Jerusalem Issue Sends Abbas Into Madness.

Published with permission “The Investigative Project on Terrorism”

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  1. Nonsense, Abbas and his twisted mates just LOVE this “crisis”. They live by posing as “enraged”, “deprived”, attacked by old and new enemies. It is their absurd, pathological reason d’etre by which they keep their own people antagonised, anxious, feeling attacked by all and sundry, in a permanent state of war with Israel and, if more enemies are identified, more cause belli spotted, the more their “struggle” is justified.
    This does not mean that Israel and her real friends should not go ahead and implement whatever measures necessary to forward the Zionist cause, for while the palestinians function on a permanent state of conflict, they are also consumed with visceral, self-destructive fury that their enemies are prospering and keep on strengthening their own resolve to make the Jewish State an impregnable reality.
    There will come a time when the palestinians will come to their senses and realise that being permanently opposed to the reality called Israel will not deliver them anything worthwhile and, by crossing the bridges of common sense , they will reap the benefits of a normal, peaceful existence alongside the Jewish State. Abbas, though, will not bring about that precious moment. Not much more to go………..