Antisemitism and Holocaust denial – the rise of the left.

Holocaust denial

The industrialised Holocaust took place between 1942 and 1945 as Nazi Germany eradicated European Jewry. One only has to read Mein Kampf – or listen to Hitler’s speeches – to be transported into the genocidal world of Nazi hatred:

“if the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will be not the Bolshevising of the earth, and thus a victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!” – Adolf Hitler, 30 January 1939

It is an important quote and one I will return to.

I can start by stating clearly that researching antisemitism is a sickening endeavour. You are literally trying to grapple with irrational hatred. Whilst Holocaust denial always cuts most deeply, in some ideological circles there is an inevitability in finding deniers amongst the antisemites; Neo-Nazis who set out to whitewash the Nazi regime by simultaneously justifying Hitler’s genocidal hatred of Jews whilst suggesting the Holocaust never happened. This absurd contradiction often results in what everybody recognises as classic denial – claims such as:

  • the Camps were legitimate ‘work camps’
  • some Jews died – but ‘mainly of disease’
  • the ‘malnutrition was caused by allied forced cutting off supply chains’

One of the most common pieces of evidence Holocaust deniers circulate (link – NSFW) is a Red Cross document that lists 271,301 victims. In reality these figures were merely part of a post-war attempt to issue death certificates – and a death certificate could only be issued if there was still-existing documentation specifying how a particular person died.  A thoughtful but hopeless exercise.

It was no shock that Neo-Nazis deny the Holocaust. What was unexpected – was the rise of Holocaust denial on the left – a mutation of the oldest hatred, enabling left-wing antisemitism to go mainstream.

The Rise of Holocaust denial on the left

It would be fair to say that Marxist elements on the political left can freely love the victims of the Nazis. The tragedy of the Holocaust and the anti-nationalist ideologies of the modern left are a perfect fit. What better way to show everyone how evil some of their ideological enemies are, than by holding aloft the furnaces of Auschwitz?

When I began the undercover work into antisemitism it never crossed my mind that Holocaust denial would exist on the Marxist left. Yet just as antisemitism has evolved and mutated so too has Holocaust denial. In fact, ‘left-wing’ antisemitism today is so rooted in Holocaust denial it would be unable to have spread into the mainstream without it. It sits hidden away in an antisemitic sewer titled ‘Rothschild Conspiracy’.

Many people I know – indeed even many people who fight antisemitism – consider Rothschild Conspiracy as something akin to a racist joke. Antisemitic – but put away with Icke’s lizards as a silly and almost laughable version of it. An adaptation of the ‘socialism of fools’ that blames Zionists rather than Jews for the inequality of the world. Marxists hate bankers, antisemitic stereotypes paint Jews as bankers, therefore antisemitic Marxists hate Jews.

This misses the point entirely. Rothschild Zionist Conspiracy – is not throwaway foolishness, nor is the inherent Holocaust denial within accidental. It is all an absolutely vital part of anti-Zionist ideology.

20,000 Jewish children burn

The problem is this: Israel is an ethical imperative. It is why elements of the left supported the early Zionists as a liberation movement even before the rise of the Nazis. The more the Nazis rose – the more of the left understood the necessity of Israel. What the Holocaust managed to do, was simply end the argument. Even amongst Jews – there was near universal support. Zionism was no longer just based on history or universal human rights, but on an undeniable contemporary necessity. Had Israel existed earlier, millions of Jews could have been saved.

This image is from a file at the British archives. The Polish consul sought agreement from the British for 20,000 Jewish children from Poland to be allowed to immigrate into the Mandate of Palestine. The date 18 Sep 1939.

Weizmann did not hold back any punches. In a letter to Malcolm MacDonald, British Secretary of State for the Colonies, Weizmann explicitly writes that ‘the lives of the Jewish children’ were in British hands. The date – 15 September 1939.

The British wouldn’t help. MacDonald responded – if the children were allowed in – it would ‘seriously embarrass’ Great Britain. The date – 20 September 1939:

It took just five days to seal the fate of 20,000 children and it is likely that almost all, if not every one of those 20,000 Jewish children perished. All to save the face of the British as they appeased the antisemitism of the Arabs. This is a single example. Homeless and helpless, the Jews were crushed without mercy in a vice of competing hatreds.

Rothschild Zionists and rewriting history

The Holocaust did not start in 1942, nor did it end in 1945. The roots of the Holocaust were in ancient European and Christian antisemitism. Much of the hate facing Israel from the west today has been developed from the same genetic code. Whilst the Nazis engineered and carried out the destruction – only the fertile environment of a hostile and antisemitic world enabled its success. If in the teachings of the Holocaust you merely capture the industrial slaughter of the Jews, you will never be able to pass on the key messages. Why it happened, how it happened and to whom it happened. The Holocaust is an inseparable part of the wider story of the persecution of the Jewish people. Those who attempt to separate it as a stand-alone element – betray the victims.

6 million dead at the hands of the Nazis. Israel and the remnants of world Jewry were now largely shielded from western antisemitism by the Holocaust. Six million corpses allowed them some breathing space. But antisemitism does not rest. How would it be possible to invert these truths – to bring about such a radical shift, that the left – as a whole – would reject the ethical imperative? Ideologically they needed the victims of Nazi Germany, so only a denial of other key elements of the Holocaust timeline would enable it. Hate is nothing if not innovative. Rothschild conspiracy – already embedded in conversations around the antisemitic dinner table before the Holocaust – provided the perfect vehicle.

Conspiracies about rich Jewish ‘bankers’ causing all the evil in the world had been around since forever – and had focused on the Rothschild family since the Napoleonic wars. The added ingredient here was the word ‘Zionist’. If instead of ‘Jews’ manipulating the world, it was ‘Zionist Jews’, then a whole rewrite of the history of the Holocaust becomes possible. What if millions of Jews died in the Holocaust – but only the good sort of Jews – and the bad Jews – the Zionists – were chiefly responsible for it? What then?

