Press release – New Initiative to Promote Israel’s Legal Rights Launches in Israel.

A new series of panels aimed at promoting the  legal rights of Israel was launched yesterday at a special conference held at Tel-Aviv University, featuring Likud MK Amir Ohana, journalist Dr. Dror Eydar, Druze Zionist Council head Atta Farhat, and journalist Maayan Adam.

The panels, initiated by the Zionist organization Im Tirtzu in collaboration with Canadians for Legal Rights of Israel , will be held on campuses and cities throughout Israel and aim to educate students and the general public about Israel’s legal rights.

Last evening’s panel placed an emphasis on the Nation-State Law, which, according to Im Tirtzu, was done because Tel-Aviv University recently organized two panels against the law without offering a competing outlook.

“After years of persecution and pogroms, we can now say proudly – we too have a state; it is ours, and its symbols are the Star of David and the Menorah,”

said MK Amir Ohana (Likud), chairman of the joint committee that legislated the law.

Photo credit – David Eltsufin

Druze Zionist Council head Atta Farhat noted that Israel’s legal rights are enshrined in international law and that Israel is the only democracy in volatile region of the Middle East.

“Israel is a democracy because it is Jewish. If it would cease to be Jewish, it would cease to be democratic,” said Farhat.

Goldi Steiner, founder and co-chair of Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights, said that learning about Israel’s rights is the key to combating false claims against Israel.

“There is only one way to counter the ever-growing accusations of apartheid, occupation, and all the lies propagated by anti-Israel organizations like IfNotNow and B’Tselem, and that is through education.”

Photo credit – David Eltsufin

Matan Peleg, CEO of Im Tirtzu, gave concluding remarks at the conference and said:

“In contrast to the two consecutive conferences organized by Tel-Aviv University that aimed to question the justness of the Zionist cause, the number of participants at our conference proved that the public chooses Zionism.”

“We would like to thank Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights who mobilized in order to help us organize the panels and strengthen Zionism,” added Peleg


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