First BDS victim in the UK.

I’ve been trying to say something that will make sense about how Jason Silver was tormented by a fellow Jew simply because he held a different view on Israel and antisemitism.

credit: Jewish News. Times of Israel.

Why is it important that I should say something, you might ask, and I’d tell you that his death must not have been in vain.  His life must not have been snuffed out without his passing telling us something relevant to today, to what he was trying in his own unique way to achieve when he went along to Palexpo last summer and donned a kippah, for which he was ejected from the premises by a handy policeman.   Or, how his outrage was expressed at the police rejecting his revelation of antisemitism at the Palexpo and their refusal to take action.

He was clear that a Jew being ejected from what was generally advertised as an open event is a hate crime.  And then as a key witness in a belt and braces case, according to the police, against Nazim Ali of the IHRC – Islamic Human Rights Commission, for expressing blatant anti-Jewish race hate at the 2017 Al Quds march in London, he was further outraged that the CPS  decided not to prosecute.

I have started to write something several times to explain how 31 people from diverse political backgrounds found themselves in a Tony Greenstein blog that included Jason Silver, with reference to his profession and workplace that resulted in someone yet unconfirmed reporting him to his professional body for racism, a false claim that ultimately led to his taking his life.

I want to tell you how disturbed Jason became at the thought that he might never be able to practice his profession again.  He wrote of that fear and what he might do in the future.  His words stand as testimony to the effect the false accusations had on him.  The other 30 people thankfully understand more than Jason did about what a nasty piece of work it takes to defame people with fake information and accusations, particularly coming from one so insalubrious as Greenstein.

What does it matter that a failed Jew spends his pathetic life defaming those he wishes he could be, a nonentity writing reams of rubbish about other Jews that he publishes in a blog simply because he has nothing else in his pathetic little life?  It matters because what he writes appeals to the real Jew haters, to those who would rather not have Jews around and certainly don’t want the Jews they don’t want around to have a small patch of land, their ancient homeland, where they can live in freedom.

It’s those people who relish Jew on Jew attacks like this, who gobble up the fake information and spread it around, relying on the premise that if a Jew says it, it must be kosher, even if it’s really halal.  Targeting Facebook and Twitter accounts they use this false information so that people like Jason are banned from combating these attacks, and fake news about Jews and Israel on social media.  What is then available to the willing antisemites, most of whom don’t know much and are ripe for headline and soundbite propaganda, is main stream media fake news that travels on the wagon carting around the notion that it’s okay to be anti, so long as its anti-Zionist as that’s not racism, ignoring that Zion sits at the core of what it is to be Jewish.

I was trying to find a way to tell you this, when something happened today, bringing a clarity I failed until now to capture.  There I was in the swimming pool chatting to some colleagues on my study course, who were asking about my background, what it was like living on apartheid South Africa, when I left there etc etc.  The conversation continued amicably until the usual question arose about whether the family home is still there.  I explained that my parents had emigrated to Israel in the 1970’s so the family home no longer existed in South Africa.  Hardly had the word Israel rolled off my tongue when the one chap waded to the steps saying he had to get a hat as his head was getting sunburned.   Off he went never to return.

Whilst this behaviour might appear benign, it’s the collective that becomes important.  With an antisemitic kick-start, they are ripe for the continuous and multifarious propaganda outfits that function under the umbrella of the PSC/BDS (Palestine Solidarity Campaign/Boycott Divestment Sanction) whose sole purpose is to delegitimise the only minuscule state of the Jews, Israel.

They have pop up organisations carrying out all manner of events and activities across the UK, EU and USA, not to mention South Africa, Australia and some.  Their foundation is nefarious based on the hijacking of the Jews, our religion, our history, our land and our victim-hood.  Their weapon is a people they call Palestinian, the Arabs of the Middle East whom they have created in the image of the once homeless Jews, projecting their evil intent back onto us, so that my swimming pool colleague develops sunburn at the mention of the word Israel.

Tony Greenstein. credit:

This is why Jason’s death must not pass in vain, why his story must be told and why chaps like Greenstein need to understand what it is they are creating, what the antisemite hears and imbibes from his lies, from his exposing family details of children and work addresses of others.

He needs to be made to understand, together with his cohorts who provide him with information and photographs from which they extrapolate false information that they disseminate in vile blogs and on social media, how ultimately even the main stream media begin to accept their postulations as fact when in fact they are not.

And so, this Jew hating merry-go-round spins on until it becomes unstoppable, resulting once again in genocide attempts of the Jewish people.  2018 becomes no different to 1933.

Jason’s life mattered just as all lives matter.  His story must be told so that he can achieve in death what he hoped for in his life.

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  1. Larry Langman

    Sharon Klaff writes of an evil and gives that evil a name Tony Greenstein.

    Until this article I was not aware of Tony Greenstein. Having read many of his posts now I realise that I know Tony Greenstein very well……I hear about Tony Greenstein every Seder…you guessed it…..he is the wicked son….so what is the fate of Tony “Rasha”…..the Haggadah tells us…….”Blunt his teeth”……in other words he puts himself into slavery…..such is his self loathing that he cannot redeem himself he cannot stand in and for a community who love freedom with a passion and choose to celebrate freedom at this time and in this company.

    From his writing Tony Greenstein is an angry and bitter person and a slave to that bitterness and hatred….there are sadly those for whom freedom is too much of a challenge who instead crave the anger and crave the bitterness.

    • My goodness Larry, you don’t know how lucky you are.
      No words can describe the vileness of this ‘man’. I think he’s make a good match for Antony Loewenstein.