The good Jews and the bad Jews

This vile narrative provides the pillar of the new antisemitism. Only upon this can the antisemitism that ripped the Labour party apart become possible. They can still adopt the dead Jewish victims of the Holocaust as ‘their own’ whilst opening up a new front line against the bad Jews- the Zionists.

Which brings us back to the 1939 Hitler quote. The essence of the antisemitic hate that was to lead to the destruction of European Jewry. Hitler saw the ‘manipulating’ Jewish ‘financiers as responsible for WW1 and for the forces that aligned against him. In his mind, if another World War was to happen – it was down to the Jews – and he would make them pay for it through the ‘annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe’.

This is the core belief of Rothschild conspiracy. There are dozens of groups, public and private still spreading Rothschild conspiracy stories on Facebook:

Most of the groups have a strong ‘left-wing’ bias. Just like ‘Palestine Live‘, some of the groups, like ‘Truthers against Zionist Lobbies’, even ran with Jeremy Corbyn as their main profile image. So, what is the story upon which all Rothschild Conspiracy stems?

The Zionists and the wars

This post was uploaded to Labour supporting ‘Palestine Live’ in 2014, by a Labour member Elleanne Green – at a time that future Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was an active member of the group.

The fully story inside the article can be read here (NSFW). According to this timeline, Lenin was a ‘Rothschild hired thug’. As the Rothschilds were playing with the Russians, they also took control of the British the US and the Chinese. WW2 was part of their global design. The creation of Israel was to ‘serve as a lynchpin’ for Rothschild’s global control.

A brief reminder of what Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf about the Zionist desire to recreate Israel:

“they only want a central organization of their international world cheating,”

The modern far left – Corbyn’s cult – were relying on Hitler’s ideology to enable turning against Israel.

What Rothschild Zionist conspiracy does to empower the hatred of modern Jews in a post-Holocaust world is a magician’s trick. It plays the Zionists off against the Jews. Zionists become nothing but an imposter race from Khazaria that usurped Jewry. No sooner has YouTube deleted videos blaming the Rothschild Zionists for WW2 and the Holocaust, than a new batch is uploaded. The historic archives of antisemitic Facebook groups are full of dead links to articles and videos that have been removed for promoting hatred. Some still exist. As an example, Philip E Taylor has had his posts shared 1000s of times in groups like Palestine Live:

That video is still online. It suggests that the only reason the Germans got ‘rough’ with the Jews was because the Jews were responsible for WW1 and WW2. Whilst some of the material shared talks about Jews and some talks about Zionists – to the anti-Zionist ear it all becomes one as they all follow the same logic. It was all about Rothschild and all about Israel. The discussions are all about ‘Zionists’. Not Jews – Zionists – the people who started WW2 as part of their quest for total power.

Hitting the mainstream

Anti-Zionists view Zionists as ‘global manipulators’, ‘thieves’, ‘bloodsuckers’ and ‘intent on destroying the world to fulfil their own evil agenda’. Just as the Nazis did of the Jews. So anti-Zionists accept the Jewish victims of the Holocaust yet perversely went to work pushing the blame of the Holocaust onto the Jews that survived.

The story they built is clear. Zionist Jews collaborated with the Nazis, firstly providing them with business during a global boycott and later forcing the world to deny the Jews escape routes. These fake Jews didn’t care at all about the lives of the ‘real Jews. They wanted the World War both to make money and ‘win’ Israel. The Holocaust therefore becomes about evil Nazis, wicked Zionists and poor dead Jews. Thus the guilt over the death of 6 million Jews is laid at the door of the Jews who survived.

This isn’t a fringe belief. Using a combination of different elements of the Rothschild conspiracy, this narrative is everywhere in anti-Israel discussion. It is the central pillar of Tom Suarez’s book, which I saw given airtime at SOAS, a London University. The book was celebrated with a launch event in parliament.

Nazi anti-Zionism

It is why Ken Livingstone pushed the Ha’avara story and claimed ‘Hitler supported Zionism’. He built his opinion on the work of the anti-Zionist Lenni Brenner. The online antisemitism campaigners ‘GnasherJew’ have a Twitter thread with dozens of Labour’s *elected officials* who relied on the denial narrative to push their anti-Zionist hatred.

If you read the work of almost any anti-Zionist today, they selectively pull pieces from the Rothschild Holocaust denial narrative at will. They hide behind the title of ‘revisionists’ – but this is beyond ‘revisionism.’ Their argument isn’t a slight rewrite of history based on emerging new details that serious historians discover. They dismantle the Holocaust completely. It turns the victims into the perpetrators. The dead Jews become a fictitious group disconnected from their parents, siblings, children, cousins, aunts and uncles.

An example of how twisted and disconnected from reality the narrative becomes. A post on the Holocaust from a Labour voter:

This is Holocaust denial

9/11 happened when Islamic terrorists flew planes into the towers and the Pentagon. If you take away the perpetrator – if you change the motive – if you reverse causality – you are not revising the truth – you are denying it. The same applies here. Antisemitism rose on the left upon a pillar of Holocaust denial. If you take it away – the entire narrative collapses. The demonisation of Israel is entirely dependant on the rejection of the ethical imperative. The new antisemites successfully do this only by relying on Holocaust denial. They use it to turn a refuge for a persecuted people into an evil regime stolen by those who seek to control the earth.

As we remember the 6 million we should also pay close attention to what is happening today. The same hatred has resurfaced. Look at the Hitler quotes and re-read the anti-Zionist material being shared in the online Labour party groups. They are identical.



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