The Imam Tawhidi foundation.

Imam Tawhidi is good man, suffering at the hands of fellow Muslims because he speaks of..                        

Joining the Australian Army

He has been blocked many times on Facebook, no doubt from being reported by his own fellow Muslims.  He has said many things including the fact that Halal certification is a scam and banning burqas.  Check his Youtube channel.

He has a website, which he started because he was constantly being ‘shut down’ on Facebook and now the Imam Tawhidi foundation

“Be whoever you may be, you are [still] from sand” – Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (a.s)

Image result for Imam TawhidiShaikh Mohammad Tawhidi is an Australian Shi’i Muslim creationist, educator, speaker, preacher, thinker, researcher and author of Iraqi origin who was born in the Holy City of Qum, Iran, into a spiritual family with a history of decades in the Islamic Seminary.

His father Imam Abdulmutalib Tawhidi served as the Senior Imam of the Shi’a Muslim Community in Western Australia and was the first to establish a Shi’a Mosque in the entire state. Shaikh Tawhidi’s lineage includes several Grand Ayatollahs, Arabian Legends such as Hatam al Ta’ei and Prophets Hud and Noah. He is also the maternal grandson of Shaikh Yasin al Rumaithi, a prominent eulogist and orator within the Shi’a faith.

Shaikh M. Tawhidi completed his initial studies in Perth, Western Australia, and engaged in Islamic studies, Doctrine, Philosophy and Theology in the Islamic Seminary of the holy city of Qum, Iran, as of January 2007.

In the year 2012, he attended the advanced lessons of the Grand Ayatollah Sayid Sadiq Shirazi in jurisprudence and principle, and was advised by his eminence to relocate to the Holy City of Karbala in the year 2013.

He studied under the authority of prominent teachers in both the Islamic Seminaries of Karbala and Najaf, of them are Ayatollah Shaikh AbdulKareem al Ha’eri, Ayatollah Shaikh Fadhil al Saffaar, the Grand Ayatollah Shaikh Mohammad al Sanad and Allamah Sayid Hussain al Qazwini.

Shaikh M. Tawhidi returned to Australia in 2015, after his journey in the Islamic Seminaries of Qum, Najaf and Karbala, and is considered an internationally active personality being fluent in Arabic, English and Farsi; and has delivered speeches at Hussainiyas, Mosques, Islamic centers, Churches and Universities across the Middle East, Europe, America, Australia and Canada.

He has delivered university lessons in doctrine and theology examining the theory of evolution, oneness of existence and the big bang theory. Shaikh Tawhidi is also active in the field of media and has appeared on several satellite channels globally, while his activities also include the administrating of Islamic Centres, websites, the publishing of Islamic books and delivers weekly theological, doctrinal and Jurisprudential lectures in universities and centres within South Australia.

Shaikh M. Tawhidi is licensed by numerous Grand Ayatollahs and leaders of Islamic Seminaries to lead and represent the Muslim community. He currently holds the position as the Imam of the Islamic Association of South Australia.

Works by Imam Tawhidi:

  • Co-Founder and head of research department at Imam Hussein TV 3, 2013-2014
  • Founder and director of IMAM ALI TV (Indonesian Channel), 2015
  • Founder and director of The Hawza of Sayida Zainab (a.s) (Zainabiyah) of Indonesia, Jakarta, 2016
  • Founder and director of The Hawza of The Zainabiyah Hawza of Australia, 2016

Positions Held by Imam Tawhidi:

  • Head of The Department for Iraqi students in Qom, 2010-2013
  • Head of English Department in Rasool Akram Cultural Institute, Qom, 2010-2013
  • Advisor of the English Department at MARJAEYAT TV GLOBAL NETWORK, 2015
  • Head of board of member OASE Indonesia, Jakarta (Organisation of Ahlulbayt (a.s) for Social Support and Education), 2015 – Present
  • Imam of the Islamic Association of South Australia – 01/01/2016 – Present
  • Founder of The Shi’a Muslim Youth Council – 2016
  • Founder and General Director of the Imams for Peace Organisation – 2016

The Australian Government

Imam Tawhidi is known for his cooperation with various government departments within Australia, promoting peace, tolerance, equality and respect amongst the greater Australian society; and enjoys a healthy relationship with government officials and protective services.

