Antisemitism at its finest!

I came across this article I wrote just on four years ago, which was ‘inspired’ by an antisemitic post on the website. I thought it was worthwhile posting again.

I thought I’d share this tasty tit-bit of antisemitism with everyone, which I received last week. I suppose it’s part and parcel of not moderating the web site.

“What a load of crap you jews cant take the truth , israle is shit jews are satans children ,and antisemitismthe world has woken up to your filthy deceit and holohoax lies go fuck yourselves you racist Talmudic scum sucking pigs fuck no wonder the world hates jews God did not promise any land to any false jews or liars or murderers !”

I must say it threw me somewhat. I was rather taken aback, never before having been faced with something like this and it’s not as if I am not aware of the fact that such people exist.

Being well known for my investigative skills, I decided to seek this guy Bob –surname withheld, out.

The Internet is amazing, you can almost find out what people had for breakfast from it.

I have his IP address, which checked out that he lives in Tamworth.

He has his own small business and I have his ABN details, business address and landline and mobile phone numbers.

I found out that he is quite a complainer about everything, from his prolific letter writing to ‘The Northern Daily Leader’.

He has two children .

He is also Spam listed, so clearly this isn’t his first journey into the world of abuse.

Then I got to thinking about him. What a sad mixed up person he must be. He has a business, clearly doing well given the years it has been in operation. He has two children. He lives in the beautiful city of Tamworth.

What is his problem? I actually felt quite sorry for him.

I also got to thinking about Tamworth, which I know very well. A family member lived there for many years and consequently we have visited many times.

Tamworth is a city some 400 kilometres north-west of Sydney, situated in the New England region of New South Wales, on the New England Highway. Straddling the Peel River

Tamworth, Australia’s home of Country Music, with its huge music festival,  annually attracts visitors from all over the world. Tamworth here and here

Tamworth, with its history of gold mining and farming.

Tamworth, the city known as the “First City of Lights”, being the first place in Australia to use electric street lights in 1888. It has a very interesting museum.

Tamworth, a city known as the “National Equine Capital of Australia”, due to the high volume of equine events held in the city and the construction of the world class Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre, the biggest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

Most importantly and I wondered if Bob knows it. How can a person with such ugly thoughts come out of a place which is so beautiful.?

The earliest inhabitants who built Tamworth were the Cohens, to be joined by the Levys and Hymans.

credit: Google maps.

Surely he must do. As you drive into town, you drive over Cohen Creek.There is a Cohen Street and a Jewry Street. Hyman Street runs parallel to Cohen Street.

Many major heritage listed buildings in town have the name Cohen on them. One is the ‘Cohen Chemist’. Cohen history

The last ‘Jewish’ Cohen – Ida, died in 1970 and was buried by Rabbi Harkaway.  As an aside here, he was the first Rabbi at Parramatta synagogue, where my family were Founder Members. Harold Harkaway’s wife was my grandmother’s niece and the family brought him out from England.

I couldn’t help myself and wrote to him.

“ You know what Bob?  I feel sorry for you, very sorry.

You are a disgrace to the beautiful city of Tamworth with your racist, hate filled antisemitic comments. I bet you’ve never met a Jew in your life that you are aware of.

You are a ​disgrace to a beautiful city whose founding members,  the Cohen family are Jews, arriving  27 August 1858.

We are flesh and blood like you. We go to work. We raise our children. We hurt like you and bleed like you.

No we don’t have horns and we don’t breathe fire.

I suggest you take a good long hard look at yourself. I further suggest that you make contact with Jewish people in the area and then maybe once you make the acquaintance of these “racist Talmudic scum sucking pigs “ you will see how wrong and very misguided your vile thoughts are.”

