Cairns Jewish women unite for beigel/bagel bake.

A new twist to Rosh Hashana’s round challahs with beigel/bagel bake.

[CAIRNS, QLD] — With just a few weeks before the onset of the Jewish New Year the Jewish women of Cairns were tasked with mixing, kneading and making blessings as they learn the Yiddish art of beigel/bagel making, a new twist for the traditional round challahs for this time of year.

At the event, participants learned how to mix, knead and shape their own beigels/bagels from expert baker and patisserie chef Mandy Sapper. They heard words of wisdom from Mrs Mushkie Rubin while enjoying a sumptuous buffet.

“Round Challahs are the more widely-known cousin of beigels/bagels and are more traditional for this time of year” said Mushkie Rubin co director of Chabad of North Qld and organiser of the event. ”however, Cairns Jews are always open for a modern twist of our ancient traditions and everyone really appreciated the event. The bagel shares the same lesson of the round challah namely a never ending cycle of life and our traditions.”

Challah refers to a braided bread traditionally eaten at Shabbat and other holidays, and traditionally this time a year is made in a round shape. It is considered one of the most famous Jewish foods. But in its more basic, biblical meaning, challah is the piece of dough that is traditionally separated and consecrated to G-d while baking bread, a custom that has been performed by Jewish women for more than 100 generations.

Rosh Hashanah begins this year at sundown on Sunday, September 9 and extends until nightfall on Tuesday, September 11. Yom Kippur begins this year at sundown on Tuesday, September 18, and extends until nightfall on Wednesday, September 19.


Ari Rubin is the Rabbi of the Cairns Jewish Community and together with his wife run the Chabad of RARA base in North Queensland

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