Are we destined for Galut (Exile) forever?

What is going on in America? What has happened to the Jews?  Generation after generation an Amalek arises calling for our death; bringing forward blood libels against us.  New ones, reused ones, revised ones.  America is the home of the brave and the land of the free because of the Jews. The Founding Fathers brought the ethic the Jews delivered in the desert 3500 years ago, to the shores of America and then embedded it in their constitution.  America sits on the teaching of the Jews.

Yet, here you are, dear Jews, standing with Jew-haters.  Protecting and defending them.  Ilhan Omar is not our friend.  Rashid Tlaib is not our friend.  Neither is AOC.  Nor their friends Linda Sarsour and Louis Farrakhan.  Please tell me you know this.  And if you don’t, what rock has been your home these past four years?  You are standing with people who hate Jews, and hate the ethic that underpins America.  They hate America from the bottom up and you stand with them because you stand with the Democrat Party of the 2020’s.  You stand with Bernie Sanders who hates Israel.  You stand with Joe

credit: Daily Mail.

Biden,  who is not now, nor has never been, especially as VP to Obama, a friend of Israel.  But that doesn’t bother you.  You are Progressives.  You promote tolerance and inclusion and accommodation and diversity and open the borders to hateful teachings.  It’s OK. It’s progressive and inclusive.  You seem to think that you will be welcome in America, forever.  Like the German Jews in Germany and the French Jews of France.  How did that work out?

You think if you stand with those who hate you they won’t hate YOU; not YOU, the good, progressive Jew.  It’s the other Jews.  But not you.  And anyway, the Democrats don’t really mean what they say. They aren’t really antisemitic.  OK, so a few members of congress.  Did you not study how Hitler took over?  As if he were the first of the Amalekites?

I see posts on Facebook that are forever maligning President Trump.  But he is the only leader in the free world protecting Israel.  And he is only leader in America to call out the Jew haters in government.  Schumer isn’t.  He’s protecting them.

Hitler must be qvelling in Hell.

credit: United With Israel

And what is going on in Israel?  Are you so comfortable in your homeland after 70 years that you no longer fear Galut?  Are you so progressive that you forgot your connection to OUR ethic that teaches the difference between good and evil?  You voted in a government with Muslims who want the destruction of Israel-from the inside out!  “MK Heba Yazbak (Joint Arab List) last week told an Arabic radio channel that her political program “opposes and fights state Zionism.”

What were you thinking?  Is it some kind of suppressed death wish?  Is there mass mental illness in Israel?  You not only invited the horse into the gates, you let him out to spread havoc over the land.  Israel is the stumbling block in the Middle East.  You are the only stumbling block to the Islamic dream of another caliphate, yet you democratically put into place a government that wants the Jews out.  Think about that.  You elected these people.  The Germans elected Hitler.

Are we so cavalier as to believe that we are safe?  Because of Israel?  Or safe in the diaspora;  after all didn’t the Shoah teach the world about Jew hatred?

If we end up in Galut again, we will have deserved it.

Diane Bederman blogs at The BEDERMAN BLOG


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  1. Unfortunately Diane we ( Jewish diaspora ) are in the midst of a Cold War
    On one side you have hard left socialist liberal progressive reformist Jews full of hatred beyond any reason if Trump and Bibi and any one not part of their wArped ideology. These Jews many Who are aligned with Muslim groups and virulent anti Zionists and anti semites .

    These Jews in US and Australia threw Israel under a bus long ago .
    These Jews would prefer a Islamist based democrat party with anti Semitic undertones than the most pro Jewish American political party in history
    Their hatred overrides their Jewishness .

    On the other side you have conservative Jews aligned with our Christian Zionist friends America’s largest and most influential pro Israel advocates .

    When Islamist loving Anti Zionist ObAma was elected and re-elected we did not see the irrational behaviour , bullying , anti democratic intolerance from the Jews who supported the pro Jewish Republican Party .

    This is unlikely to change anytime soon

  2. I am non Jewish. I have lived the better part of my life, with the self induced/decided belief,that Jews are the most honorable, and unified grouping on the Planet. I was influenced in thinking this way from a childhood association with two survivors of the Shoah…a husband and wife couple…in a then a very dusty mining town in far north western Queensland, Australia, during 1953/56.

    From Hungry, the lady had once been a professional Ballerina, her husband a Concert Pianist, come (very) highly qualified, and highly sought after Metallurgist….pre WW2. To me, those two people represented the epitome, of the very best that civilization had moulded and crafted. Later in life, I learnt that both had endured unspeakable cruelties throughout WW2 in Eastern Europe.

