A note from an old friend.

I have a buddy from high school who was always a bit of an intellectual rebel.  He is of Irish descent and I am, of course, of Jewish descent. 


We were not trying to burn anything down or bully other people.  We were not Antifa-like “fascist anti-fascists” beating the holy shit out of people wearing red baseball caps in the streets of Berkeley.  We were just trying to figure out the social aspects of the world that we lived in at the end of the 1970s and the dawn of the Reagan era.


This was actually a moment in American cultural history wherein youthful radicalism was cooling off because racism and sexism were widely abhorred and because the Vietnam War was over and there was no draft.  American college students liked Reagan and thought that Springsteen’s Born in the USA was a tribute, rather than a criticism.


He is a creative guy and we discussed Vonnegut and Tolkien and Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson and Brautigan and Salinger and Charles Bukowski.  We sat around on living room floors with books of art and wondered at what we were looking at.


We smoked a bit of pot and discussed the world around us.  We were not particularly hostile to the government, but we were critical because we were born in the 1960s and raised during the Vietnam War.  We grew up during Watergate and the rise of the New Left.  And it is definitely fair to say that we had some contempt for mid-late twentieth-century Wonderbread Connecticutian suburban normality.


{I will never forget being absolutely mystified at something called the “color guard” at Trumbull High School.}


A few years out of Trumbull High my buddy and I actually embarked upon a Thompsonesque road trip across the United States on a journey to discover San Francisco.  We even had the temerity to drive through Kansas… or perhaps it was Nebraska!  It was there that the Grimace menaced my buddy after we had spent the entire night driving through the midwest before pulling into a grand-opening of a McDonalds in the middle of nowhere, practically at dawn.  We were exhausted!


In any case, we have not, until recently, been in touch but when we were close friends Israel was not heavy on my mind.  We were very young.  We talked about art and literature and, in the manner of youthful smart-asses, the stupidity of our parents and our teachers.


As we have recently been in contact, and he has taken note of my interest in the Movement for Jewish Freedom, he writes on my Facebook page:

I prefer to think I am practical and a realist, perhaps a jaded one.


The unfortunate reality is that too many people are looking at those in Gaza and the West Bank as Palestinians.


It is likely impossible that all those people can be convinced they are not a legitimate ethnic group.


So, I am saying is you can speak the Truth but while you are presenting your case people are switching you off and paying attention to the PR being advanced in the MSM.


Call these people whatever you want, what progressives are being sold is these are people who need to live somewhere and Israel is oppressing them.


They see them as oppressed maybe even innocent or righteous!


They do not recognize the poison within their culture and the genocide in the hearts of their leaders.


Their opinions are based on ignorance and emotional manipulation.


What I am trying to figure out is how do you change this narrative.


Most of the people in these polls are not studying history, issues, etc.  The question then becomes what is driving the anti-Israel sentiment-especially in the last couple of years.  I doubt the sentiment is driven intellectually but is being driven more by marketing if you will.

I like this comment very much because it is fair and not coming from a Jewish pro-Israel ideologue.


What I want to address, however, is this line concerning presumably the western-left and their feelings about Arabs who live in Israel:


They see them as oppressed maybe even innocent or righteous! 



The western-left views Arabs as the innocent, indigenous victims of Jewish-Euro-White “settler-colonialism.”  It is for this reason that the European Union and the Democratic Party, not to mention the United Nations, literally fund the murder of Jews in the homeland of our forefathers and honestly believe that they are doing so from a moral standpoint. Academic anti-Zionists have been making the same false claim from Edward Said to Rabab Abdulhadi and Hatem Bazian.


This is one of the biggest problems that the Jewish people need to overcome.  Diaspora Jews are overwhelmingly “progressive” — whatever that means, exactly — but the progressive-left is increasingly an enemy to the Jewish people through supporting hostility to the lone, sole Jewish state.


The general trend — since Trump had the cajones to throw his hat into the political ring — is to draw an equivalency between “alt-right” antisemitism and progressive-left antisemitic anti-Zionism. As a liberal, I very well understand this inclination to be fair-minded and suggest that the problem lies with the fringes on both sides.


This popular analysis is false.


The greatest enemy to the Jewish people — despite Pittsburgh — is unquestionably the western-left because it is the western-left that supports the European Union and the Democratic Party and both, sadly, tend to support the movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction (BDS) the national homeland of the Jewish people.


Cranky hard-right White Supremacist antisemitism has virtually no political support in the United States. There are no openly White Supremacist Senators or Congresspeople.


There is, unfortunately, a mainstream “progressive” contingent that is openly anti-Israel and antisemitic and we all know it.

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  1. What better way to recover from one week long marathon watching of the full six season American mefistophelic drama ” Homeland”, than engaging in a notional tiff with me mate Michael…..

    The urban non-muslim mamzerim Michael rightfully attacks, but wrongly terms as “progressives”, engage in antisemitism not out of some visceral disdain for things Judaic, but rather due to a variety of behavioural disorders, far too vast and singularly intricate to be given here a just revue.

