Poisonous Antisemitism.

Israel is not immune to scrutiny or criticism, nor should it be. However, disturbing and increasing signs of a new and virulent strain of antisemitism have surfaced, disguised as anti-Zionism.

When politicians like Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar so casually throw around antisemitic tropes reminiscent of much darker times in Jewish history, it is no wonder that American and Israeli Jews alike are calling it as they see it.

Between the rise of white supremacy on the right, and the new form of antisemitism on the left, which requires of Israel a behavior not expected or demanded of any other free and democratic state, Jews are finding themselves between a rock and a hard place. Just as Islamophobia has no place in political discourse, we should be able to criticize Israeli policy free from antisemitism.

In its extreme form, this new antisemitism, also known as “Israel bashing” is a deliberate strategy for policide – the destruction of the Jewish polity and people hood via propaganda, the incitement of hate and violence against Jews everywhere. Other schemes are designed to undermine Israel’s sovereignty, withdraw recognition or ostracize the Jewish state, and defame Israeli society in the eyes of the world community, all under the guise of “concern” for human rights. Part of this includes believing that Israel alone is responsible for the plight of the Palestinian Arabs.

PA cartoon shows hook-nosed Jew menacing Arabs – Israel National News

Classic antisemitism assigns Jews, Jewish communities and world Jewry contrived traits and sinister objectives. They range from negative to demonic in character. Since Israel’s birth, however, and particularly in the past few decades, the focus of antisemitism has shifted from defaming the Jewish faith – its character and social organizations, to attacking Jewish peoplehood itself.

Since the early 1950s, Jews have become increasingly secular and integrated into non-Jewish society. Especially in North America, two abiding themes have emerged as dominant binding forces for Jews, parallel to nominal religious affiliation: Jewishness had focused on the Holocaust – its memory and its meaning, and Zionism – identification with and support for the Jewish state.

Antisemites have recognized this “political orientation” in what holds Jews together. Therefore, attacks on the traditional theological-cultural orientation of Judaism have been replaced by a form of political antisemitism that centers on Israel bashing. These attacks are led by international organizations who vilify and delegitimize the State of Israel, while remaining apathetic and even empathetic to a vicious brand of terrorism that targets Jews around the world, particularly Israeli Jews.


First published by Eli E. Hertz at Myths and Facts

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One comment

  1. Otto Waldmann

    Been thinking…………What if I ignore all these “new forms” of antisemitism, in particular associated with the State of Israel and say something here, there, everywhere about it… Meanwhile, the love of my life, my little Pussycat just spent a few days in hospital crook with a case of the lergy, high temps, coughing her lungs out, hardly able to speak and, worse, not able to listen to me own speaking – much worse a syndrome -. On the other hand and the otherside of the World, in that dreaded Brexit land, my other life supporting system, the other little one, me boy, is doing incredibly well in that centre of the Universe, Cambridge, giving me the kinda nachas me old age cannot go ahead without…MY and our own Eretz Israel posts every day the most impressive figures in fields of human endeavour – endeavour indeed – topping a World which apparently reeks of………….antisemitism.
    What is an old and tried Yid supposed to do !!!
    What are the choices I am free to make !!!
    Should I secure reliable stock of ashes, enough to cover my head in the face of the “imminent” existential tzures awaiting me and my ilk, kvetch and daven more than the daily routine, begging the Divine omnipresence to spare me and not share into the tragic fate of my immediate forebears, or,, should I care and caress with all my love the most unbelievable Yidisch meidele Rabbi Apple himself bestowed upon me under the chuppa on that memorable Tuesday at The Great !!!
    Should I enjoy the gift of brightness and filial love my Son dishes out, while chastising me mercilessly for not giving up smoking altogether and not walking those compulsory 5 miles a day ( through Bondi Junction, mind you !!)…OR should I hang on to every bit of bloody terrible news thrown at me with each touch of the internet, reminding me that not getting stuck into all those mamzerim, antisemitic bastards, will, one day (!!!) affect my …peace of mind if not peace of the very existence I have been trying to carve out for nearly 72 years ( due on June 24, just in case ).

    I have been stuck in Europe ( and the Eastern side, to boot ) for a few months now and the antisemitic temperature continues to rise, at least by the torrents of reports…Back home, though, apart from some top Mick bloke thrown in the clinker, nothing much seems to be happening, life in Oz defies the dominating trends, our local shuls seem to function without any tzures, yeshiveh boherim roam the Junction putting tfilim on unsuspecting shoppers on the mall, a cuppa at Sabbaba still tastes the best………….
    Should I attempt to enjoy that tasty slice of seemingly good life just for a short while or should I give course to the bombardment of terrible news about … my own endangered kind…..
    I think that I owe it to my two little life supports, a miracle wife and her/mein prodigy and also to G-d’s own, Israel and her bigger sister Australia, to feast myself with what I have been given, all with the generosity of the One and Only…

    Tomorrow, though, I intend to put on paper my tough stance against the pervasive, troubling antisemitism affecting seriously our very existence ….