    My young mind reasoned; from the manner in which this couple carried themselves, that Jews must be G-d’s chosen people…prior to ever learning same in a Christian Sunday School. I travel to the US at least once a year, to visit a Jewish family in Delaware. I made it my business to be there the day Donald Trump was inaugurated as President. That afternoon I caught a train to Penn Station in New York.

    There I was confronted with young Jewish, and Palestinian women; from the Flags and Banners they were carrying, staging a rally in front of the Station…a hate rally directed at Trump. My heart sunk…this was not the way Jewish women; by my reasoning, should act…to tokenly display the Israeli Flag, beside the Palestinian Flag…while mouthing not much better than aggressive abuse towards America, Israel, Trump and Netanyahu.

    In late 2018, I was walking along the paved way of a small Park in Manhattan. Here I ‘bumped’ into a crowd of a good 100 people…young Jewish men and women..again from the Israeli Flags they were carrying. They were not speaking or addressing anyone….as if waiting for others to join them. I took exception to the Placards, and Banners they were carrying – there sum total messages…Hate America, hate Israel…interspiced with hate Trump, hate Netanyahu!

    For my telling them there wouldn’t be a worthy Jew among them, I was regaled with abuse and heckling…narrowly missing a garbage can lid set sailing towards me, akin to a spinning Frisbee disc. I beat a hasty retreat, without them following me…

    In 2015, I was standing in a square in Tel Aviv, just prior to the Israeli elections of that year. The hate towards Netanyahu; from this obviously Opposition crowd, was palpable….even though I couldn’t speak the language being spoken. After this,and the two instances in New York, I started to re-evaluate my life long adoration for the respect I held for Jewish people, and Israel.

    They are nothing like the two Jews I had met in 1953…humility, and honorable deportment,accounts for nothing with these new age Jews. Unfortunately I have seen similar instances since….Jews publicly berating Israel, the US, Trump and Netanyahu…aside from the printed reams pouring forth from a wide assortment of Jewish “activists”.

    I now regularly think Jews, and Israel, has an internal cancer eating away at them…aided by the Diaspora. I often think, keep this up, and you will destroy yourselves. Laugh some may…but no Army can defend it’s people, and Nation, from an insidious internal cancer. That Army is yet to be conceived. Perhaps I am reading it wrong…I hope so.

    Either which way, I will seek strength in the memory of the ‘Cohens’, the name my childhood Jews adopted, when migrating to Australia in the very late 40’s. They both died in England, childless, after long, and (very) successful careers. I don’t mean to offend…but they were/are my idea of G-d”s children….for only the hand of G-d could have nurtured two such beautiful human beings…for even in a very rough/tough mining town, they lived their faith, and every day life, to an exemplary level. Against the duress of the war time savagery they both singularly experienced, an insidious inner cancer, attacking ethical behaviour, would have been flat finding any space, within either of these two magnificent Jews….

    A first rate Posting Ms. Bederman.

  3. I find it difficult to understand why there are Jewish groups within Israel that support the Palestinian state and call for the destruction of the country that allows them to live and practice whatever level of Judaism they were born into or choose. Israeli Anti-Zionists? It just makes no sense at all.
    As with Graham, I am not Jewish but have a deep respect and admiration for those of the Jewish faith. So much adversity has been endured by Jews over the millennia but there always seems to remain a sense of optimism, caring and ,in spite of everything, tolerance and forgiveness. They live the saying “gam zeh ya’avor”–“This too shall pass”.
    PS I suppose I should have written that my second paragraph applied to those Jews not referred to in the first paragraph. Life is complicated at times.

    • Thanks Stephen, good to hear from you.
      With friends like you and Graham, I know you both personally through the website, we draw strength.
      I attend function with Christian World View, I feel warmth with them that is lacking in the vile leftist Jews.

      • Good Morning Shirlee,
        It truly is a beautiful sunny morning here in my neck of the woods. COVID19 cant ruin that!
        Before the Carona Virus reared it’s ugly head, I contacted a synagogue in inner Melbourne to see if we could plan a visit. The lady who replied was very helpful and welcoming but we have put things on hold until the COVID19 is under control. “Gam zeh ya’avor”. I like that quote and have tried to take it to heart with everything in life.

  4. Thank you, Shirlee, for letting me share your synagogues shabbat service via Facebook. I found it very moving and I learned much from it.