ZFA Response to ALP- Australian Labor Party, National Conference.

Zionist Federation of Australia Response to Australian Labor Party National Conference.

For Immediate Release

The Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA) believes that unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state is counterproductive to bringing about a two state solution and peaceful resolution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Therefore, the adopted resolution at the Australian Labor Party’s National Conference to seek unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State was disappointing. However, we are pleased that the adopted resolution is not binding on a future Labor Government and defers the decision to recognise a Palestinian state to a future Labor Cabinet.

We acknowledge comments made by Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong, which reinforced the ALP’s long-term commitment to a two state solution and supports Israel’s right to exist within secure and recognised borders.

The Zionist Federation of Australia also notes with appreciation the efforts made by senior Opposition MPs and the Australia Israel Labor Dialogue in the lead up to the conference.

Jeremy Leibler, Zionist Federation of Australia President said:

“The adopted resolution, which ultimately defeated attempts to bind a future Labor Government, is a firm rejection of efforts by Bob Carr and others to undermine over 70 years of bipartisan support for Israel in Australia. We are confident that under Bill Shorten’s leadership, the Labor party will remain a friend of Israel and the Jewish community”.

“The reality is that the basic criteria of statehood have not been met by the Palestinians. Therefore, unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state outside of a negotiated peace agreement would constitute a tacit endorsement of the terrorist organisation Hamas and would be a retrograde step in the peace process.”

“The only path to peace is for the Palestinian leadership to resume negotiations with the Israeli Government in good faith. Failing to impose any preconditions to recognition of a Palestinian state imposes pressure only on Israel and discourages both parties from making any compromises.”

For more information contact:

Jeremy Leibler, President, Zionist Federation of Australia – 0417 382 387, jleibler@abl.com.au
Emily Gian, Media and Advocacy Director – 0418 819 161, emily@zfa.com.a

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  1. Leon Poddebsky

    Is Penny going to determine the location of Israel’s “secure borders?”
    Perhaps she’ll do that after Hamas and Fatah ambassadors have presented their credentials in Canberra.

  2. Leon Poddebsky

    The ALP has become “Corbynised.”

    • No it hasn’t Leon. It’s really very different.

      • Leon Poddebsky

        How is it different?

        • We have nothing anywhere near the equivalent of Corbyn.

          • Leon Poddebsky

            Do you remember the ALP notable who told a Jewish delegation during the Yom Kippur war that “You people….”?
            During his term of office, long before the PLO had adopted its mask of “recognising Israel,”he had allowed PLO representatives to conduct a propaganda tour of Australia to agitate for Israel’s disappearance?

            Do you remember the ALP notable who, totally out of the context of a parliamentary debate, called Israel a “rogue state”and Ariel Sharon “an unindicted war criminal”?

            Do you remember the ALP notable who said that Israel’s blockade against Hamas’ importation of terror weaponry was “untenable”?

            Do you remember the ALP notable who called Jerusalem “a great Arab city”?

            Do you remember the ALP notable who told an anti-Israel audience that “We”, i.e., the ALP, ” know ‘the troof’ about “””Palestine”””?

            Do you remember the former ALP minister who declared that the ALP had become “an antisemitic party”?

            Do you know of any other people other than the Jews, for whom the ALP would have such contempt as to dictate to them where their capital city is?

            And let’s also face the ALP breaches international conventions about recognition of states, and does this EXCLUSIVELY against Jews.

            And let’s face the fact that, implicit in their policy is their willingness, even eagerness to welcome a Hamas ambassador to Canberra.

  3. Otto Waldmann

    I don’t know if Mr. Leibler ( the current Liebler dynasty rep. ) knows that people like me, for instance, read the stuff he puts out !!!
    I do agree that the Jewish community must always find best ways to access Governments of the day and avoid causing rifts etc.
    Promoting Zionist values and Jewish in general, means also consistency with what Zionism contains morally and, just as important, observing wise ways of affirming what is essential in Zionism.
    Logic, obvious, visible wisdom are also important attributes if one wishes to be a respect leader of our communal orgs.
    Bluntly put, Leibler’s ( this generation one) play with reason by which he “trusts” a possible future Labor FA minister NOT to follow what her Party JUST STATED in relation to the recognition of a palestinian state, is simply irrational, immature, unworthy of a Zionsi leader, a complete failure just in terms of plain intelligence, not to mention the arrogance that comes with all those stark adjectives, by assuming that the outrageous assumptions he made in relation to what ALP would really implement if in Government ( I sincerely hope they will NOT make it at all !!), would represent the views of the REAL Australian Zionists.
    The ALP is committed to the last possible Gov. official to bugger the Zionists wherever they are, including the nice, cute and friendly our own Jeremy.
    Just in case I did not make my position clear, please let me know, I do have in store other relevant adjectives…..

  4. What responsibility will the A.L.P. take when the Palestinian state they wish to force on Israel failsm