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  1. Julia Ferguson

    Shirlee, he clearly doesn’t recognize Jewish names in his own town street names. What a dill! We should feel a great deal of pity for people like this. Let me relate a story from years ago in Canberra. My father managed a business for a man who was despised for his anti Semitic views. There was another man whom Dad had working there for late night shopping and Saturday mornings. The owner was unaware of his Jewish ancestry.He just thought he was Hungarian. Anyway the boss’s son grew up and fell in love with a beautiful young woman and as the relationship developed into something more serious, the girl was seen by many people associated with the business owner. The young couple decided to marry. The worst anti Semite in town was TOTALLY oblivious to the fact that this stunning young woman had Jewish heritage. To see her, was to KNOW her heritage. Of course, the biggest joke in town was that his “daughter in law is a Jewess!” Had the residents chuckling over that for years. I wonder if he ever found out??

  2. Veronique Menand

    Dear Shirlee,

    Ignorance is the mother of all ills. When I ask friends or acquaintances who tell me I hate Jews, they either haven’t got a clue and say ridiculous stuff like they are the cancer of the world, upon which I ask how are they please tell me and in 100% of cases I get because they are, or they simply have mouth diarrhoea and have never met a Jewish person in their life. It would be hilarious if one of his best customers was Jewish Shirlee. Let’s teach this world about Israel and the wonderful Jewish folks who have and are contributing so much to this planet. Shalom

    • My opinion is, that is very naive to blame it on ignorance, and to believe, that as soon as he knows, us he will like us. Many antisemites grew up with Jews , were their neighbours and were the first in line to murder them. Sorry, but a lot of it irracional, and just plain hatred. Jews are very naive sometimes , unortunately.

  3. Julia and Veronique
    These people are ignorant and I think jealous.

    Jealous because despite the centuries of hate and genocide against us, we never give up and we carry on against all odds.

    I have a story too. We had a young lad of about 19 working for us.
    One day a Rep came into the shop wearing a kippah (skull cap).
    The lad said to my husband
    “You know he is a Jew?”
    My husband said “Yes”
    He then said “You know the guy around the corner in the Disposal Shop is also a Jew?” That BTW was my father.

    They were “OMG” type remarks.

    My husband said “You know what? I am also a Jew”

    This kid was dumbfounded, offering all sorts of comments on how he couldn’t possibly be a Jew.
    He wasn’t like a Jew.
    Mind you, he’d never met a Jew!!

    The whole dislike and opinion he had was based on ‘stories’ he’d heard.

    My husband started pointing out other Reps who came in the shop, the Dentist in the high street and others.
    Needless to say he ended up with a totally different perspective on Jews.

  4. Shirlee,
    Yahser Ko’ach. Kol ha’Kavod. Magnificent. Exactly the bright bright light such wretches need shone down upon them if they’re to have any chance of escaping their damned addiction.The one which makes them blind and mad; with an unquenchable thirst for our blood.

  5. I occasionally still post at the large, left-wing US political blog which was once my ‘online home.’ Mainly just to call attention to the antisemites there anymore. Found a new, particularly precious one this past week. Check out this character’s ‘logic’ in trying to claim that the ages-old antisemitic trope of Jewish disloyalty is not actually antisemitic, but is rather merely just a “negative statement about Israel’s actions.”

    I guess it is true that for some reason, we are at least fortunate in that the enemies we attract also just so happen to usually be amongst the group of people who can generally be described as dull, drooling knuckleheads. Even those amongst them who do have brains and actually know how to use them, obviously turn them off when they devolve into their antisemitic fits.

  6. Shirlee, a fascinating insight into the Jewish foundations of Tamworth, of which I (and probably most other people) was totally unaware.

    I agree with you that this guy is more to be pitied than hated, harbouring such festering anger against a group of people he knows nothing about. Such anger and hatred is self-destructive, and he obviously has problems, not only with Jews, but generally.

    More of a worry are the hordes of the so-called educated people, who rally in support of the BDS and other anti-Israel groups.

  7. Hi Shirlee, I remember thinking what a great article this was, and it was good to read it again. Did you ever get a reply from the guy? Often people who are dissatisfied with their life, for whatever reason, look around for someone to blame, and the Jews are convenient scapegoats. Maybe he’s in an unhappy marriage, his kids haven’t turned out he he wanted them to, or maybe someone else has a better business/bigger car/more attractive wife etc. It’s all down to envy.

    • From the many complaints in newspapers from him and the fact he is/was Spam listed, I’d say he wants to right the world.