Good News Weekend – Israel.

We’ve had another difficult week in the family (someone in hospital, but hopefully coming home in a couple of days), but davka because of that I feel the need to post a Good News Weekend instalment.

This week’s instalment is all about winning.

We’ll start with intellectual pursuits: The Israeli maths team won six (6!) medals at the International Mathematical Olympiad in the UK (via Hadassah):

The Israeli team at the Mathematics Olympiad in Bath, UK.

A team of Israeli high school students won six medals at the International Mathematical Olympiad held during July in Bath, in the UK.

Ido Karshon won a gold medal; Lior Hadassi, Shvo Regavim and Roee Sinai each brought home a silver medal; and Shahar Friedman and Itay Yehuda won bronze medals.

The Israeli squad finished in 15th place out of 112 competing countries with an overall score of 156 points. The US and China took joint first place with 227 points.

The teams were trained at the Future Scientists Center, a group that aims to maximize the potential of gifted students. The center, which is supported by the Education Ministry and National Cyber Bureau of the Prime Minister’s Office, is part of the Maimonides Fund, a private organization that supports Jewish education and identity in North America and Israel.

At the physics contest last week Israel won two gold, two silver, and one bronze medal.

Huge kol hakavod to all those young geniuses who did themselves proud and brought honour and prestige to their country.  May these Future Scientists go on to ever greater success.

The old aphorism preaches a  healthy mind in a healthy body – which is what you can see in the Israeli champion gymnast Linoy Ashram who won two gold medals in the 2019 European Games.

Watch her in the video below with her beautiful clubs routines:

And here she is in the ball routine:

What grace and elegance in those gymnastics! Kol hakavod to Linoy Ashram who has won several competitions now and looks set to continue being champion for a long time to come.  Mazal tov on her wonderful win, and may she continue performing and winning for years to come.

And finally, no matter what you think of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of Britain, here is his brilliant riposte to Jeremy Corbyn in Parliament.  He wiped the floor with him!  And the interjections of the Speaker John Bercow are equally entertaining.  There is nothing like British Parliament for entertainment in the most eloquent Queen’s English. 😀

Well done Mr. Johnson on putting Corbyn in his place! We wish you success in your new role.

With these happy thoughts, I wish you all a quiet, peaceful, safe and healthy Shabbat and a good weekend.


Published originally at Anne’s Opinions as Good News Friday

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