How Amiad Yisrael Z’L, a Three-Day-Old Baby, United the Jewish People.

Last week, the nation of Israel came together to mourn the loss of Amiad Yisrael, the three-day-old infant murdered in the terrorist attack near the community of Ofra.

Amiad Yisrael z’l was delivered via an emergency C-section, after his mother Shira, 30 weeks pregnant, was badly wounded during the attack.

Several days after the passing of their son, the young bereaved parents Shira and Amichai Ish-Ran addressed the people of Israel during an emotional press conference.

“Our baby, Amiad Yisrael, managed to unite the Jewish people in the three days he was alive, something most people never manage to do during their entire lives,” said Amicahi. “They can stab us, shoot us, run us over, throw stones at us, murder us, murder our children, but they cannot break us, we wont let them.”

These traits of unity and resilience are ingrained in both the families of Amichai and Shira, whose father, Chaim Silberstein, is a long-time colleague of Im Tirtzu.

This past year, Im Tirtzu began to conduct tours of Jerusalem together with Keep Jerusalem, the organization founded and run by Chaim whose goal is to convey the need for a unified Jerusalem.

This theme of unity and our ability to unite as one to support one another in times of need, regardless of political or religious affiliation, is why they will never succeed in breaking us.

To paraphrase the sentiments repeated by Chaim numerous times over the past week: When they murder, we will create life; when they destroy, we will build.
May the memory of Amiad Yisrael z’l be a blessing.

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