Straight talk from the Heart of Ramallah.

The first instalment of a conversation on the street outside the Presidential Compound, Ramallah.

Earlier this year I visited Ramallah for the first time, accompanied by a German journalist and guide. As we were returning to our vehicle, having visited Arafat’s tomb, a Palestinian lawyer began to chat with our guide. The conversation we were able to capture was startling in its frankness – and one that we certainly did not expect to hear in this setting (Arafat’s mausoleum is visible in the background of the video).

So often the blame for the very real difficulties faced by ‘Palestinians’ is placed solely on Israel and Israelis. But in this case an articulate and personable ‘Palestinian’ lawyer lays responsibility elsewhere.

The second instalment will be published shortly.

Perry Trotter, IINZ Co-director



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