    I will touch a few, such as the notable yet psycho-sad nominal Jews deluded in their hyper-vocipherous social gesticulations, meant to redeem Judaic ethics from the awful press it had enjoyed since the REAL antisemitism carved deep into otherwise – they’d suppose – most generous host nations defined, (they would consider justified) by pogroms, gheto accommodation and all subsequent free trips to “Arbeit macht frei ” places…
    The conflict within our fold is posited between the Jews who mind their own gescheft and those who are struggling to shed off the burden of what they consider to be anachronic, oppressive and, most troubling, unethical specific group behaviour.
    They are anything but progressive as they do not carry the same identity substance into new places, new eras, they are completely divorced, distinct from their roots, turned into new entities, distinct and opposed to what genetically would have determined them.

    European Union is not at all a purveyor of any kind of antisemitism or, if we must distinguish, anti-Zionism.
    Nowhere within the structures or the workings of any of its mirriad bureaus is there the slightest concern with matters Jewish, nor consistent policies that could affect Israel.
    Occasionally and very seldom, Israel is mentioned while business as such with the same Jewish State is as good as it can possibly be.
    Europe is flooded on any day with bus-loads of Israeli tourists. I hear Ivrit spoken in Paris, Berlin, Vienna, London and I won’t mention Bucharest, where it has become a second language with some four full flights per day unloading thousands…

    World political dynamics of the past few decades have turned, quite frequently, into less than enjoyable spectacles and Paris of recent is a very ill-inspired anomaly.
    UK is trying to find her berings under the absurdity of the Brexit.
    The constance of exchanges of the most unseeming kind in Amerike, all because Trump humiliated that Clinton lady, is all but a Presidential tiff degenerating into a beyond of the infantile daily embarrassing showdown which, to be honest, I refuse to honour with any attention for some time now…
    All that and whatever more, has NOTHING to do with Yidischkeit, with Zionism, Israel in particular, with my identity and, just as well, with Michael’s.
    Those few meshige among us cannot make the slightest dent in the magnificence of our accomplishments, in and out of Israel.
    I, for one, am very happy with my lot……………….

    • Michael Lumish

      I love you, dude.

    • But are you arguing that the EU is a friend to Israel?

      This is your stance?

      • Otto Waldmann

        Strangely enough, if you watched the EU/Bruxelles circus, it all starts with the reception of the members in the lobby, all kissy, kissy, followed by the actual proceedings where no jugular is spared.
        Love is somewhere in the air over there so thick you could cut it with a sledge hammer.
        Life has taken me to a few brothels – only sociological research -, but I would not set foot in the EU establishment, not to mention what kinda diseases you may come out with…

  2. If ever there was a time that the Western World needs a Global Joe McCarthy….it is now! What say you Michael? I was impressed that you have reached the view, or always believed, that the “White Supremacist” boogey man is just that….a totally noneffective nonentity, comprising a very lose gathering of ding bats, who like to parade around in their Dr. Martins and Khaki’s, adorned with Nazi and neo Nazi patches.

    Sadly, here in Australia, we have a core of Jewish “professionals” who put such frightening store in the existence of these wacko’s….miniscule as their numbers are, while hard core, dangerously inclined Marxists…of varying shades, expanding numbers, and subscribing ideology strains, spread anti Jewish, and anti Israel vile far and wide, through every level of Australian society – from the red neck, leftist knuckle draggers through to the Professors and Doctors of some of our once better classed Educational Institutions.

    All the same, your writing provides hope Michael. Nothing could be more accurately stated. The Global Left is the principal vehicle driving anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli hate. The Global Marxists, and the Camel Riders enjoy a marriage of convenience – for the hate and destruction they are able to wreak upon the Nation State of Israel.

    All we have to do now Michael, is find an avowed hater of all things Socialist, come Communistic.. Some one of the order of old Joe McCarthy – for credit has to be given, he once did have the Commies…or anyone who faintly resembled, or smelt like one, dancing a quick soft shoe shuffle. I used to love watching the Cinesound News report of the 50’s and 60’s illustrating that grand gentleman doing his stuff…dragging the mongrels out from under their beds, and clobbering them. (Doesn’t hurt to dream Michael).