Political Career

Imam Tawhidi considers all those listed in the list of terrorist organizations as terrorists. He also encourages Muslim men and women to join the police force and to stand and speak up against acts of violence committed in the name of Islam.

ISIS and Islamic Extremism

Imam Tawhidi is Australia’s leading critic of “ISIS”, denouncing it as an extremist body that does not represent Islam. His social networks give voice against ISIS and all forms of extremism in the name of Islam. ASIO and the Federal police are aware of death threats Imam Tawhidi has been subjected to in the previous years due to his public opposition against ISIS.

Imam Tawhidi leads annual processions against ISIS throughout Australia, and he calls onto all Muslim Imams to speak out against terrorist organizations; while publicly condemning Imams who remain silent.

During April 2016, The Islamic Association of South Australia released a statement condemning the call for Jihad and order to conquer Europe and America that was made by Australian extremist Ismail al Wahwah. The statement was followed by a sharp-toned letter from Imam Tawhidi to Ismail al Wahwah himself, demanding that he withdraws his comments and apologizes, offering him a one-way business class ticket back to Palestine as a gift.

The Brussels Blasts 2016

Immediately after the Brussels Blasts, Imam Tawhidi contacted most Australian Imams and demanded that they condemn the blasts. He called for an emergency meeting between himself and the Imams of South Australia and spoke about the roles and duties of an Islamic leader towards such matters. Channel 7 also interviewed Imam Tawhidi regarding this matter.

Imam Tawhidi in Indonesia

Imam Tawhidi has played a big role in the spreading of the peaceful Shiá Muslim faith in Indonesia, establishing organizations and educational institutes along with media channels for the Shiá Muslim community; which led to the frustration of extremists resulting in numerous death threats. He visited Indonesia twice. In the first visit he met with the Leader of the Communion of Churches Father Phil Erara and visited over five main Churches that were attacked by extremists. He also held interfaith gatherings with Indonesian and Papua New Guinea religious leaders to find solutions to the problems Indonesia is facing.

In his second visit, Imam Tawhidi was warmly welcomed by the Governor of Jakarta, The Hon. Ahok Basuki Purnama, and was given the green light to serve humanitarian causes in Indonesia. As a result of this, Imam Tawhidi established an Educational Islamic Seminary, Organization, and a local TV channel in Jakarta.

Nice Attack 2016

The day following the Nice attack in France, Imam Tawhidi met with the Ambassador of France to Australia, Mr. Christophe Lecourtier in Adelaide’s town hall. The Imam embraced the ambassador and conveyed his greetings on behalf of the Grand Ayatollah Sayid Sadiq Shirazi and Adelaide’s Muslim Community.

Imam Tawhidi delivered a message of assurance and support to the ambassador wherein he stated that Adelaide’s diverse communities collectively stand alongside the victims of the Nice terror attack, and that he wholeheartedly prays for peace, safety and harmony to be re-established in France.

Later that evening, the Imam attended the Vigil in Victoria Square to send his condolences to the French Consulate and nation.

 The time has come where we must create our own forum to ideologically tackle Islamic extremism. We as free human beings need to work together on both diplomatic and international levels to achieve our common goal of establishing peace. This means we must begin to petition parliaments and form public relations with influential people who believe in global peace and the importance of national security.

The Imam Tawhidi Foundation “Believing in a peaceful tomorrow” operates with the following objectives:

  1. Upholding and defending our common values.
  2. Raise public awareness on matters of national security.
  3. Publishing anti-radical educational materials for potential use in our schools and educational events.
  4. Work for women’s rights at both a national and international level.
  5. Distribute honest and accurate information to the media, on matters concerning security and radical Islam.
  6. Issue a monthly “People’s Report” to government, on matters of national concern.
  7. Attempt to cooperate and collaborate with governments on all levels, where matters of concern come to our attention.
  8. The creation of our own independent media studio is a priority objective.

