Cairns Jewish Community visits the ADF – Australian Defence Force.

The children of the Cairns Jewish Community baked and delivered honey cakes as a present for the Jewish New Year to the Cairns based 51st regiment of the ADF today.

The children made the cakes together at the weekly Sunday kids programme and delivered them to show support for their local army base.

“It is our pleasure to thank the ADF for their service because they put their lives on the line for us,”

explains Rabbi Ari Rubin of Chabad RARA in North Queensland.

“They serve our community with total dedication and caring.  We wanted to show appreciation to the army who help us all be inscribed in the ‘Book of Life.’ “

Elia Adler, one of the children who participated in the event said:

“Sweet honey cake is the most visible food on the Rosh Hashanah holiday table.  It expresses our prayerful wishes for a sweet new year.  We worked so hard making the cakes and we wanted to give them to the dedicated men and women who work so hard helping us”

Chabad of North Queensland, a division of RARA – Rural And Regional Australia offers unique services for the Jewish New Year, where the children have special programmes.  This year brings added significance noting all the events that are shaking our world.  Rebbetzin Mushkie Rubin is addressing the growing crisis by merging ancient texts and fun activities to bring the issues alive to the children, teaching the Jewish law of “Ahavat Yisrael” love of our fellow people.

“I make sure the children understand how important the army is to our city,” says Mushkie Rubin. “I want them to know that nothing in this world should be taken for granted.”


Ari Rubin is the Rabbi of the Cairns Jewish Community, together with his wife Mushkie they run the Chabad Centre for Jewish Life in North QLD a division of Chabad of RARA –  Rural and Regional Australia
More information on Chabad RARA of FNQ is available at

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