A day of pity.

 I think it is time to have pity, as they say in Yiddish, rachmunas, for Palestinians.

Maybe  “A Day of Pity.

Think about it.  They are from an honour/shame culture that revolves around vengeance.  What greater embarrassment for them than waking up every day to see that Israel, the Jewish state, has once again contributed to the greater good of all humanity?  The shame!  How to restore honour?  Attack.

These people have nothing about which to be proud.  Nothing.  Their ancestors have contributed nothing to the greater good for centuries.  Today, all that Palestinians and citizens of the 23 Muslim only countries surrounding Israel have contributed is death and destruction, terrorism and bombs, and cowardly attacks on people in Israel for being Jewish.  The only time we see Palestinians and Gazans dance and sing and hand out candies is after a Jew has been murdered;  often in their own bed, or on the street with a knife in the back, or by a car running Jews over, or bombs from Gaza and Syria that target Jewish citizens, women and children.

This is their legacy.  And that legacy is enabled by the BDS camp that protect and defend them.

But what is the legacy of the Jews?

Leaving out 3000 years of contribution to the greater good, beginning with giving to the world the ethic that makes freedom and Western culture possible, millennia of great thinkers, philosophers, writers, doctors like Maimonides in the 12th century, we have the contributions of the Jewish people in the Jewish state of the last 70 years, from agriculture, aquaculture, research and technology, science and medicine.  Just recently, Israel created an artificial pancreas, and I have a grandchild with diabetes.

The Jew haters, for that is who they are, are calling for BDS of everything from Israel.  Everything.  Yet, they take medicines made in Israel;  they use phones and computers made in Israel.  Almost everything we touch, today, has an Israeli component. Irish author Thomas Cahill wrote about The Gifts of the Jews.  The gifts of the Jews.  Can you imagine a book ”The Gifts of the Palestinians?”

Let’s take a look at the most recent contributions from the Jews to the world.

Time Magazine published its 100 Best Inventions of 2019, and Israeli companies have created nine of them.

WaterGen’s water cooler-sized machine can save lives in areas that have no access to the vital liquid by creating it — out of air.

OrCam’s MyEye 2 is a “game changer” for those with visual impairments.

For the millions of people around the world who suffer from migraines,Theranica’s Nerivio in the Health Care category could do the trick.  Strapped around the upper arm, the $99 wireless device can be turned on as soon as a person feels the headache or migraine begin, and it “electrically stimulates the body’s own neural pathway for tamping down pain signals.”

Tyto Care’s TytoHome is another Health Care winner.  It is a handheld device that can do many routine exams that doctors do for patients in their office – but you don’t have to leave the house.  It measures vital signs, and has adapters that can check your ears, throat, skin and even lungs.  To get instant feedback on this information, it then video-conferences with a doctor in real time.

The Israeli-made Temi made it to the top of the Home category.  It is a voice-operated, autonomous personal assistant robot that can navigate around the house on its own and respond to questions and voice commands such as “Call Mom.”  It has a touch screen computer “head” and even a small shelf so that someone in the kitchen can send a loved one a cup of coffee in another room.

Eviation’s Alice is a nine-seat plane that runs completely on electricity and so far has a range of 650 miles.  If its lightweight design proves itself, larger commercial aircraft may significantly reduce the aviation industry’s carbon footprint in the not-too-distant future.

ECOncrete was picked for the Design category, for its unique “biomimicry” building technique that “replace[s] intrusive concrete infrastructure, from sea walls to seafloor mats, with products that blend in with their surroundings.”

Lastly, two Israeli items made the Special Mentions group.  A robot called ElliQ is a social companion for the elderly, and online insurer Lemonade will pay out any leftover money from an insurance claim to charities that its customers want to support.

And more:

A new treatment for pancreatic cancer has been developed by Tel Aviv University that could induce the destruction of pancreatic cancer cells, eradicating the number of cancerous cells by up to 90% after 2 weeks daily injecting of a small molecule PJ34.  Pancreatic cancer is one of the hardest to treat cancers.  Most people who are diagnosed with the disease don’t live even five years after being diagnosed, much less than for many other forms of cancer.

The world’s first artificial meniscus – mimicking the tissue pad between the thigh and shin bones.  The NUsurface Implant was invented and developed in our R&D center in Israel.

The southern coastal city of Ashdod has trounced five other Mediterranean cities to receive this year’s United Nations’ Istanbul Environment Friendly City Award.

Israel’s exports, a key economic growth driver, are expected to grow to a record $114 billion in 2019 from $109 billion in 2018.  According to the Central Bureau and Statistics and Economy Ministry, Israeli goods and services exports stood at $84 billion over the first nine months of the year, up 4.6 percent from January-September 2018.  Growth was led by the high-tech sector such as software, computing and research and development services.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted resolutions sponsored by Israel on “Agricultural Technologies for Development;” policies to eradicate poverty and hunger worldwide, are intended to help improve access to agricultural technology capabilities for developing countries, helping fulfill the secretary-general’s goal of promoting sustainable development.

Researchers at the Technion–Israel Institute of Technology and Bar-Ilan University have developed technology they hope will help inhibit the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Israeli startup Betalin Therapeutics announced that it is beginning the application process for clinical trials of its revolutionary artificial pancreas.  Betalin’s Engineered Micro Pancreas (EMP) aims to free patients suffering from the most severe types of diabetes from constantly monitoring blood-sugar levels and injecting insulin.  About 160 million people are insulin dependent.

A research team headed by Professor Alexander Binshtok, head of the Pain Plasticity Research Group at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Faculty of Medicine and Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences, has developed a method that delivers chemotherapy drugs directly to malignant cells and bypasses healthy ones.  This discovery could allow doctors to reduce chemo doses for patients, thereby reducing the unpleasant side-effects associated with the treatment, and improve treatment compliance and overall prognoses.

And the Palestinians  have just contributed… to another day of rage. Terrorists fired two rockets at southern Israel, as Palestinians marked a “day of rage” in response to a recent decision by the United States supporting Israeli settlements.  Rage, vengeance, the same old same old.

If these Jews haters, these social justice warriors, stopped using everything made in Israel, they would live in caves with firewood for heat and light.

I pity them.  While the Jews continue to stand on the shoulders of giants, every day these people wake up to more news about the great contribution of the Jews in Israel, and they look around and have contributed nothing.  NOTHING.


Editor’s note: The original title of this article was “We need to pity the Palestinians and their supporters” which I couldn’t risk using as the “P” word would likely get me blocked again on Facebook.


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