Our objectives against extremism cannot be achieved by myself alone, this is a challenge WE Australians will win.

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  1. Tawhidi is a credit to himself, and asset to the Australian Muslim community, along with the makings of a great Australian. I have watched, and followed him for some time now…more so the punishing he often takes, from more stridently radical members of the Muslim community, as to clearly indicate that he is made of stronger and more decent stuff.

    I personally wish him every success!

    I rarely give praise to a Muslim…though this man deserves it by the truck load.

    • He’s a good guy and suffering for it. He gets really upset every time he is blocked on Facebook.
      Sad part is that we are aware of who is doing this and are helpless to do anything.

  2. Anthony Negus

    This man is a complete charlatan, as many well-credentialled religious studies scholars and academics have demontrated. His recent claim (November 2017) to have attained a Georgetown University certificate that makes him “qualified in Counterterrorism” (sic) has been debunked by none other than the administrators of such courses at GU temselves. writing to me, Dr John Borelli, Assistant to the President for Interreligious Affairs at the universitystates:

    “Mohammad Tawhidi is not a graduate of the Georgetown University and did not enroll in any degree or certificate program at Georgetown University. Georgetown does not offer a “certificate of terrorism and counter-terrorism studies” though we do offer online classes in terrorism and counter-terrorism. These on-line courses are free and open to anyone. In some cases, and sometimes for a fee, one can receive a certificate indicating the content that was included in the instruction for an on-line course.” (End quote)

    Tawhidi is a brazen fake and must be condemnjed by all who has an interest in preserving Australia’s social cohesion and ethos of a fair go.

    I write as a former Catholic religious educator of many years standing who has been studying both Islam and Judaism since the 1980s, and who was commissioned by the WA government in 2002 to co-author the Religion and Life course of study which is offered to Years 11 and 12 students in many WA high schools.

  3. Well Anthony….you have definitely thrown the cat out amongst the ‘pidgins’. My gut tells me Tawhidi is a decent person….civilised even….for the manner I have repeatedly seen him refute the extremists of his faith…..yet if what you say is correct….it does leave/raise the odd question mark as to his credibility….plus your own!

    I just can’t marry up the premise of why you as a practising Christian would want, or need to raise and investigate Tawhidi’s bona fides. I have seen this same allegation – made by what I regard as extreme Muslims and Leftards before…along with a lot worse allegations about him. As for a Christian to be seeking, exposing ‘truth’…it just leaves me wondering a little Anthony, as to where you are coming from yourself.

    PS:- I also a Christian Anthony….though non practising in Christian Religious hoopla ceremony. Regards.

    • @ Anthony Negus……Well Anthony…some of those ‘Pidgins’ are coming home to roost. Like Tawhidi, I took you at face value….bigger fool me! You are a rabid looney Western Australian Green. Only a dangerous, subversive, divisionary Commo sympathising Green would put a sign on his front gate.fence…..”Muslims Welcome”. Why didn’t you show the strength of where your perverted convictions…”Leftard love of all things extremely Islamist” came from when first posting your bogus tripe of Tawhidi.

      You full well know Tawhidi is loathed amongst extremist Muslims, mad dangerous Leftards, and looney Greens…….This country doesn’t need the like of yourself slandering others under the guise of your Christian association. It is deceitful as it comes…regardless of your expressing the good Socialist/Commo Pope Francis words on your front fence/gate.

      No point having any discussion with you Anthony….it would lack rational substance I am a G-d faring person Anthony, right of center in my Political outlook, now totally at odds with all things Socialist and pseudo Commos…and extreme Islamists…Yes – one of those Islamophobes you refer to in your online writings…..

      Bye, bye Anthony…go on wallow in your Socialist/Commo Green mire….

      • Thanks Graham. Well done. I haven’t had a chance to answer this loony lefty.
        Plenty of people have tried to cover Tawhidi in muck. He has been well checked and cleared by a number of people including Andrew Bolt.