Israeli PM Hopeful Benny Gantz Makes Himself a Stooge For Jew-Haters.

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  1. Otto Waldmann

    What could possibly possess anyone to criticise, actually combat/berate an aspiring Israeli politician of the highest rank for obviating qualities, personal achievements of the most relevant kind for the requested trust in leading Israel !!!
    A fake palestinian counter-campaign, visceral in its hate of everything Jewish, that’s what.

    Gantz and whoever else, must elicit their trustworthy virtues in accordance with Israel’s existential imperatives and the acuteness of the ongoing conflict with the palestinians.This, by far, is the most important test, indeed the most impressive personal record of a candidate.

    The essentially brainles anti Israel voices exacerbate the ridiculous with their “findings”, meant to compromise dedicated ….. Zionist Israelis, their worst foes.

    Not worried about being dumb, are they….

  2. Unto myself, I have made it a rule never to buy into Israel’s domestic state of affairs, though find Sheri’s piece tellingly correct, in so as much as the development of political use videos is concerned….for their capacity to come back repeatedly, and bite one on the backside.

    This has occurred before, the world over….when electioneering material has returned to haunt the authors, or the specific country as a whole. An informative, and well constructed piece. Thank you Sheri.

    • I wouldn’t either because it is not easy to understand. Even worse than the US system.