Cairns North Queensland marks Tu B’Shevat: New Year for Trees.


The Cairns Jewish Community celebrated the ecological new year for trees Tu B’Shevat by planting trees for the council to make it a more beautiful city, on February 9th 2020..


Cairns has a vibrant Jewish community, young, old, school children, students from James Cook University and from all walks of life worked with shovels, and  hands dirty in the soil.  All part of the  Tu B’Shevat holiday marking the New Year for Trees.


Tree planting is part of the traditional celebrations of the holiday, and will be repeated in hundreds of communities throughout the world.  According to Rabbi Ari Rubin,

“We humans can also celebrate along with the trees. After all, the Torah says ‘Man is a tree of the field’ we are nurtured by our deep roots, as far back as Abraham and Sarah;  We reach upwards to the heavens with our feet firmly in the ground; and when we do good deeds we produce fruits to benefit the world – namely, our good deeds.”


Tu B’Shevat is the 15th day of the Jewish month of Shevat and marks the beginning of a new year for trees and plant life.  Customarily, a tree is considered to have aged one year every Tu B’Shevat.  The age of trees is important, because Jewish Tradition mandates that fruits grown in Israel cannot be eaten for the first few years of the tree’s life.  Often people celebrate Tu BiShevat by eating a new fruit, planting a tree, or collecting money for trees and Israel.


Rabbi Ari Rubin with his wife Mushkie run the Chabad Centre for Jewish Life in North Queensland- a division of Chabad of RARA.

Watch the trailer of their video “Outback Rabbis”

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