Jewish Israel detractors on Social Media.

A few years ago, 2013 to be exact, I had only just started blogging, when I came upon a dreadful group of Jews here called the ‘Australian Jewish Democratic Society‘.   I was completely and utterly horrified that Jews could rubbish Israel they way they were.

I started doing some digging around about them. I discovered they were causing some big trouble in Melbourne, the loony left capital of Australia and decided to write an article about them. “The Enemy Within”.  It’s worth a read to see why I, a novice, was so incensed.

I cannot get my head around where these people are coming from.  Throughout the centuries we have suffered more than any race of people.  Murder, rape, banishment and more.  Fortunately, not that I am aware of, I didn’t lose family in the Holocaust.  I know that my father’s maternal family fled Spain at the time of the Spanish Inquisition and went overland to the Ukraine, via Turkey.

Then later to England, to escape the pogroms, servitude and forced army service.  My grandfather was about to be forced to ‘serve’ his country.  Rather than that, they fled.  The rabbi came to the house to marry my grandparents at dead of night, and with my grandmother’s two sisters, fled to England and later in 1920 to Palestine.

My concern now is about a group in the USA IfNotNow who truly are obnoxious.  The more I look, the more damning information about them I find.

Wikipedia says: IfNotNow is an American Jewish progressive activist group opposing the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

They say:

IfNotNow is a movement working towards an American Jewish community that stands for freedom and dignity for all Israelis and Palestinians by ending its support for the occupation.

American Jews need to decide: Will we allow the out-of-touch establishment to continue leading us down a path of isolation and fear that is wreaking havoc on the lives of millions of Palestinians and alienating a generation of young American Jews? 

Or will we unite to fight the occupation, and in doing so, resist the burden and bonds of a victim narrative and make Judaism relevant and meaningful to our generation?

They vehemently are anti Birthright.  This is the group which caused a ruckus late last year when they infiltrated a Birthright trip and subsequently were told to leave.

Three participants on a Birthright tour of Israel were removed from the trip and sent home on Sunday, due to comments and behavior by the participants which Birthright deemed to be incommensurate with the tour.

This is the latest in several such incidents in which left-wing activists connected to the IfNotNow organization which opposes Israeli rule in the West Bank have declared their opposition to the content of Birthright’s trips during the trip itself and have subsequently left or been removed from the program.

All three have been involved in IfNotNow events and activities in the past, including protests against the Trump administration and its immigration policies and in fundraising drives.

Speaking to The Jerusalem Post, Emily Bloch, one of the participants removed from the trip by Birthright, said they had objected to the fact that “There was almost no mention of Palestinians and the Occupation on the trip,” and that when it did come up “it was presented in unbalanced way with no nuance.”

Asked whether she was not aware of the nature of Birthright trips and that the conflict with the Palestinians is generally not one the organization wants to focus on, Bloch said that she was aware that “Birthright has a particular political perspective,” but said that “I didn’t know Birthright would be so threatened about me asking questions about the conflict that they would kick me off.”

Bloch declined to say whether or not she supports the notion of a Zionist, Jewish state even within the pre-1967 borders.

Birthright said in response to the incident that the participants who were removed were IfNotNow activists and that they had “aggressively disrupt[ed] the experience of the other participants,” and that it would not accept “any coordinated plans” to disrupt the trips.

More on the Jerusalem Post
“This is the Jewish future. We demand Birthright confront the crisis of the Occupation.”
IfNotNow 17 July at 23:48 ·
Without even telling their participants, Birthright has been taking participants to illegal Israeli settlements for years. When the participants do find out, it appears they don’t even have the option to remove themselves.

This is how Birthright normalizes the Occupation.

There was plenty more on their Facebook page, but it ‘appears’ to have been sanitised.  There is plenty on Twitter.  I wonder why it’s been cleaned up?  This is typical of the left, they either block people or clean up discussion because it does not suit their agenda.  They are hypocrites and are the first to scream about being denied their freedom of speech, yet they are the first to deny others theirs.  Keep your eye on their page, there is more to come.

