Desalination and the BDS.

The 2000s drought in Australia, which was also known as the Millennium drought was said by some to be the worst drought recorded since European settlement.

However plans for a desalination plant in Sydney were temporarily halted in 2005 after public opposition and the discovery of new underground aquifers.

By late 2006, however, with Sydney’s water storage plunged to their lowest levels since the 1950s – around 33% of capacity – the authorities decided to reinstate the project. A $1.8 billion desalination plant was then constructed at Kurnell, in southern Sydney, opening in the summer of 2009-10.

Interestingly the Sydney Desalination Plant is powered by 100% renewable energy.

My brother, who was one of the project managers on the Kurnell desalination plant, was sent by his company for a month to the Middle East, to study their plants, many of which including the one at Durrat Al Bahrain, like most in Australia use the Israeli invented and manufactured reverse osmosis membrane and other technology.

The plant contains over 36,000 reverse osmosis membranes which, under pressure, filter out particles and salts, so that fresh water can pass through, leaving the seawater concentrate to be returned to the ocean.

Around this time the BDS activity was at the height of its activity, in the main holding their screaming sessions outside Max Brenner Chocolate shops.

Max Brenner, come off it, there’s blood in your hot chocolate

Max Brenner you can’t hide you support genocide.

The reason behind these slogans is the fact that Max Brenner supports the Golani Brigade.

credit: AJN.

The joke, not lost on those of us defending Max Brenner, was that the shop next door was ‘Sababa’, an Israeli owned falafel shop!!  That they completely ignored. The funny part about this was that our leadership offered to support legal action against these idiots, but the franchise owner said the media coverage this was creating was the most amazing advertising possible and business was booming!

This photo is at a Max Brenner rally. The screaming mob is behind me. You see police and you also see 3 hijabbed Arab girls drinking Max Brenner hot chocolate!!

Whilst this was happening the Kurnell desalination plant was now in operation and producing fresh water for the first time.

I deliberately got into conversation with the leftist rabble asking them, if they would be not drinking Sydney water, given the fact that the plant was using the Israeli made reverse osmosis membrane.  Most were shocked and horrified to hear what I had to tell them.  Every one of them said they would buy bottled water.

Hang on!!

What about showering, cooking, watering the garden?  No comment.

It was in use for a couple of years until water storage levels increased.  Once again we are in drought and the plant is now in re-start mode for about 6 weeks.

Once it is operational I wonder if they will remember the Israeli part of the production of their tap water?

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