Into the fray: Fickle, faithless & feckless.

This week, Israeli politics plumbed appalling new lows with reports that, Blue& White, which, as the major rival to PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud, emerged as the second largest party in last week’s Knesset elections, was actively planning to violate its solemn pledges to the voters, made only days previously.

credit: Tablet Magazine

In a breathtaking display of unprincipled cynicism, Blue & Whites leadership, which comprises three former commanders of the IDF, appears poised to renege on its explicit campaign pledges. Thus, despite repeated—and seemingly resolute—vows that they would not seek to establish a coalition dependent on the anti-Zionist Joint List, a motley amalgam of Communists, Islamists and radical Arab nationalists, Blue & White is doing precisely that!

Worse, beyond making a covenant with a party that not only undisguisedly supports Israel’s most vehement enemies but openly denies its status as a Jewish state, the Blue & White leadership has castigated party members who insist on honoring its election pledges–even demanding their resignation for their display of public integrity .  This is particularly the case with Yoaz Hendel and Zvi Hauser, two prominent Right-of-Center members of Blue & White..

Ironically, during the election campaign, both Hendel and Hauser played a crucial role in presenting Blue & White’s professed views to the public and particularly in establishing its Right-of-Center credentials, designed to distance itself from Israel’s floundering Left.

There seems no rational explanation for this manifestly irrational behavior other than that Netanyahu’s rivals’ seemingly pathological ad hominem hatred for him has totally unhinged them from any reasonable and responsible political action.

This is clearly a scandalous and unacceptable breach of public trust. It must be met with correspondingly appropriate public outrage.  All fair-minded men and women, both inside and outside Israel’s political system, must express their righteous anger at this intolerable deception and duplicity and make sure it will not succeed. For the future of the entire Zionist enterprise may literally hang in the balance.

Martin Sherman is the founder & executive director of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies

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  1. Blue & White are certainly showing their TRUE colours now, aren’t they?

    • I’m worried that Gantz will agree to everything the Arab list want. His hate for Bibi is so great he might.

      • John McDonagh

        Take away Gantz’s hatred of Netanyahu and he is left with nothing whatsoever to offer Israel. And, to think in his madness he accuses Bibi of formenting civil war! It is to be hoped that opposition will arise within B&W’s ranks to thwart Gantz’s treason..

        • Don’t forget the Arab block. That’s a worry. I’ve long seen that problem coming.

        • Blue and White may already be unravelling – MKs Yoaz Hendel and Zvi Hauser have refused to endorse Gantz’s proposed doublecross, plus Levy-Abekasis of Gesher has come out against it too.

          The combined Black &White +Left + Arab Joint List ticket (Black, Red, Green and White) can now only muster 59 mandates at most.

          The knives would really come out if these 3 MKs decided to join a Likud led Unity government, wouldn’t they?

          • What an utter shemozzle. I think the knives are already out!
            What a dreadful electoral system. I don;t know whiis is worse Israel or the US.

  2. John McDonagh

    I’m not so sure it’s the electoral system that accounts for the ongoing nonsense, rather, beyond the hatred for Binyamin Netanyahu, it has more to do with post-Zionist dogma which has found a home in the IDF leadership and in the judiciary. Caroline Glick’s thoughts on this are quite informative and startling:

  3. John McDonagh

    Sorry, should read: https//