Mark Mellman, president of Democratic Majority for Israel, on July 9 sent a letter to the Democratic presidential candidates:

WARNING on Anti-Israel CampaignersDate: July 9, 2019

A strongly anti-Israel organization, IfNotNow, which has refused to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist at all, and attempted to physically block those carrying Jewish symbols from the DC Dyke March, is asking young people to run up to candidates and ask some variant of, “will you push Israel to end the occupation.”

They then trumpet a quick “yes” as a major foreign policy statement by the candidate and a victory for anti-Israel forces. Senator Warren was a victim of this hit-and-run camping tactic as in the video below.

Such a question and response alters the foundations of most Democrats’ Israel positions:

  • It wrongly suggests Israel alone is responsible for the current impasse in negotiations, ignoring the fact that the Palestinian leadership has consistently refused offers for a two-state solution. As President Clinton recalled, “I killed myself to give the Palestinians a state. I had a deal they turned down…”
  • It demands pressure on Israel alone.
  •  It ignores the need for a negotiated agreement between Israelis and Palestinians that would give the former security and the later a state.

 A principled, Democratic, pro-Israel response to this question could say: 

“I strongly support a two-state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.  That solution must give Israelis security and Palestinians a state, but it must also be negotiated directly by the parties, not imposed by outsiders.”  

By way of background, IfNotNow has steadfastly refused to say whether they support Israel’s fundamental right to exist and have adopted disruption as a prime tactic. In addition to trying o block Dyke marchers, they also blockaded the entrance to a Saturday synagogue service at the University of Texas, had to be evicted by police from a Senate hearing, prevented attendees from entering the Christians United For Israel meeting in Washington and were arrested for physically blocking the line of march in New York’s Celebrate Israel parade.

— IfNotNow🔥 (@IfNotNowOrg) July 8, 2019

BREAKING: Our members in New Hampshire just asked @ewarren if she would commit to pressuring the Israel to stop their 52 year military Occupation over the Palestinian people.

She said YES.

Clearly by her actions and tone of voice she is doing anything to get rid of them


Now we come to Ariel Gold (Ariel Elyse Gold), who too in the past few days has cleaned her Facebook page up.  I note too as usual with the Left, say one thing they do not agree with, and wham, you are gone. That looks like what has happened to me.  Just a few words and I am banished!!

Check her Facebook page and Twitter.

On both platforms she is proudly displaying videos of her and another person delivering thank you certificates to the ” #Saintly17, who voted the right way to protect our 1st Amendment right to boycott for freedom and equality for Palestinians (voted no on HRes246). ‬”

She does appear to like holding signs!!


I just love the look on the face of this woman below when she is being sung to.  I get the impression she is thinking “What a couple of stupid idiots”

Ariel Gold disrespecting the Western Wall. credit: IsraellyCool

Seems that IsraellyCool has done a magnificent exposé of her, so you can read more on his site.

With my post on the Code Pinkers failing at BDS while disrespecting a holy site to Jews going viral, I decided to take a closer look at the women involved.

I’ve started with Ariel Gold, who rather stupidly kept her Facebook page public.

I say “stupidly” because her posts reveal much, some of which she would not want public.

As you know, she organized Bassem Tamimi’s brainwashing of NY third graders. Her photos reveal they are close. In fact, she considers Baseem, ‘Shirley Temper’ and co. as “family.”

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  1. You’re not going to like hearing this, but these are the Rothschild/Soros/Bronfman agents that are commonly called The International Jews. Follow the money and you’ll find that they are controlled by the exact same families that the right wing has been complaining about for centuries. Their main branch in Australia is called GetUp which is part of the SumOfUs / Avaaz network that ran PR for ISIS in Syria and now controls the ADL which is promoting Linda Sarsour while smearing other Jewish groups as “alt-right” for opposing Hamas.

    Get in touch with your community organizations, get louder and be seen fighting back as Jews.

  2. Brian Goldfarb

    Firstly, is Anon, above serious? This is classical “antisemitism is the socialism of fools” claptrap as described by August Bebel, a German Social Democrat, in the late 19th Century.

