While all forms of racism possess characteristics in common, antisemitism has one unique characteristic ― it tends to become genocidal.  Other forms of racism have escalated into mass murder in order to serve a more basic purpose, such as the conquest of territory or the acquisition of resources.  With antisemitism, genocide is an end in itself. Jews are perceived and portrayed as evil per se and an existential threat to others.  Many modern-era racists are not content with measures such as discrimination and oppression to subjugate and control Jews, or with expulsion, but aim not just at murdering, but completely annihilating all Jews.

Racists often express their desired solution to the presence of despised and unwanted minority groups. Contemporary white supremacists distinguish between Jews and other groups they hate by advocating the forced deportation of the latter and the mass murder of the former.  This has often been illustrated in their graffiti, posters and online posts. Three examples which occurred in Australia over the last two years are instructive.