#FAKEJEWS Dear Reform Rabbi…

I have hurt the feelings of a friend who shall remain anonymous. I got involved in a conversation I was just supposed to follow and not join. But I could not believe what I was reading. I have had it with Reform Jews. Please note I call myself a secular Jew. I am a ZIONIST.

From a Rabbi-after I referred to #FAKEJEWS!

And following is my response to him. I offended him.

My dear fellow Jews,

To call fellow Jews #FakeJews and to accuse them of being uneducated Jewishly because they interpret politics differently than you do cuts off any possibility for real conversation. That is shameful enough. Worse, it replays the worst behavior of our ancestors who brought down the Temple, and Jewish sovereignty through sinat hinam.

Regarding Tikkun Olam, some badly needed nuance and balance is required here. Yes, the concept is overused, and particularly so among the most politically liberal. However, to buy in to the other extreme and to denigrate the Torah’s concern for the world out there beyond our own communities is a sad distortion and diminution of the Rabbinic vision. If a stunted, angry and fearful Judaism is where we are heading, than we are heading into oblivion.

Please, let’s tone down the rhetoric, find the many areas where we agree, and agree to disagree about the rest.

My response

Dear Rabbi

Having spent far too much time in Reform synagogues I will not take back #FAKEJEWS. Jews who say Kaddish for members of Hamas trying to murder Jews are not Jews. Rabbis who forever talk about everyone else, forgetting to talk about the hate our children face on antisemitic campuses have lost their way. And lost me long ago.

Times of Israel.

How about raising money for Jews in Israel who are struggling. I come from a home where my father set aside money to buy appliances for Jews in Israel in the 1950’s.

You want a respectful dialogue? Then I suggest you thank Donald Trump for being the best friend of Israel in Israel’s lifetime. I suggest you tell your congregants to get down on their knees in gratitude after #obAMALEK put Israel under a bus , gave money to the fake Palestinians-no such people exits-they are Arabs living in a the Jewish homeland renamed by the Romans in order to destroy the Jews. It worked for other tribes. Displaced they died. But the Jews never left and we are now living in our ancestral home.

And let us NEVER FORGET that #obAMALEK gave billions to Iran. BILLIONS now being used to attack our people and you promote caring for the other to the point that our people are in danger.
Trump is going to take down Iran. He will squeeze the Muslims trying to murder out people on a daily basis-Muslims who talk about peace-when Palestine is free from the river to the sea.

Let me remind you in a world of 7 billion people there are only 14 million Jews. Gee I wonder why? Would you have stood by the friendly Germans in Germany-you know not the Nazi ones. Tikkun Olam in Nazi Germany. Caring for the other.

Don’t lecture us about the hate that took down the Temple. We are Zionists. What are you?

As Freud would say:take a look in the mirror.You and your brethren in the Reform movement are taking us down a road that is stunted and angry. You and your Brethren refuse to thank the people in power who care for the Jews.

You are still seething that Hillary, an antisemite par excellence did not win the Presidency. And you still stand with the Democrats; a party filled with Jew haters. Obama, Clinton, Farrakhan, Mallory, Ellis, Perez and my favourite that feminist Linda Sarsour-you know the one who says you cannot be a Zionist and a feminist. But you can be a Muslim and a feminist?

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