    No wonder “Anon” wants to keep his/her name confidential. S/he could at least choose a clever nom de guerre.

    Some years ago, I attended a meeting here in the UK called by (founded to combat the academic campaign against Israeli academics by my former trade union) at which Anthony Julius (the solicitor for Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin Books in their defence against David Irving’s libel case against them for calling him a Holocaust denier: Irving lost) spoke.

    His point was that the people we’re talking about here are not (as we usually call them) self-hating Jews. On the contrary, they absolutely love themselves. It’s their parents they hate.

    Think about that for a minute or two: especially you, Anon.

    • He/she isn’t very clever at all. He/she mightn’t leave their name or give a correct name, but they do leave a calling card , their IP address. So we do know where they live.

      • Brian Goldfarb

        So it’s not just the nasties who can play the intimidation game!

        Not, of course, that we nice people on the sane side of the divide on this issue would ever dream of doing anything so threatening.

  3. Periodically I travel into the US…more so the East Coast. From what I saw earlier this year, I doubt that public displays of Jewish ‘Self Hatred’, both organised, and impromptu, could be advanced any further, in the regions from New Hampshire down to Washington DC.

    There was a time when the Star of David Flag gleefully, as much as warmly, beckoned me to inquire as to what was causing it to be flown in mass at Public locations. Now I head in the other direction, realising full well that it will be no more than a gathering of young American Jewish people, expounding their maligning thoughts on Israel, Netanyahu and Trump…more often than not, against an obscure backdrop of praise for ‘Palestine’.

    With the state of play as it is, and a proponderance of voting support by American Jews for Socialist, come Marxist Democrats, I often times wonder how Israel will be regarded in the US, in the coming years. To date, it appears to have been favourable over all. Fingers will remain crossed.

  4. Leon Poddebsky

    These racist ,extremist, supremacist anti-Zionists pretend not to know that the First Amendment of the US Constitution says nothing about boycotts; it guarantees freedom of speech, religion and others, but says absolutely nothing about “the right” to boycott.
    Typical liars.

  5. Brian Goldfarb

    Do please bear in mind that, outside the US, the term “socialist” is by no means associated with anti-Zionism or antisemitism. As a member of the “sane Left”, I am proud to be a member of UK Labour Party, a socialist and a Zionist. Just because Jeremy Corbyn is, witting or otherwise, a channel for the antisemitic Left does not tar me with the same brush, any more than it so tars our local Labour Party M.P. (nor doe our Rabbi, also a liberal/leftie, see her in this Corbynite light).

    Re Leon just above, while I reserve the right to buy or not goods from company or country A (I’m not crazy about products from Russia, which has spent the last century trying to undermine western parliamentary democracies – see US Presidential election, 2016 just for starters), I have no right to demand that everyone else does what I demand they do. THAT’S what’s wrong with these anti-Zionist antisemites.

    • Leon Poddebsky

      What’s wrong with them in the context of their pro-boycott propaganda is that they lie about the First Amendment.
      No one hinders their pro-BDS propaganda even though it is reprehensible and reflects their racism, but American legislators are free to legislate against the practice of boycotting, though not against pro-boycott speech.
      A number of USA state legislatures have legislated against the actual boycott practice, but not against the propaganda dissemination.

  6. Otto Waldmann

    Ideologically, the whole gambitt of Jewish orgs. and individuals aligned with rabid criticism of Israel may be classified as “socialists”, generic “left”, most easily found in UK Labor, US Democrats, wings and drumsticks of Liberal temples, peripheral Israelis etc.
    Individually, nobody has an Xray of their psychological content, but, since I already availed of the term “rabid”, 100% kosher they are not.

    One inspiring guru, hard to avoid and, in part even admire, would be Noam Chomsky yet NONE of the other “identities” could possibly claim Chomsky almost persuasive intellectual “charm”.
    Thus, we are left with the left-overs (sic) of Jews inspired by antisemitism mixed with the obvious desire to sort out the seemingly insurmountable wealth of existential obstacle in the mere chain dragging of the everyday Forbytwo identity.
    Like their Neolog antecedents, the way..out is to be less of a Jew while not abandoning the fold at all.
    Reforming the universally rejected shtetl profile lead to immediate conflicts within the stubborn and, by the way, uniquely Providentially annoynted ilk. At least, one may say, they haven’t turned into the formally geshmatte variety. The new quandary is , do we really want them within the shtetl at all !!!

