewishstar

Glick addresses the causes of this radicalization. Citing political scientist Zach Goldberg, she speaks about its depth and breadth over the past ten years; she touches upon three causes – the Internet, radicalized universities, and Barack Obama.

”When Barack Obama won the presidential race in 2008, many Americans believed his victory was proof the United States had overcome its racist past. Obama however, did not support this view. Throughout his tenure in office, Obama used the power of his position to resonate and legitimize positions on race that until then had been relegated to the leftist margins of American politics.

Obama cultivated the view that far from being a post-racial society, America is inherently racist and that American racism is structural – that is, it was baked in and impossible to overcome. In so doing, Obama gave credence to the false claim at the heart of the riots: that black Americans are under continuous, existential threat from the state as a whole and from law enforcement bodies first and foremost…”


The progressive cultivation within American society of a perception of white racist guilt created fertile ground for radical leftist nihilist groups to come in and foment violence. This is what we are witnessing now. The murder of George Floyd provided the impetus, the focus, for what has followed.


Following Glick’s references to Obama’s role in this process (which is something I was well aware of – I have long been of the opinion that he set race relations in the US back at least 50 years), I want to turn to a consideration of President Trump’s place in all of this.

Credit: Black Men in America

I have been horrified by unjust claims that the racism supposedly at the core of American society has been generated or promoted by Trump.  For my sense of the situation has been quite the reverse.

There is the success in approval ratings Trump had been showing among black voters.  A success as described a few months ago by Michael Knowles (emphasis added):

“…the Democrats don’t think that they’re going to win in 2020. Why? Some really, really bad news came in yesterday for them: Trump is doing historically well among nonwhite voters, according to polls

“…according to multiple polls, Trump’s support among nonwhite voters is significant — I mean, much, much higher than usual.”


And there are policies that Trump has promoted that have been positive for the black community:

President Trump has made school choice a priority for his administration

“African Americans across the country support school choice because they see the opportunity it provides their children. In a national poll commissioned by the American Federation for Children, a pro-school choice organization, 66 percent of African American respondents said they support expanding school choice.”

Credit: John McCall/South Florida Sun Sentinel


So I want to ask, What the hell do you want from him? But that’s a silly question, because, as a friend of mine in the US has just reminded me: Everything is always Trump’s fault.

What I understand about Trump is that he is neither tactful nor subtle, and perhaps is sometimes tone deaf to certain nuances.  But he gets it, in terms of what is happening in America today.  And he genuinely loves America. His calls for law and order are appropriate, indeed necessary. Unless the violence is put down, America is lost, and he knows it.

He has been beyond frustrated by the progressive mayors and governors who have willfully turned a blind eye to nihilist violence.  And so, he threatened to bring in the army to protect American citizens, as the federal government has a responsibility to do.

That caused such a furor, I don’t believe he will do that.  But I want to make it clear that he is legally permitted to do so via the 200 year old Insurrection Act.  And there is precedent for doing this: among those who have used the Act is LBJ to quell riots in Detroit, Chicago, DC, and Baltimore.  And Bush after the Rodney King riots in LA.


While Trump’s major message has been one of toughness, it is not so that he had no words of compassion.  A week ago Saturday, at Cape Canaveral, he said:

“Yesterday I spoke to George’s family and expressed the sorrow of our entire nation for their loss. I stand before you as a friend and ally to every American seeking justice and peace…healing, not hatred, justice, not chaos, are the mission at hand.”

So we must pray for America, and hope for the right balance of compassion and very necessary toughness.  This story is not over.

I ask each of you to share this posting, as there is so much people do not know or understand.

Share it as broadly as you possibly can.  It can be reproduced as long as I am given proper attribution.


This material is produced by independent journalist Arlene Kushner. . Permission is granted for it to be reproduced only with proper attribution.
Arlene from Israel website.
“We Have Legal Grounds”

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