Hebrew U Prof. Calls IDF Soldiers “Jewish Terrorists,” hopes “Lightning Strikes Them Down”

Im Tirtzu; Press release.

– Hebrew U Prof. Calls IDF Soldiers “Jewish Terrorists,” Hopes ” Lightning Strikes Them Down”

credit; JNS.org

In response to Israel’s recent demolition of illegal Arab buildings in Wadi al-Hummus, senior Hebrew University professor Amiram Goldblum called the IDF soldiers who demolished the buildings “Jewish terrorists” and wished for a “lighting bolt” to strike them down.

“If there was a God, he would’ve brought down a lightning bolt on the Jewish terrorists who destroyed the home,” wrote Goldblum on Facebook.

In the same post, Goldblum also called Israel an “apartheid state” and said that he hopes the building’s residents seek revenge on the soldiers.

“The caligae [derogatory term for soldiers] of the apartheid state Israel are demolishing homes in Area A of miserable Palestinians in a modern method,” posted Goldblum. “I hope that the home will avenge its blood against its destroyers and the ones who gave the orders.”

Goldblum, who serves on the public council for the far-left New Israel Fund, is an outspoken critic of Israel who is no stranger to controversy.

In June 2018, Goldblum called student activists from the pro-Israel Im Tirtzu organization “Nazi dogs” and threatened to prevent them from getting accepted into advanced degrees.

Dozens of students at Hebrew University affiliated with Im Tirtzu submitted a formal complaint to the university, which condemned Goldblum’s remarks but did not impose disciplinary measures on him.

Matan Peleg, CEO of Im Tirtzu which discovered Goldblum’s post, called the post “disgraceful” and said that Im Tirtzu is urging its followers to report it to Facebook as incitement.

“It is disgraceful to see how a professor who teaches in a publicly funded university and receives his salary from the Israeli taxpayer, calls IDF soldiers ‘terrorists’ and writes that he hopes harm befalls them,” said Peleg.

“While he is drinking his espresso in Hebrew University’s cafeteria, these same soldiers are working day and night to ensure his safety. Rather than disgustingly inciting against IDF soldiers, Goldblum should focus his time on actually doing his job.”

Two screenshots of Goldblum’s comment along with the link to the post.


Im Tirtzu is a Zionist non-governmental organization based in Israel. Its name is derived from an epigraph appended to the frontispiece of Theodor Herzl’s novel Altneuland, ‘if you wish it, it is no fairy-tale,’ rendered into modern Hebrew in Nahum Sokolow’s translation in 1903, as Im tirtzu ein zo agadah.

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  1. NIF, say no more. Who needs enemies with traitors like this in their midst. Shame on him.

    • John, it’s becoming way, way unbearable on social media with these ‘so-called’ Jews.
      One especially vile individual on Twitter today by the name of Ariel Gold.

      Ariel Gold

      Thanking @AOC
      for being one of the #Saintly17, who voted the right way yesterday to protect our 1st Amendment right to boycott for freedom and equality for Palestinians (voted no on HRes246).”


      Ariel Gold

      Signing Happy birthday (it’s today) to @RashidaTlaib
      and thanking her for being one of the #Saintly17, who voted the right way yesterday to protect our 1st Amendment right to boycott for freedom and equality for Palestinians (voted no on HRes246).

    • Why do we have Jews who support our enemies ?