    • To be honest – and controversial – , I wouldn’t worry too much about the commies of today, whatever actual ideology they belong to. Dedicated socialists have a fairly short shelf life, usually extinguished by marriage, children and job/work/family commitments. Occasional nostalgia hits them if more than five tinnies are emptied.
      McCarthy received such awful press cum Uni. terribly conceived countles essays, that any revival of those times/methods would only see an unwelcome surge in the very urban madness you would try to extricate.
      Whatever shade of “lefties” still roaming our streets, are not the cause of our socio-political angst, but the nationalist fervour accaparating an increasing fold of the redneck greater demographic particularly in Europe and Trumpist Amerike.
      In the case of Australia, the neurotically disaffected outer-suburban lot find their hoarse voices in anomalies walking around under the names of Bob Cutter or Pauline Hanson, realistically though, more of a traveling circus act than a tangible concern.
      As a result of the McCarthy hysteria, America has managed to cleanse herself of the leftist scourge until some wayward Senator came perilously close to the seat of White House power and he had to be Jewish to boot…
      A few hot heads not yet with the lowest Uni. credentials, but happily claiming ownership of “their” campuses, have followed in what they had no idea “philosophically” what they were screaming about, and, subitto, pronto, a new political contingent was formed !!
      Essential question : did all that hot soup overflow bother Wall Street at all, did the mighty buck buckle, did billionaires alter their buying and selling of Coys. savageries !!! None of that, but we are still at the mercy of an exploitative media carefully selecting exclusively from bad to horrible to alarming to mass suicidal “news”.
      Add to that the EU terror upon any attempt at dissent and my care free, well deserved retirement under the majestic Aussie Sun has been properly screwed up…………but only if I let it happen !!!

  3. Hello Otto…..I do see the soundness in your comment…in respect of the changing attitudes of red hot Socialists. Churchill once made a comment to the effect, that the Socialist/Marxist Activist in his or her twenties, is bound to be a doyen of Conservative establishment in his/her forties.

    I cite an example of such that I had to attend to in my earlier employment life, when as a Special Branch Officer – (Now defunct in Australian Police Forces), I had to monitor a certain Activist whose heart in the late 60’s was set on bringing down the Queensland and Australian Governments.

    He was the real McCoy, turning Trams over in Brisbane Streets, Burning Parked Vehicles, etc., etc., etc., In the early 90’s, working under contract for another Government Employer, I was called upon to furnish a report as to his Security standing, prior to being appointed a Member of the Board of an Australian Bank. WTF, came out of my mouth…here is my home grown Che Guevara, destined to the Board ranks of an Australian Bank – Churchill was dead right!

    This particular character had a stellar career….a card carrying many of the very best Gentlemen’s Clubs in Australia…..exalted by the highest power brokers in the land.

    Regardless Otto, and from now limited advices I receive….Scrambled leftist practitioners of the current era, are light years ahead in dedicated cunning and guile; for the dangerous intent of their agenda…frighteningly so, against the limited information known to the general public.

    They can know longer been seen as “just being over active boys letting off steam”. I near agree with everything else you have penned in your informed commentary. Cheers My Friend.

    • Fair dinkum? You were a Queensland
      Special Branch officer?
      I am impressed.

      • Yes Geoff…started off there as Cadet in 65′ through to 67′, then reassigned back there when sworn in in 68′. The ‘heady’ days of Conscription demonstrations, Vietnam Moratorium, mixed in with every wannabe who saw him/herself storming the streets of Paris with the Red Brigade.

        More a fanciful world, than the real world….hence my insistence after eighteen months to be transferred back to real Policing….and travel with the Federal Police contingent to Cyprus….per UN/British direction, where and when I first became knowledgeable of Israel’s ‘plight’ with murderous Arabs….given our brief on Cyprus was directly associated with murderous Muslim Turks.

        Their hate seemed more consumed with Israel and Jews, than Greek Cypriots, making it easier for me to understand and support Israel, as prompted by the horrendous murder of four Jewish fisherman blown off course onto a Cyprus beach.

        As much as I loved the man, Joh Petersen made the job of a Special Branch Officer just that much more tedious and draining in Queensland at that particular time in the State’s history. Joh did enjoy harassing our ‘Fellow Traveller’ clientele.

        Our young conscripts got to see, and endure the ‘magic’ of Ho Chi Min….I always feel fortunate that I was among the first Australians of my era, who got to view the murderous work of the Muhammadan….as for the eternal view it provided me with of the vicious capability of that breed of savages…….Cheers.

  4. Oh, yes, you probably right, in respect of Joe McCarthy. Just a disappearing dream I hold onto….knowing the vile that makes up the Left of the Political spectrum.

    • Otto Waldmann

      More than simply pertinent comments, Graham, very valuable introductions to a vast field of the evolution of what is still considered “the” left.
      It must be said that we owe it to the improvement of civil liberties/rights in the Western society for the serious advances of the political views and respective structures severely critical of the governing economic forces in the still unswerving capitalist world.
      One of the most powerful new element responsible for the rapidity with which street mobilisation against whatever target occurs ( and that is valid for the groups/ideologies we discuss here ) is the social media, now pervasive and simply impossible to control and/or stop.
      Gradually, social media is replacing the traditional rule of elected Governments and all respective democratic forms, Parliaments etc. Since the liberal use of the notion of “democracy”, it is obvious that voluntar mass participation in the open ended criticism of society at large and in particular by the means of the internet and even THIS very forum, it may be argued that a parallel democracy is functioning here, there, everywhere….It is the governance of the electronic means of assembling legitimate voices by informal means.
      Under these circumstance, the left as well as the right or anyone in-between enjoy perhaps the most powerful means of persuading society in whatever direction they conceive, whether rational or badly baseles. Question is if social media is actually undermining the working of democracy or, juts replacing it with MORE legitimate means….