    According to our own principles, we may not excise the lost souls, as it is deemed to be but a temporary state of wondering minds.

    As tempting as it is to get stuck into the shlemils boots and all, I’d rather find them useful for my own mental/spiritual gymnastics by entering and entertaining these kinds of exchanges, best used, eventually, against the REAL sons and daughters of mamzerim outside our identity shtetl.

    After all, imagine that a shule is short of a minyan, would I reject Noam Chomsky if he wants to daven with me….Me don’t thinks so…

    ( I know what some would retort: “Would Chomsky want to daven in schule at all ..!!” )

    • To be truthful Otto, I do not fully understand the meaning, or intent of your comment. You obviously absorbed information at a higher intellectual understanding than I am capable of . Just a question if I may be permitted.

      Do you find Noam Chomsky; within the structure of the subject heading – Jewish Israeli Detractors on Social Media, as an asset, or deficit to Jews and Israel. Some fifty years of closely following Mr. Chomsky has prompted this query. Thanking you in anticipation of an clarity informed reply.

  7. Each with his own ways and literary means of expressing own ideas.
    I shall, for your benefit, rephrase the same:

    Jews are of many shades in the way they perceive and act in regards to OUR, common issues.
    Some are Zionists fo the most fierce dedication, others also as Jews, belong to a more “diluted” view of the same. They, the “diluted” ones, allow OTHER spiritual/philosophical notions to “interfere” with what other, the more traditional ones, would not permit to affect the known Jewish norms.

    Chomsky is, without a doubt, one of us, as Jewish as you and I.
    As a sociologist cum philosopher, political scientist, Chomsky would be th the pride of the tribe.

    In matters Zionist, the same Chomsky has allowed OTHER philosophical/sociological/political considerations to shape his intellectual persona. All those hailing him as the stupendous academic he is, mention always the fact that he is a Jewish such and such.
    That makes me in a kind of tribal vicarious way, proud of the bloke.( I said “bloke”, therefore I can’t be called “pretentious” or “precious” !!!).

    Chomsky’s attitude toward Israel and Zionism as such are simply obscene, OK !!

    HOWEVER, as we encounter them, as Jews vs another one of us, we are prompted to find smarter ways than Chomsky’s to combat them, PARTICULARLY more compelled by the fact that the bastard is one of us.
    As such, I, with my ways of approaching important matters, in a way, welcome the challenges posited by Chomsky in a much more intellectually considerate way than if put out – notionaly pretty similar – by some REAL antisemitic bastard.
    This means that, in spite of his views, I, for one would not consider Chomsky to be an antisemite. It also, I repeat, means that Chomsky’s output in promoting anti Zionist views offer us – at least me – a very…desirable way to keep me brains in good shape, test my own brilliant mind against his own.

    I shall stop here only to add that the topic at hand is far too vast to be covered in the space/words this platform would allow.
    My way of minimising what I wish to say is to use strict, precise terms in a respectively concise syntax, trusting that whoever reads them sits on the text more carefully and makes a bishele greater effort to “decipher” a poor old Yid troubled by the same tzures you seem to encounter.
    If you want me to, I can explain this explanation as well, but, must warn, Shabboss is upon us and next Monday I am flying out to Israel. They love me there…………..

    • Thank you for your expansive reply Otto…Appreciated. It has given me an insight into the passion you obviously feel, and harbour for Chomsky. For myself, not so keen on Chomsky…though we are all entitled to our viewpoints, and opinions.

      I wish you a safe, and enjoyable journey….. and visit to Israel. My regards to you….Israel’s gain, will be Australia’s loss during your period of absence.

      • Thanks, ta, Graham, but I shall return…..Israel is definitely THE Gan Eden, but Australia is also right there herself as G-d’s own….